American Nashville B-Bender Telecaster

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A B-Bender is a guitar accessory that enables a player to fluidly alter the pitch of a guitar`s B-string. This works by mechanically bending the B-string through the use of a series of levers and/or pulleys attached to an external lever that is controlled by the player.
The B-Bender is a mechanical device that raises the pitch of a Telecaster`s B string by a whole tone (up to C#), producing plaintive, sinuous bends very much like those produced on a pedal steel guitar.
The tone control on a telecaster is located next to the volume control and adjusts how bright or mellow the sound is. Having the tone knob on maximum, will make the guitar sound bright and crisp, whilst turning it down will cause it to sound more mellow and warm.
Among the guitarists to adopt the B-Bender are Albert Lee (used on countless tunes), Jimmy Page (“All of My Love” and “Ten Years Gone”), Bernie Leadon (the Eagles` “Peaceful Easy Feeeling”) and Marty Stuart, who owns White`s original modified `54 Tele, which he calls Clarence.
Thinline Telecaster Sound

When it comes to sound, the Thinline is noticeably warmer and rounder compared to the usually bright and twangy solid body version. The Thinline still recreates the classic chime and twang only now a slightly more hollow and rounder variation of the classic Tele sound.

Humbuckers have more output (they are louder), sound fatter, chunkier, and mellower when compared to single-coils. Because of this, jazz, rock, and metal guitarists tend to prefer guitars that have this kind of pickup.
A good place to start for the action on a Tele is 4/64″ on all the strings. Depending on the guitar and playing style, the action can be adjusted slightly lower or higher from this starting point. To measure the height of the strings at the nut, measure from the top of the first fret to the bottom of the string.
Guitar intonation issues can be a result of: Faulty or worn out strings. High action/extreme relief (truss rod adjustment needed) Bridge/saddle pieces need adjustment.
Use a Compression Pedal

Most compressor pedals come with a sustain setting. You can increase this to make your tone sound thicker and fuller. This will make your tone sound more like a Les Paul, because they are well known for having better sustain than Telecasters.

Standard Telecasters with single coils are not typically used for Metal due to their thin, bright, and articulate sound; also, they are prone to feedback. However, a Telecaster with humbucking pickups is best for Metal to fatten up the tone and eliminate hum and feedback.
The B-Bender for the Fender Telecaster was invented in the late 1960s by two guitarists from the legendary band The Byrds, Gene Parsons and Clarence White, at a time when the group began to dabble in country rock.
Rebar bender is a machine widely used in building and construction to bend bars made of steel and other heavy metals. It is considered as one of the most economical materials in the construction. Rebar contains long steel shafts that can require bending before used in the construction.

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Champion petrol mower ran low on fuel – was
ANSWER : I suspect that there may have been dirt at the bottom of the tank or possibly water. Try changing the fuel filter but first clean the tank and refill with clean petrol

Coleman 425 2-burner white gas stove pops out flame on low heat
ANSWER : There is water in your fuel. Drain the tank and flush it out with denatured alcohol. Refill with fresh fuel.

Tippman A-5 with low pressure kit, e-grip. When pull the trigger gun shoots fully auto until I manually stop it by re cocking the gun.
ANSWER : Sounds like the gun needs lube. Oil it and try again. 2-3 drops of oil in the hole
where the tank screws on then put the tank back on. Fire it and see how it does.
I havent heard of a low pressure kit for the A-5 but I think it is a waste. There is a rule
with pressure and paintball guns. Low pressure=high volume of air used.
Standard pressure=regular volume. I have 2 a-5’s with e-grips and flatlines.
I polished the internals by sanding the bore of the tube (use fine sandpapaer) and
this makes the velocity very consistent.
One thing that comes to mind is that the hammer may not be getting caught on the
trigger latch. Makes sure your gun is assembled correctly. here is your manual.

Personal Folder to save e-mails
ANSWER : If you will go into your mail look to the left of the page below your in/sent/trash it should say folders and add to the right of that just hit add name it and wa-lah!

Hope this helps you!

Need owners manual for Shakespeare E-Z cast reel
ANSWER : You can find it here

Unable to access e-mail jjhansel
ANSWER : Contact your email provider.

Low on oil what type and brand do u recommend. will generator not start when low or out of oil. and which side do the oil go in where the dip stick is or opposite side. and how much do i put in.
ANSWER : You should use 10W-30 for temps above -4F, or 5W-30 for 30F and BELOW. Remove the dip stick and fill it up with oil, up to the threads where the dipstick inserts.