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Tighten the cylinder head bolts in 2–3 steps in the proper sequence. The final torque specification is 59–64 ft. lbs. (80–86 Nm).
“The top speed of this machine is 250 km/h which makes it ideal for riding on gravel roads or tracks where you will have to go fast. … … if you use it on highways then it can go up to 180 kilometers per hour.”
Setting 1 is low speed/high torque and is best for driving screws. Setting 2 is a medium speed/torque and can be used for drilling or driving. Setting 3 is the highest speed and is meant for drilling or driving fasteners.
The total torque on the rotating cylinder is then the sum of the torques from the top and bottom gaps, i.e., T = T b + T t ∼ 2 μ ω r 2 1 ɛ b 1 / 2 + 1 ɛ t 1 / 2 . Therefore, the torque on the cylinder can be written as. T = 2 C T μ ω r 2 1 ɛ b 1 / 2 + 1 ɛ t 1 / 2 , (3)
Product details. The Realtree RT100 105cc Gas Powered Mini Bike reinvents the classic design with modern materials, craftsmanship and exclusively features Realtree camouflage. Its reliable 2 Horsepower, OHV four stroke engine will power you through the trails all day with plenty of muscle while being gas efficient.

Yamaha RX 100 top speed is 100 kmph (company-claimed).


The general equation for bolt load based on applied torque is T = KFiDb where K = torque coefficient. K is a function of the coefficients of friction and collar friction in the joint, and these are based on variables such as surface finish, coatings, and so on.

The marking check:

After tightening the bolt, mark the bolt surface and that of the product or workpiece. Then loosen the bolt. Re-tighten it until the markings re-align. The torque needed to return the bolt to its original position is the torque value of the bolt.

Having been discontinued back in 1996, Yamaha RX100 is rarely seen on Indian roads now. But the lucky owners, who still have the machine in their garage, make sure to keep it running so that it can roar through the roads.
What is it normal to? A torque is always parallel to the axis of rotation, so every torque is just as normal as any other torque. The closest thing to this would be if you applied a torque to a fixed object.
For light screw work, a torque of 25Nm is sufficient. If you choose a drill with a torque of between 25 and 50Nm, you can use it for all the usual jobs in and around the house. With more than 50Nm, even professionals will have enough power for heavy screw work.
In practice, a tolerance on the torque value of +/- 10% is commonly used. This allows for the torque accuracy of the tightening tool itself and also allows a bit for intrinsic scatter associated with a person doing the tightening. Design codes such as VDI 2230 incorporate a 10% allowance in their analysis guideline.
More torque makes a car accelerate harder, assuming the weight stays the same. A low-weight, high-torque vehicle accelerates ferociously off the line, pushing you back into the seat like a rocket launching.
Engines in mainstream cars and trucks typically generate 100 to 400 lb. -ft of torque. That torque is created by the pistons within an engine as they reciprocate up and down on the engine`s crankshaft, causing it to rotate (or twist), continuously.
196cc Engine. Top Speed is 25MPH. Up to 240lbs. CARB approved and compliant in California.
RX100 was a quick accelerating motorcycle and thus it was also quite popular amongst street criminals and bike racers. The criminals were able to use the motorcycle as a quick getaway vehicle. So before the era of Bajaj Pulsars, the Yamaha RX 100 was the undisputed king of the streets.
The RX 100 had a nimble body and accelerated like a rocket, hence the name pocket rocket. It had a 98-cc, single cylinder two-stroke air cooled engine which produced 11 bhp of power and 10.39 Nm of torque. This coupled with a mere weight of 98 kg made sure that the bike didn`t just run but rather flew over the streets.
The king of Indian streets at one time, the legendary Yamaha RX100 can amaze the riders and the onlookers in the same way as KTM 200 Duke. The 98cc motorcycle was good for 11 BHP and 10.39 Nm of torque while weighs just 103 kg.
The Sony RX100 VII is one of the best cameras of the point-and-shoot variety, which is a type of camera that is generally recommended for beginners. Point-and-shoot cameras tend to be simple yet effective and easily accessible. For more information, check out our breakdown of different camera types.

Yamaha RX 135 mileage is 25-35 kmpl (approximate). Yamaha RX 100 mileage is 35-45 kmpl (approximate). 25-35 kmpl (approx.) Yamaha RX 135 top speed is 110 kmph (company-claimed).

We recommend you use torque values specified below: For bolts with a 6mm Thread Diameter: 20Nm. For bolts with a 8mm Thread Diameter: 22Nm. For bolts with a 10mm Thread Diameter: 25Nm.
The basic formula T = K x D x P stated earlier takes these factors into account and provides users with a starting point for establishing an initial target tightening torque.
What is Torque Tightening? The application of preload to a fastener by the turning of the fastener`s nut. Friction points should always be lubricated when using the torque tightening method. Torque Tightening and Preload. The amount of preload created when torquing is largely dependant on the effects of friction.
When you put an extension on a torque wrench (e.g. a crow foot or a dog bone) the torque applied to the fastener increases as the lever arm extends. The calculator will work out what value you should set into the wrench to achieve the required fastener torque. The following formula has been used: M1 = M2 x L1 / L2.

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Jeep liberty head gasket
ANSWER : You are not going to know for sure until you take it apart. If you are lucky it will just be the head gasket.

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I just purchased this Yamaha boat w/Twin MR-1 140hp motors, less than 100hrs (60 prox)and the starboard motor only reached 8000rpm on a 10000 redline spec (the port motor reaches 10000rpm. I have replaced the spark plugs immediatly and now the motor reaches 9500rpm. When the plugs were replaced the plug wire top of the plugs had a black powder residue (like graphite)and #1 & 4 plug electrode end were black minimal soot and #2 & #3 had a white color residue on the ceramic.

Any suggestions to attain the full 10000rpm?

A Yamaha dealer is 100 miles, so I would like to fix myself if possible. Thanks

ANSWER : I never rec’d an answer…..I WANT A REFUND!

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Water in the fuel tank of my Zodiac dinghy with Yamaha 2001 50 HP
ANSWER : I’d add a little dry gas to **** up any remaining water and give it a shot

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Vavle specs need valve specs for 2001 arctic cat 400
ANSWER : HELLO; Go on line and find a CD or hard copy manual then you will have all the info you need, E-BAY,GOOGLE AMAZON.COM. GOOD LUCK…..GREASY.

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I have a mitchell riptide 80 spinning reel. I lost the screws and parts that hold the bail to the reel. I need a manual to show me the parts that I need to get. I also need the manual to show me exploded views so that I can clean and do maintainance on it.
ANSWER : Hello LVAmtrak,

Here is a link to the schematic and a site where you can purchase parts if necessary.

Hope this helps.



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Need help finding repair manual for 2001 mxz skidoo i need it free and i need to down load it
ANSWER : I know you want free but that may be hard to come by. Here is a repair manual for the really low price of $4.99.
I can find no free download from a trusted site. I found some but the site is not trustworthy and I will not recommend a site unless I know it is safe. This is a small price to pay for a repair manual. I hope this is helpful. Not free but the best deal I can find.

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The Bike Technicians Tactic Phase1 An electrical inspection on the bike should produce results. First, the bike battery powers the entire lightening systems mentionable as ignition, meter readings, head lamps, signal indicators. However, the battery provides the power supply to several entities though also significant is the fuse box containing circuit protection coils. Inserting the bike key into the ignition to perform start mode displays the capacity power circuits. A charged battery should display an indication in the meter reading area also known as bike dashboard grading. A malfunctioning start mode on inserting key in ignition may be traceable several locations on the electrical circuits. Attempting to repair the electrical power of the bike usually requires batter power power test kit. The test kit ascertains the battery power making possible progress to the remaining electrical circuits. Test kit also ascertains the fuse box circuit functionality either with fuses still intact or extracted allowing for the next progress level. An observation tour of the bikes electrical wiring kits from battery hold through fuse box compartments to each lightening display area either headlamps, indicators, and meter reading should produce results of any visible damages that may require repairs after the electrical inspection has been performed. Once any faults were observed on the electrical channels, repair mode is the next level. A dull battery either may have been depleted completely of durational capacity requiring another for replacement. Alternately, a depleted power supply due to prolonged storage may require charge functionalities. Usually, a device capacapble of restoring a battery of electrolytes is resorted for charger ability. The type of battery may require constuents either liquid cathode replenishment in the battery entrapment area prior to charging feature is assumed with electrolyte machine. Once the battery has regained full functionality makes way the next repair task. The fuse box may have simply required replacement fuses either as missing or burnt out. A fuse box usually contains additional spare for replacement functionalities. An alternate arrangement at acquiring fuses on the auto mart may replace the burnt devices. The next electrical task is wiring fixtures achievable by mending broken cords with appropriate electrician’s tapes else malfunctions may remain. Alternately, a worn-out electrical wire is replaceable by acquiring the entire extension lengthwise between significant areas. The last remaining electrical units are lightening indicators consisting of bulbs or luminescent displays reflectors. Observe the blub areas either by loosening covers to inspect for observable burnouts else the entire electrical circuitry is ready for functionality observations with separate entities. Engine Technicians Tactic PHASE 2 A bike engine inspection includes observation for indications of malfunction. Any fluid residue is indication of problem areas. Where oil leaks usually requires engine block inspections. A bike engine consists of an entrapment compartment where mechanical combustion takes place. First, the entire observable block consists of an external coating known as engine bloc housing internal component of pistons, rings, and fastens known as cylinder heads. A bike engine has every component embedded within requiring technical expertise to achieve an inspection. Once deciding on the engine task requirements, acquire a tool box with the appropriate componements as first requirement before engine works is commence able. Second, the bike may require an area environment as workshop requirement to attain engine inspections. Third, bike engine are least bulky compared with vehicle engines however assistance would complement the inspection phase. Prior to inspecting the bike engine, a strap mechanism has to be assumed to achieve expert maneuverability also as safe precaution. Unless parts hinder maneuverability at engine locations, the only removable components should be the engine. First, start with disjointing the spark plug cables to acquire accessibility to plugs imbedded on the cylinder heads. The plugs require tools to loosen thereby exposing the combustible area. Once the spark plugs are exposed, two alternatives are likely. First, a spark plug may have gathered rust residue only requiring cleaning to attain regular capacity. The pin area of the spark plug may have been twisted due to overheating and slight melting dislocation. Usually cleaning the residue from old plugs may simply expose the ignitable capacities. However, an observation of twisted plug pin may require twisting back in place to achieve full ignitability once bike engine starts. A bike engine bloc has the pistons as combustibles or blasters of fuel gasoline. The rings perform as strap fasteners whenever the pistons move about combustibility. Usually, the engine entrapment components would have collected residue requiring clearing. Also, pistons together with rings may require replacements either as worn-out due to prolongs tasks or overexerted biker features.
ANSWER : Get to the manufacturer

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