Swiss Gear Grand Lodge Cabin Dome Tent

I have a swiss gear cabin model # SG33071F. I have 5 poles that bent from the weight of a puddle of rain. I NEED to replace or fix these poles. Swiss Army does not have all the replacement poles. HELP!!!!!
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Do you have a Northwest outlet in your area? Otherwise you can get it from the manufacture.

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The easiest and quickest way to fix a broken pole is with a pole repair sleeve. Also called a splint, this short tube is often provided with your tent. If not, buy one and pack it with you. A good pole repair sleeve is just slightly larger in diameter than your pole so that it doesn`t move around too much.
Check your tape measure, the smallest number of mm you can see will be the size above what you need (e.g. if you can see 9mm, but not 8mm – your pole will be 8.5mm diameter). For the very small sizes of pole less than 7.9mm replacement sections are not stocked. These will need to ordered from the tent manufacturer.
Some brands produce their own pole kits to suit their tents. But for the most part, there are all interchangeable with the only variants being the material and the adjustable lengths.
There are many different materials for tent poles on the market, among which steel pipe elastic steel, glass fiber, and aluminum alloy are the main materials for tent poles, but tent poles made of these materials have different characteristics.
Carbon fiber tent poles

Carbon fiber tent poles are the best material you can get a tent pole in! They are the strongest, most durable, and lightest tent poles available.

The difference between aluminum and fiberglass tent poles is that aluminum poles are lighter, stronger, longer lasting and a better choice for backpacking tents or large tents. Fiberglass poles are cheaper to produce however, so you`ll often see fiberglass tent poles used in budget casual camping tents.
Generally, tent poles are allowed in carry-on or checked bags. Please note however that even if an item is generally allowed, our officers make the final decision on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint. For more prohibited items, please go to the `What Can I Bring?` page.
Poles. Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) – also known as fibreglass –is a popular material for tent poles because it is relatively cheap to produce, lightweight and bends easily around the curves of a tent.
Composed of two universal heads, which provide easy, quick and safe connection of all tools through this unique fitting, allowing linemen to have tools attached to the poles, in angles of up to 90°.
If your tent pole only has a small crack, wrapping it with tape and hardening it with the glue should hold it together until you can get a replacement. But if it`s a full-on break, then more drastic measures are required.
Air tents use air tubes instead of poles for the majority of the tents pitching. This allows for a faster, simpler tent to pitch yet with strong, upright walls. These air tents are rapidly becoming the no 1 choice for families due to this simplicity.
Nylon has a much better strength-to-weight ratio than polyester, which is the main reason it is usually the fabric of choice for tents. Much of nylon`s strength comes from its inherent stretchiness, which can be a blessing and a curse.
Tent pegs are used to secure your tent into place, helping to create a stronger and more comfortable shelter. They`ll make sure that your tent isn`t as susceptible to bad weather conditions, providing you with much-needed protection against your tent becoming compromised from windy conditions.
Well, rest assured, it is no big issue – it is only there to make pitching easier by ensuring the sections stay together while you thread them through the sleeves and place under tension. The lack of an elastic cord in no way affects the tent integrity.
Provided the poles are simple, and are of the same diameter throughout, and don`t have any funny features, then, provided the total length is the same, you will be fine. Get something of a similar diameter; don`t get 13mm alloy poles to replace 8.5mm fibre poles…

They are the strongest pegs around with the “Keyhead” design and high tensile steel they are considered the heavy weights of pegs amongst all the other types. Due to the weight of steel pegs, they are best used when camping for extended periods of time in the same spot or for rough outback areas.

Geodesic or Semi-Geodesic Tents

The overlapping tent construction creates a very stable structure. They are almost always freestanding. Geodesic tents are also usually a round shape as this allows rain, wind, and snow to go over the tent.

So what is the most efficient shape for a tent? It`s a dome tent because a floorless dome is just half of a sphere. A dome has half the volume of a sphere and also half the surface area (if we are not including the base since the floor could occupy any portion of that dome).
Fiberglass light poles are competitively priced with an average lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.
One important decision is whether you want a frame tent or a pole tent. Frame tents are more expensive, but they`re also more durable and offer more stability in windy conditions. Pole tents are less expensive and easier to set up, but they`re not as sturdy and can be more difficult to keep in place in windy weather.
Aluminum`s sturdiness and excellent performance explain its widespread use across the tent-making industry. It is relatively lightweight and ideal for the cold winter season. Campers who have used aluminum pole tents can attest to their durability as they don`t break easily.
You may transport this item in carry-on or checked bags. For items you wish to carry on, you should check with the airline to ensure that the item will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat of the airplane. Tent stakes must be packed in checked bags.
According to TSA, ski and hiking poles are not allowed as carry-ons, but walking canes are allowed, provided “they have been inspected to ensure that prohibited items are not concealed.”
According to Pole materials, there are 3 types: wooden utility poles, steel utility poles and concrete utility poles. According to applications, there are also 3 types: transmission poles, distribution poles and light poles.

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Swiss Gear Tent – Broken Poles SG33071F
ANSWER : Take a look on amazon for replacement. here: Amazon com tent poles. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

Need replacement poles for Cabin Tent
ANSWER : Do you have a Northwest outlet in your area? Otherwise you can get it from the manufacture.

Square tent with 2 types gazebo poles, varenda, 2 side windows
ANSWER : The 2 longest of the poles go in an x over the center of the tent and the 2 shorter ones go arch to the sides. a picture very similar to your tent. If you go to image 2 it shows it with out the fly. now if you got 2 sets of 4 poles, 2 long and 2 short, and one set is all aluminum, then I would go with the aluminum set. It is less likely to collapse in high winds.

I need new poles for Swiss Gear tent # SG33071F
ANSWER : Go to Home depot and buy a tube that fit the pole. Cut it into 5 or 6 inches for the broken areas. It costs me less than 2 dollars. Let me know how it turn out on yours.

I have stripped the thread in an extendable tent pole.
ANSWER : If you go to any good tool store or engineering store you can get what is known as helecoil insert.just tell them the inside diam of the pole.they will probably put it in for you if yuo take the pole along.hope this will help.regards barry.

Need a whole new set of poles for tent model number SG33071F. This is a great tent just need new poles caught in a wind storm
ANSWER : Me too! Did you ever find new poles?

How to stabalize four tent poles in an open area.
ANSWER : If you get four sturdy poles (not normal tent poles) then the best thing to do is to stake the four poles into the ground at a 60 degree angle with the top away from the tent and then use the tension created by the angle to support the tarp.