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Launching the Authorization Wizard

The first time you open Trash, the Authorization Wizard will appear. You can choose to either authorize Trash or use it in Trial mode for evaluation purposes. Please use your supplied Trash 2 serial number to fully authorize your product.

The US-based company is primarily known for its smart mixing/mastering and audio repair products. But they also have some novel instruments and effects in their range. Three of these: Iris 2, BreakTweaker, and Trash 2 have been officially discontinued today.
Software manufacturer iZotope has announced that its Iris 2, BreakTweaker and Trash 2 plugins will no longer be available for purchase – with the brand setting its sights on creating new products instead.
Upon first opening your iZotope product, the authorization window should pop up straight away. You can authorize with your iZotope email account and serial number on your account page or in your purchase confirmation email.
Start Product Portal and go to MY PRODUCTS > INSTALL/AUTHORIZE. Once installations are complete, authorize your iZotope products using Product Portal, or iLok. Please see this article for more details on authorizing your iZotope products.
On a Windows system, you will find this under Studio One > Options and on a Mac this under Studio One > Preferences. Once the Options window opens, select Locations at the top and then VST Plug-ins from the tabs that appear. This is where we direct the Studio One software to read the location of our Plug-ins.
Use the Remove Authorization button in the RX 6 Audio Editor`s Auth & Updates tab within the Preferences to remove your current RX 6 Audio Editor authorization. After removing your authorization, RX 6 Audio Editor`s authorization screen will pop up when you restart the program.
If you purchased your iZotope software through our store or a retailer you should be receiving a confirmation email containing the serial number(s) for your purchased product(s).
In the iZotope Product Portal, click the + button (top right) to submit your Serial Number. Continue to Download, install, and authorize.
If you need to put your software on a desktop and a laptop, you are allowed to do this. You would use the same Serial Number to authorize the software on each machine. To do this, simply follow the same installation and authorization steps that you used for the very first time you installed the software.
iLok is an optional authorization method with all iZotope software, Cloud and Computer license locations aren`t currently supported.
Most* iZotope products are specifically designed to be used as plug-ins within a host application (also known as a Digital Audio Workstation), and for that reason, they do not install stand-alone applications on your computer. Instead, look for your iZotope plug-in within your Digital Audio Workstation.
10-day free trial.
a) Windows: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\My Documents\iZotope\[iZotope product name]\Global Presets.
To view the plug-ins installed in Chrome, type chrome://plugins into Chrome`s address bar and press Enter. This page shows all the installed browser plug-ins enabled in Google Chrome. To disable a plug-in, click the Disable link under it.
An authorization plugin approves or denies requests to the Docker daemon based on both the current authentication context and the command context. The authentication context contains all user details and the authentication method. The command context contains all the relevant request data.
PC: Open the Add or Remove Programs menu by searching this in Windows search. Then Navigate to the search window for uninstalling or moving an app and search for Product Portal. Then click the uninstall button.
Open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard, then pressing X. Select Command Prompt (Admin) on the menu. Type wmic bios get serialnumber and then press Enter on your keyboard.
A serial number is a unique identifier assigned incrementally or sequentially to an item, to uniquely identify it.
Dial *#06# on the keypad. Step 3. Details about your devices IMEI and serial number will automatically appear on the screen.
The world`s favorite music production bundle, including 87 instruments and effects, 39 Expansions, and over 40,000 sounds.
At iZotope, our artist community isn`t just limited to performers; it also includes engineers, sound designers, producers, and more—anyone consistently using our products in an extraordinary or notable way.
When purchasing our plug-ins, you will – in a separate email – receive a license activation code that you have to link to your iLok account and to your iLok device. If you do not already have an iLok account set up, visit to create an account and your unique iLok-ID (scroll down for a tutorial video).

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How to read Yamaha Neos etc Fault Codes
ANSWER : No codes here but it might come in handy.

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Need the wire diagram to rewire my Ariens lawnmover to bypass the safety switch. It is Ariens GT-19 model # 931026 Serial # 001463.
Can you help? It is an old Ariens mower but still runs good but now I need to bypass the safety switch in order to run it any longer. The local Ariens dealer said I need to go through the internet and get the wire diagram as they cannot give it to me directly. They told me I needed the wire diagram and the part involved in bypassing the safety switch. Hope this is all the information you need to help me.

Thank you. Roger Fielitz

ANSWER : Here is owner manual: the switch is behind the ignition, sometimes at the N position of gearshift, just look for a switch with one wire coming in & one going out (usually the same color); disconnect the two wires & jumper them together to bypass the switch. Looks like yours has one under the seat.

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Square tent with 2 types gazebo poles, varenda, 2 side windows
ANSWER : The 2 longest of the poles go in an x over the center of the tent and the 2 shorter ones go arch to the sides. a picture very similar to your tent. If you go to image 2 it shows it with out the fly. now if you got 2 sets of 4 poles, 2 long and 2 short, and one set is all aluminum, then I would go with the aluminum set. It is less likely to collapse in high winds.

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I need a manual for bounty hunter quick draw 2 metal dector
ANSWER : You can download the full users manual at
here is the link to your quick draw II detector:
If you want to purchase a hard copy of the manual look on eBay under Bounty Hunter Manual cost is around $6.

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I continually get code 90 (low/NO flow) from my 8111. I have disassembled, cleaned EVERYTHING, including the inlet port AT the pump (remind everybody to check this as stuff gets past the filter basket and will plug the pump inlet).

There is No air in the system and I get superb pressure at the outlet, yet I still get code 90. I again removed the flow sensor and put my ohm meter across the flow sensor terminals and activated the flapper and measured an open circuit. I used a heavier magnet to see if I could get make the internals of the sensor move to get an ohm reading, but I get nothing but an open circuit, ie: no measured resistance.

Can I simply bypass the defective flow sensor to trick the 8111 to think it has full flow without damaging the ‘brain’ of the system.?

Intex corp is useless at these questions. They have been out of stock on this sensor for months and are telling me “two weeks” for two months and now it’s “end of August” which I do not believe. Meanwhile I am making no chlorine while the 90 code is showing.

I love the 8111, this is the first problem I’ve had with it, and I’m frustrated that I can not get such an important part from them.

Thanks for listening!

ANSWER : Have you been able to find a solution to this problem. I am having the same issue.

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I have a mitchell riptide 80 spinning reel. I lost the screws and parts that hold the bail to the reel. I need a manual to show me the parts that I need to get. I also need the manual to show me exploded views so that I can clean and do maintainance on it.
ANSWER : Hello LVAmtrak,

Here is a link to the schematic and a site where you can purchase parts if necessary.

Hope this helps.



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Code? I need the code of my dvd (aristona ADV 442) so I can use the Jumbo universal remote
ANSWER : Without listing the actual model number of your remote I doubt anyone can help you.

Also, if this is a so-called ‘universal’ remote, it isn’t. There is no such thing; they are at best multibrand/multidevice remotes and since the mfr.s refuse to use any kind of standard for coding of IR controls, there never will be a truly universal remote.

If you can locate the model number of the remote, there are several sites that maintain code lists for many remotes and this is one of them:

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