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By increasing your work output on the drive, you will be increasing your resistance. This can be proven out by doing the following: Try rowing at a low stroke rate (16–20 spm) and concentrating on rowing each stroke separately with lots of power on the drive, pushing hard with the legs.
Water rowing machines don`t have a resistance adjustment as such. Instead, the rower`s speed determines the machine`s resistance.
How Do Water Resistant Machines Work? Water rowers use a water flywheel (paddles) in a tank of water connected to a chain and handles. When you pull back on the handle, the paddles revolves in the water. The mass of the moving water creates a drag against the paddles and produces resistance.
The magnet-based rower uses a magnetic break in the flywheel to generate resistance. The magnets are built into the flywheel that users choose the resistance setting to meet personal exercise needs. The magnetic rowing machines will not increase in resistance the harder or faster you pull.
On most air rowing machines, you can adjust the level of air coming into the flywheel by changing your damper settings. The damper is a kind of shutter that either: Opens more vents, allowing more air in and increasing the resistance, or. Closes vents, reducing the airflow and lowering the resistance.
Generally, that is between 4.5 to 6.5 on the resistance setting; however, every machine varies so it`s a good idea to calibrate the drag factor each time you use the erg to work out.
A damper setting of 3-5 is recommended because it provides a comfortable platform for the start and an effective “gearing” for most workouts. A damper setting of 3 is most appropriate for longer workouts. A damper setting of 5 is most appropriate for shorter workouts.
If you`re looking for a basic machine with unlimited resistance levels, an air rower is a great fit. If you want a home rowing machine that`s more high-tech and/or the ability to control resistance levels, a magnetic rowing machine is the better choice.
Running and rowing are fantastic workouts with incredible cardiovascular health perks. Running burns slightly more calories than rowing, although rowing offers a fuller-body workout. If you`re interested in either–or both!
It is recommended that rowers consume 50%-100% of their body weight in ounces of water each day. For example, a 150 pound rower should consume between 75oz. -150oz. of water each day.
Air rower resistance operates by the faster you row, the more resistance you feel. Magnetic resistance operates by setting a level and staying the same tension no matter how fast or slow you row. To increase resistance, you must adjust the level.
The resistance on combination rowing machines is usually the strongest due to having two resistance mechanisms working at the same time. This is great for some people, but it doesn`t closely mimic the resistance felt from “on the water” rowing, which is a downside for others.
All boat classes can row in mild winds, up to 10mph. When winds rise above 10mph, small boats (singles, pairs, and doubles) should be aware of the potential dangers associated with high winds. (singles, pairs, and doubles) should not go out. Larger boats (8+, 4+, and 4x`s) should use extreme caution when going out.
Benefits of Rowing 10,000 Meters a Day For 1 Month: Improved Mental Health, Sleep, and Weight Loss. While strength and endurance were awesome benefits, the most impactful benefit of rowing an hour every morning was how it affected my mental health.
The fastest time for a male 500m row is 1:10.5, and their average time is 1:33.2. For a female, the best recorded 500m row time is 1:24.5, and the average time is 1:58.0. A good (average) unisex rowing time for all ages is 1:40.5, with the fastest time at 1:10.5.
Among beginners, the average finish time for a 35-year-old man is about eight minutes; the average finish time for a 35-year-old woman is about 10 minutes. More advanced rowers should expect to finish under seven minutes and under eight minutes, respectively.
In terms of time, weight loss is best achieved with consistency, so aim for at least 15 to 20 minutes per day on a rower, anywhere from three to five times a week. Make sure you`re getting enough rest days, too, especially if you`re just getting started on your fitness journey.
Workouts for Weight Loss

When rowing for weight loss, workout consistency and duration are key. For maximum results, strive to complete 30–50 minutes of rowing five to six times per week. Aim for a comfortable intensity of moderate, steady work where you can still carry on a conversation. Add intervals for variety.

Damper setting is similar to bicycle gearing: it affects how rowing feels but does not directly affect the resistance. A lower damper setting on the indoor rower is comparable to easier gears on a bike.
Lower settings will require less force but needs to be applied quicker. Higher settings will require more force but will be applied slower.
While we recommend having a rest day between workout days a few times per week, if you`re smart about how you train, you can row everyday without overdoing it. It`s a good idea to alternate between light days and hard days.
Treadmills and rowing machines are both excellent devices to increase your heart rate and get you into the fat burn zone. If weight loss is your only objective, then a treadmill is probably the more effective option.
Is Rowing 5000m a Good Workout? Any rowing is a good workout! Rowing 5000m is considered a middle-distance row, but it can feel pretty far for a novice rower. It can be particularly difficult if you aren`t yet able to maintain your pace for a 1000m to 2000m row.
Slowing down the stroke can help teach your muscles better technique that can then be sustained at higher stroke rates. Working hard at a high stroke rate can sometimes compromise your technique, especially as you get tired.

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Machine will stop adjusting resistance. On start up the machine will usually work. I can go through the calibration procedure and it will calibrate and work normally for 4 or 5 resistance adjustments. It will then stop adjusting. It acts like there is a cable pulled and refuses to adjust, even though I am not getting the warning telling me to “Release cable”
I have modified the wiring harness so that the wires do not fall off from the stepper motor, so this is not the problem. If I shut the machine down and leave it for several minutes, it will come back and work normal again… for a while. I am wondering if there is a problem with the sensors that are detecting a cable pull? Is there a way to disable those sensors to see if that is the problem
ANSWER : I would think that your problem has possibly to do with a faulty power supply, component, see to my mind it is a thermal problem as it heats up,it goes faulty? The Voltage changes and it goes out of spec.. When left to cool, it then is OK… Usually, & from my experience this is a thermal problem. To see obtain some Freeze Spray, from radio Shack or similar,and spray components on the main power board, and others too, use it on any large heat sinked components and see if when you do this the fault clears. Then replace that component(s).

Or as you suggest the sensors that feed the inputs maybe with sensors though one has little option but to replace them and see if this clears the problem.

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What is the difference between the Simmons Yard Hydrant 850 repair kit and the 850SB repair Kit? The pictures of the parts look the the same. The price is a few dollars different. My hydrant was new in 2003 when it was installed. I got the 850 repair kit to fix it once. Should I get it again or is the 850SB better?
ANSWER : The 850SB is a lead-free hydrant and the 850SB repair kit maintains that lead-free build. The two repair kits are identical beyond that lead-free status. If you have the 850 hydrant, the 850 repair kit will be fine. Since the rest of the hydrant may contain lead, there is no advantage to using the lead-free parts. (If you live in California, you may need to get the 850SB kit. The rules for products with lead in California are a bit different than those in other places. So the company only sells the lead-free model there.) I hope this helps. Cindy Wells

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York manuals how does hvac zone york heating and
ANSWER : You can get the manual at

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Water and Rust under the Air Handler Unit of York HVAC
ANSWER : You may have holes in the condensate pan

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I was working out on the rowing machine and the belt suddenly snapped. The belt will now not go back into the rower automatically. Who do I contact for repairs? Or is there a way to fix it myself?
ANSWER : Hello Sage and welcome to FixYa!You can contact Treadmill Medic Inc., They specializes in fitness equipment repair and they service all throughout US and Canada.To schedule a service go to this link you can contact them with the numbers below.TREADMILL MEDIC INC.Corporate Office (Sales & Repair):
3215 College Drive
Louisville, KY. 40299
[email protected] provide me with the Brand and Model name/number of your rowing machine so that we can diagnose it and see if you can fix it yourself.Thanks for using FixYa.Keep me posted.Jas247

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Air hose problems
ANSWER : You’ve either stretched the hose at the end, it has a tear, or it burst earlier. If you have any spare length you can trim the end and reattach it.Likely though it’s just barely long enough so you just need to pick up another one from your local paintball store or airsmith and pop that ****** on and you’re back in business!Good luck!

Play hard, play safe, play with honor!


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ProForm Elliptical 675
I took it apart to fix the resistance problem. I found a hook broken at one end of the spring. I wired it as close as possible. I put the magnet wheel back together. It seems to work fine. The magnets move when I turn the knob on the machine. However, I should have paid more attention to putting the magnetic wheel into the flywheel. I need a drawing. The manuel does’nt show this kind of detail. I now how to hook up the belt.


ANSWER : Sorry we do not have a diagram for you.

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