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Setting up a trailer tent is actually very simple. In just a few steps, you take the tarp off the trailer and unfold the tent with the sleeping area. Then you mount the poles of the awning and secure the tent with some pegs and guy ropes.
Yes! You can install a Roof Top Tent on a rack that is attached to your vehicle or a trailer.
They are generally easier and more economical to tow than a caravan. They are acceptable on many campsites where caravans are not permitted. They can be easier to pitch than an equivalent-size tent, although a level surface always makes things easier.
One common way to lift your trailer is by “flipping” your axles. Flipping your axles just means moving your suspension from below the axle (standard, “underslung” springs) to above the axle (“overslung” springs) in order to create more clearance between the underside of the trailer and the road.
Spread Out and Stake Your Tent

With two people, stretch the tent base across the footprint or tarp. Pull the tent tight and stake two opposite corners, to firm up the floor of your tent. Drive stakes straight into the ground, hook facing out, and pound it completely down.

If a tent is packed away wet, then mould will develop on the taped seams, and fabric. This degrades the fabric to the point it is no longer repairable.
Trailer tents come with numerous advantages over smaller backpacking-style tents and touring caravans. Firstly, they`re considerably more comfortable than regular tents. This is due to the increased space trailer tents generally afford, as well as raised sleeping platforms that allow you to relax on a real mattress.
The average weight of a pop up camper is between 1,800 pounds and 2,000 pounds. Sure, you can find some weighing a lot more and a lot less than that, but the maximum weight (dry) of a pop-up camper you`re likely to see is just a little over 3,000 pounds.
Most trailer tents weigh comfortably less than these limits, so there is no requirement for brakes, which makes maintenance easier and cheaper.
One person can easily put up an instant tent depending on its size and design. If the tent is a 6- to 10-person tent, it can be harder to set up and install the rainfly. However, if the design of the tent is simple enough, one person can probably still manage it.
Even though dome tents look difficult to set up alone, they are actually one of the easiest tents to assemble by yourself! If you have a newer dome tent, it is simpler than ever to put one together. However, a lost instruction manual can mean the difference between an easy task and a much more difficult one.
The easiest tents to set up by yourself are: Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent (Best Overall Tent) Teton Sports Instant 1/2 Person Tent (Best For Backpacking) Coleman Instant Cabin Tent (4/6/10 Person) (Reliable Instant Cabin Tent)
The perfect size of your electric jack for a trailer should be approximately 10-15% of the total travel trailer weight. For example, if the total weight of your loaded travel trailer is 5,000 lbs. your electric jack should be rated at least 500 lbs.
Position jacks near the front corners of the trailer. Make snug contact with the smooth steel underbody on each side of the kingpin. The trailer must be securely blocked (with wheel chocks or dock-lock) when stabilizing jacks are used. Place Jacks on firm flat ground.
Lift gate trailers look like any other enclosed trailer, but with one major difference. They have a gate at the back that can lower down from the trailer to the ground.
For most tents you should start at one end then progress to the other, pegging each side as you go. The level of tension should be equal all round, and tight enough to prevent flapping, without placing too much strain on the structure & material.
If you have bought a cheap tent, you expect some leaking in heavy rainfall. But when you`ve bought a high-quality tent and spent good money on it, you`re not going to be happy.
A groundsheet is critical for staying dry. If you don`t use one, and it rains even a bit, you will most likely wake up wet and profoundly unhappy. However, a solid tent plus a groundsheet can keep you dry in light rains or even moderate drizzles.
Some trailer tents have a kitchen as standard, others offer it as an extra. Some kitchens can be used without unfolding any part of the tent.
There are three ways to deal with poop in the outdoors: Bury it ina “cat hole” (not always an option in cold weather or narrow trails); Pack it out with you (which is sometimes required); or. Travel with a portable camping toilet (great for roof top tents, car campers, and drive-up camp spots).
Dig a cathole, use a wag bag, or bring along a portable toilet – these are the 3 primary methods for using the bathroom while wild camping or boondocking, at least when it comes to dealing with #2.
Camping trailers usually have large, fold out beds that can comfortably sleep up to four or six people, making them ideal for families.
PU, PVC, and Silicone Waterproof Fabric Coatings

PU Coatings – Polyester urethane is the go-to option for tent manufacturers because it helps repel water under most conditions. However, PU-coated materials are less tear-resistant, and the waterproofness can wear off over time.

The most common sizes are 8-, 10- and 12-foot frames, closed. A tent trailer is almost twice as large open as closed, and that is its main advantage. They are usually 7 feet wide, a bit more than a standard vehicle.

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Greatland dome tent instructions
ANSWER : Here are the instructions for your Greatland tent, I believe…

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Tent I bought a tent the name on the outside says South Mountain.Not sure how to put up. It has two long rods & two short ones it looks like there are two rain gaurds also. There are no instrutions that came with this tent. Are there any pics that that show how to put up. I think the tent is around five years old.
ANSWER : It has to be similar to this (see link below). Most tents assemble in similar ways. Insert rods through the sleeves. Hook one side of the rod to one corner, arch the rods and hook the other side of the rod to the opposite corner. Repeat for the other rod.

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I need new poles for Swiss Gear tent # SG33071F
ANSWER : Go to Home depot and buy a tube that fit the pole. Cut it into 5 or 6 inches for the broken areas. It costs me less than 2 dollars. Let me know how it turn out on yours.

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Square tent with 2 types gazebo poles, varenda, 2 side windows
ANSWER : The 2 longest of the poles go in an x over the center of the tent and the 2 shorter ones go arch to the sides. a picture very similar to your tent. If you go to image 2 it shows it with out the fly. now if you got 2 sets of 4 poles, 2 long and 2 short, and one set is all aluminum, then I would go with the aluminum set. It is less likely to collapse in high winds.

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Swiss Gear Tent – Broken Poles SG33071F
ANSWER : Take a look on amazon for replacement. here: Amazon com tent poles. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

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How to stabalize four tent poles in an open area.
ANSWER : If you get four sturdy poles (not normal tent poles) then the best thing to do is to stake the four poles into the ground at a 60 degree angle with the top away from the tent and then use the tension created by the angle to support the tarp.

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I have stripped the thread in an extendable tent pole.
ANSWER : If you go to any good tool store or engineering store you can get what is known as helecoil insert.just tell them the inside diam of the pole.they will probably put it in for you if yuo take the pole along.hope this will help.regards barry.

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