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Question: Why does the seat spin around freely on my mobility scooter? Answer: The seat is not installed properly, it needs to be removed, then reinstalled correctly. Sometimes the rotation lever needs to be engaged when installing the seat.
If your electric scooter keeps shutting down or cutting out while riding, you`ve most likely blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker. This usually happens due to overloading – going up steep inclines or riding through mud, for example.
This situation gets worse when your scooter simply dies and stops running when you come to a stop. Typically this situation is caused by two things: A fuel delivery problem. An electrical problem.
Class 2 scooters don`t have brakes

To stop you must release the accelerator lever. You may find it easier to completely remove your hand from the accelerator lever to stop quickly.

Most mobility scooters for traveling have a 6 degrees to 8 degrees maximum incline rating range. Full-size mobility scooters and heavy-duty mobility scooters increase that to 6 degrees to 12 degrees maximum incline rating range.
If there were no clutch on the rear converter in between, the engine energy would be transferred directly and without delay to the rear wheel. The scooter would then either shoot forward or the engine would be stalled. Also an idle speed or idle throttle would not be possible.
How exactly does the freewheel work? A freewheel is a mechanism located in the rear hub of a bicycle. It ensures that the pedal does not automatically rotate in the direction of the rear wheel when it moves. In short, the freewheel decouples the connection between rear hub, chain, sprocket and pedals.
Some batteries will only last for 6 miles (approximately 45 minutes to one hour of continuous drive time at a low speed) whereas others will last for up to 25 miles on a single charge. Heavy-duty mobility scooters can be driven around all day before needing to be recharged.
Generally, however, the reset button is typically located on the underside of the scooter`s deck, near the battery pack. If the button is not clearly marked, look for a small circular depression or a tiny hole that may be covered by a rubber plug.
The terrain – hills and steep inclines will draw more power from the battery, draining it faster. Your speed – if you ride at high speeds, the battery may drain faster as the motor has to work harder to maintain that speed. The motor may also overheat, which can damage the battery.
An immobiliser or immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to a motor vehicle that prevents the engine from being started unless the correct key (transponder or smart key) is present. This prevents the vehicle from being “hot wired” after entry has been achieved and thus reduces motor vehicle theft.
The movement and speed controls of the scooter are located on the handlebars, allowing the user to increase or decrease the speed and move forwards or backwards with their fingers and thumbs. To change direction, simply move the handlebars left or right using both hands in the direction you want to go.
The answer is yes, many mobility scooters can climb steep hills, but it will depend on the type of scooter and the gradient of the hill. Most mobility scooters can handle moderate hills and slopes, but may not be suitable for steeper inclines.
2- Where is the Speed Limiter on a Mobility Scooter

Generally, the speed limiter is installed under the seat or behind the front shroud. You may need to remove the seat or shroud to access it. Few models have sensors at the driving wheel`s transmission system, which sense the rotation of the wheels.

Powered wheelchairs and scooters MUST NOT travel faster than 4 mph (6 km/h) on pavements or in pedestrian areas. You may need to reduce your speed to adjust to other pavement users who may not be able to move out of your way quickly enough or where the pavement is too narrow.
Scooters have a mixture of automatic and manual transmissions, but the automatic or CVT is the leading favorite with newer models due to their ease of use. They`re fuel-efficient, lightweight, and easy to handle, and unlike mopeds, many scooters have large enough engines that are far more capable of daily commutes.
It might be a little bit of a generalization, but for most people, electric scooters are very easy to ride. They`re lightweight, have a low center of gravity, and usually feature some form of suspension, making them comfortable and fun to ride.
Trigger throttles are the most commonly used type of throttle and are mounted on the front of the handlebars. To accelerate, the rider can simply squeeze the trigger with their index finger.
What`s that clicking sound? That clicking sound is the pawls as they run across each ratchet tooth, sort of like a tiny Wheel of Fortune wheel. The pawls thread onto the hub body and spin whenever the bike is moving.
It is better to go for a scooter that has run less than 50,000 km. If it has run more than 20,000 km, make sure that the tyres have been replaced. Vehicles that have run 35,000 km to 45,000 km are ideal.
Is a Scooter Faster Than Walking? The average walking speed is around 3mph, while jogging comes in around 5mph. Scooting trumps both at roughly 7mph! While these vary based on the person and the route you`re taking, they`re safe estimates.
On average, e-scooters in a ride-share fleet last for 9 to 18 months, while personal ones last for up to 3 years. The efficiency of a personal e-scooter reduces after the first 2 years, but with proper care and maintenance, you`ll still be cruising your scooter for up to 3 years or even more.
As time progresses, the battery health (and the range) will deteriorate and as batteries can`t just be opened up and fixed like ICE engines, they`ll have to be replaced. Not many manufacturers have disclosed the price of their batteries, a normal Li-ion battery of decent capacity costs around Rs 50,000.
It`s also important to avoid riding an electric scooter in temperatures that are too high. As the temperature rises, the battery and electrical components of the scooter can become overwhelmed and start to overheat.

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Suddenly stops recodring
ANSWER : I love my Sanyo mp3 recorder I’ve been using it in church for 4 or 5 years. It never quits it can hold an extra gig with a chip and i can plug it into my computer to upload it in seconds. I say replace the old recorder

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My bike won’t start after jump starting it, putting in gear it went dead & now the neutral light won’t shine.
& won’t start
ANSWER : Sounds like you fridge seilanoid try jump in across it with a screwdriver

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Machine will stop adjusting resistance. On start up the machine will usually work. I can go through the calibration procedure and it will calibrate and work normally for 4 or 5 resistance adjustments. It will then stop adjusting. It acts like there is a cable pulled and refuses to adjust, even though I am not getting the warning telling me to “Release cable”
I have modified the wiring harness so that the wires do not fall off from the stepper motor, so this is not the problem. If I shut the machine down and leave it for several minutes, it will come back and work normal again… for a while. I am wondering if there is a problem with the sensors that are detecting a cable pull? Is there a way to disable those sensors to see if that is the problem
ANSWER : I would think that your problem has possibly to do with a faulty power supply, component, see to my mind it is a thermal problem as it heats up,it goes faulty? The Voltage changes and it goes out of spec.. When left to cool, it then is OK… Usually, & from my experience this is a thermal problem. To see obtain some Freeze Spray, from radio Shack or similar,and spray components on the main power board, and others too, use it on any large heat sinked components and see if when you do this the fault clears. Then replace that component(s).

Or as you suggest the sensors that feed the inputs maybe with sensors though one has little option but to replace them and see if this clears the problem.

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I just put a new battery on my 2000 Yamaha G16A gas golf cart and now it won’t do anything. We have headlights that are straight wired to the battery and they work fine. I found a blown 10 amp car type fuse that was blown and straight wired around it and that didn’t fix the problem. I know it is a wiring problem because the back-up buzzer won’t even work. Is there another fuse that I should be looking for?
ANSWER : Yes, check the main fuse trace up the main cable so that you can see it. Then don’t forget to check the wire in main sw. or key.

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My brand new MPG scooter front wheel wont spill after one ride
ANSWER : What do you mean SPILL? It empties do you mean you have a LEAK of AIR?Replace the Tube

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I bought a new mossberg 590 a1 shot gun a month ago, I love the gun but its having a couple of problems, the first problem is that when shooting every once in a while i get sprayed in the face with exuast from shooting through the safety very scary! any ideas whats causing this? how to fix it? second is that some times the fireing pin sticks and the gun will not discharge a round? the third problem is that i have had feeding issues with gun where it will not realice a gound from the tube, ive taken a tip of a knife to the stuck round in the tube and it prys out with little effort, these problems dont happen every time i go shooting, just every once in a while, but they a happening more and more, im conserned cause the gun is brand new, and i wanna be safe while shooting, can you guys help me? any ideas/solutions? please help!!!!!!!
ANSWER : Personally, with that many problems, I’d call Mossberg and get a return authorization. None of these things should be happening, especially with a new gun.

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My transmission is stuck in reverse. The gear shift moves to neutral and back into reverse. When you put it to forward then the engine just dies out because the forward gear is competing with the reverse gear.
How do I fix this?
ANSWER : It sounds like the clutch has gone and needs to be replaced. This is a job for a mechanic.

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