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Dart board is target for game of darts and is quite similar to round bull’s eye target in archery. It comes with sharp darts having steel tips and are constructed mostly from wood, 39.4 cms or 15.5 inches big. Players spend a lot of time in perfecting their throws on this section of dart board.

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Each player attempts to score in each number from 1 through 20 in order. Each player throws 3 darts per turn. If a correct number is hit, he/she tries for the next number in sequence. The first player to reach 20 is the winner.
Bullseye scores 50, the outer ring scores 25 and a dart in the double or treble ring counts double or treble the segment score. The objective is to be the first player to reduce the score to exactly zero, BUT the last dart thrown must land in a double or the bullseye.
If the dart is landed in the strike target zone, the player scores a “strike” as in bowling, if outside the strike target zone the player will throw a second dart at other target zones in an attempt to score a “spare” as in bowling by landing a dart in a target zone which when added to the results of the first throw …
Dart tools are used for steel tip darts. These tools help you tighten tips and metal shafts, spread metal shafts for easy insertion of flights, and reshapes metal shafts.
Each player has 3 darts which are front-weighted, flighted, weapons a few inches long with a sharp point. The board is placed so that the middle of the bullseye is 1.73m (5 feet, 8 inches) above the ground.
You don`t need specific knowledge to learn Dart programming language even the absolute beginners can learn it. The syntax of Dart is similar to Java, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc. If you know any of these programming, then you can learn easily and faster.
Standard height from the floor to the bullseye on the dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches, while the oche (distance between the front of the board and the toeline) should measure 7 feet 9.25inches.
Darts is played by two teams with each team having one member or more but an equal number in each team. Before the start of the game, the teams are generally allowed 9 throws each as warm-up. To decide who goes first in the game, each team will nominate one member to throw a single dart.
Once the game commences the wall mounted screen identifies who should be playing and where on the board they need to be aiming for. All you have to do is throw. The system instantly detects where the dart has landed and this is animated onto the screen using video-game style graphics.
Once the game commences the wall mounted screen identifies who should be playing and where on the board they need to be aiming for. All you have to do is throw. The system instantly detects where the dart has landed and this is animated onto the screen using video-game style graphics.
🎯 Electro Darts – not just any old game of darts, but electro darts, where keeping score manually is a thing of the past! 🔫 Laser Shot – test your aim and see if you can hit the mark, think you can beat your mates? Bring them along and see if you`re up for the challenge!
The game is powered by an AC to DC adapter supplied with the game. To connect, insert the round barrel-type power plug into the lower left side of the dart board (as you face it) and the two- prong power adapter plug into an electrical outlet.

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Need the wire diagram to rewire my Ariens lawnmover to bypass the safety switch. It is Ariens GT-19 model # 931026 Serial # 001463.
Can you help? It is an old Ariens mower but still runs good but now I need to bypass the safety switch in order to run it any longer. The local Ariens dealer said I need to go through the internet and get the wire diagram as they cannot give it to me directly. They told me I needed the wire diagram and the part involved in bypassing the safety switch. Hope this is all the information you need to help me.

Thank you. Roger Fielitz

ANSWER : Here is owner manual: the switch is behind the ignition, sometimes at the N position of gearshift, just look for a switch with one wire coming in & one going out (usually the same color); disconnect the two wires & jumper them together to bypass the switch. Looks like yours has one under the seat.

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I have a mitchell riptide 80 spinning reel. I lost the screws and parts that hold the bail to the reel. I need a manual to show me the parts that I need to get. I also need the manual to show me exploded views so that I can clean and do maintainance on it.
ANSWER : Hello LVAmtrak,

Here is a link to the schematic and a site where you can purchase parts if necessary.

Hope this helps.



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Where do I find a Metal detector manual?
ANSWER : What make and model is it

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How do I get an instructional manual for the awning on my RV?
ANSWER : Kindly download the manual from the following website

thank you

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I need a repair/owner’s manual for 1999 Coleman
ANSWER : Tried googling Coleman? They might be able to help.

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Need to print out manual – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : From where? your question is not complete.

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Need help finding repair manual for 2001 mxz skidoo i need it free and i need to down load it
ANSWER : I know you want free but that may be hard to come by. Here is a repair manual for the really low price of $4.99.
I can find no free download from a trusted site. I found some but the site is not trustworthy and I will not recommend a site unless I know it is safe. This is a small price to pay for a repair manual. I hope this is helpful. Not free but the best deal I can find.

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