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Hi,Sounds like you are a bit low on tranny fluid or hydraulic oil which ever runs that part of the transmission…After the fluid warms up a bit the thing works…Check your fluid levels….heatman101

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The hydraulic pump draws up oil from the oil reservoir and sends it to the control valve under high pressure. From there, the oil goes to the hydraulic cylinder to operate the piston which in turn raises the lifting arms. The hydraulic pump is operated by suitable gears that are connected with the engine.
With the multi-power system there is one hydraulic clutch pack and also a ratchet type assembly. When in low multi the hydraulic clutch is dissengaged and the drive goes through a pair of gears into a ratchet clutch which takes the drive to the gearbox.
A common problem with the hydraulic lift on the Massey Ferguson 165 is when the lift arms begin to judder. Common symptoms are the need for high engine revs to get the tractor to lift and the normally smooth action of the lift arms becomes a shake or judder.
Hydraulic lifts work on a basic principle: to go up, a pump pushes oil into the cylinder, pushing the piston (which pushes the lift car) up. To go down, the valve opens and oil is allowed to flow back into the reservoir, and is pushed back using the gravitational force of the lift car.
The electric power generation system is driven by V-belt, which gets drive from the crankshaft. It converts mechanical energy obtained from engine into electrical energy. Its main function is to recharge the battery. It also supplies electric current to the other accessories when engine is running.
Massey Ferguson 7250 Power Up.
A microcontroller-based Automatic Slip Control System (ASCS) and Automatic Draft Control System (ADCS) for 2WD tractors was devised to automatically alter the depth of operation to keep the wheel slip and implement draft within a pre- specified range.
In the case of hydraulic systems, there are three easily detectable symptoms that give early warning of root cause conditions. These symptoms are abnormal noise, high fluid temperature and slow operation.
It`s often easy to tell when a hydraulic system fails — symptoms can include high temperatures, low pressure readings and slow or erratic operation are glaring problems.
A hydraulic brake is used to slow down or stop a vehicle by applying pressure to the brake pads or shoes, while a hydraulic lift is used to raise and lower heavy loads using a hydraulic cylinder and fluid.
There are several differences between a mechanical and hydraulic lift: Mechanical lifts are designed for unlimited use. Hydraulic lifts have limited cycles per hour and per day. Although hydraulic lifts typically are less expensive than mechanical lifts, they require more ongoing maintenance than a mechanical VRC.
The most common causes of poor hydraulic performance are particulate contamination, water contamination, clogged filters, high fluid temperature and incorrect hydraulic fluids.
Massey Ferguson tractors are generally regarded as excellent tractors. They are robust and reliable and have even served the US military in the past.
JCB Fastrac 8000

This is the fastest tractor in the world and touches a top speed of 103.6 mph.

#4- Massey Ferguson MF 9500 E

It is best for agricultural as well as commercial applications. The engine is designed to provide high torque, smooth performance, and low fuel consumption, making it suitable for a range of agricultural tasks. This is an affordable choice to make for farmers as its price starts from Rs.

With a power shift transmission, the operator selects the RPMs and appropriate gear for the job. When the load on the tractor increases and RPMs drop, the operator manually changes gears. The power shift transmission is popular for use with front-end loader work and other tasks performed under load.
Choosing between New Holland and Massey Ferguson tractors depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. New Holland tractors offer a comfortable ride, easy operation, and stylish design but can be more expensive. Massey Ferguson tractors are known for their powerful engines, durability, and affordability.
For the same amount of horsepower, a Massey Ferguson tractor performs better than a New Holland tractor. Massey Ferguson`s engine power is essential for tasks like plowing, hauling and harvesting. In order to get the most out of any tractor, adequate care and maintenance are necessary.
Hydraulic pump: They are of several types, such as gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump, and screw pump. Gear pumps are widely used in tractors because they can flow a large amount of oil in comparison to a plunger pump. The oil pressure in the pump varies from 150 to 200 kg/cm2.
The depth control lever is actuated for facilitating raising, lowering and maintaining the implement at desired position with respect to the ground for defining initial depth setting of the implement.
With two-position control, the final control element may be in only one of two positions. These two positions are sometimes called on/off or open/closed. Consequently, it is often called on-off control. Two-position control is used in many systems, such as heating and air conditioning, water heaters and ovens.
Overview & History. A follow-up to the iconic TE20, the Ferguson TEA20 was built in Coventry, England from 1948 to 1956. The main difference from its predecessor was the Standard Motor Company petrol engine it was fitted with, whereas the TE20 had a Continental engine.
Even if you have not revoked your authorization with the company, you can stop an automatic payment from being charged to your account by giving your bank a “stop payment order” . This instructs your bank to stop allowing the company to take payments from your account.
Rather, the draft is automatically carried out, with each team taking the highest-ranked player when their team is on the clock. While you have no direct manual control over who you draft when you are auto drafting, you still have control over how you rate your players before the draft.

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2006 Arctic Cat ATV dies after about 15 minutes of riding
ANSWER : It Sounds like your Stator is going bad.
I would have it checked/Diagnosed by a Local Shop.

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My 870 Remington 12 ga. pump’s barrel now moves about 1/8th inch or less but noticably side to side and is no longer a tight fit? Just noticed it last week as barrel moves by itself or when moved manually. 1987 vintage. Basically my hunting gun as I use my Rem 1100 for skeet and trap. The situation is worrisome and probably not what I would want to continue shooting as it is now. It has never been like this until the last couple of weeks.
ANSWER : HELLO; Check and see if you have the barrel set into the receiver fully, and look at the receiver and see if it isn’t split or the mag. hasn’t become loose, I have two of these guns and Ive never had any problem like your discribing, but not to say it cant happen. PS make sure you retract the bolt before you insert the barrel in the receiver. GOOD LUCK….GREASY.

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Suddenly stops recodring
ANSWER : I love my Sanyo mp3 recorder I’ve been using it in church for 4 or 5 years. It never quits it can hold an extra gig with a chip and i can plug it into my computer to upload it in seconds. I say replace the old recorder

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I have had two small Coleman ‘Frontier PZ’ propane lanterns for a number of years with no problems. Last year one of them started shutting down for no apparent reason – it would light normally, burn for 4 – 5 minutes and then go out. This summer the second lantern has started doing the same thing. Changing gas cylinders seems to have no effect, nor does a new mantle fix the problem. It’s hard to be certain but as I can’t hear any gas hissing it’s as if the jet gets blocked after a few minutes alight. Turn off the gas, leave the lantern alone for a while and it will relight ok, though it will still only burn for a few minutes before going out again. Any ideas?
ANSWER : There is something in the jets or the piping to the mantels, you my find spider webing there, if you did no cap the port where the tank goes some small friends might have wanted to go camping with you.

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Bicycle handlebars move seperatly from the wheel
ANSWER : My guess is that you are using an older, “quill” stem, which is both the STEM (the extension that the handle bars attach to) and the friction bolt that tightens the stem into the STEERING TUBE Anyway, what I think has happened is that the quill is either not tightened or (because you said you tightened everything) the angled nut at the end of the quill isn’t aligned properly and is tightening. HERE is a great diagram of the quill stem. What I think you’ll need to do is:1 ) IF you have already tightened the bolt at the top of the stem (usually under a little plastic cap, like the one at the top left of the stem in the diagram). Then Untighten it and if you can pull it out make sure that the angled nut (shown at the bottom) is resting properly against the angled shaft of the quill (the vertical part of the stem). As you can see these will spread apart as you tighten the bolt, making them wider and holding them in the steering tube. The idea is to realign the angled nut so it can properly contact the shaft and spread. 2) if you haven’t tightened this bolt (maybe because it’s hidden), try tightening it a small amount and see if that changes anything. __________________________This was all written assuming your bike is not using the newer “threadless” setup, which would probably have been fixed if you tightened down the stem (PICTURE OF THREADLESS STEM)

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Weight Plate falling off
ANSWER : Thank you! I found the reset button and now it works again.

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My 1988 honda fourtrax 300 keeps shutting off after about 30 minutes of riding. It bogs down then it shuts off it doesn’t just shut right off. I will then have to wait about 5 minutes to start it up again. It seems like when it gets hot it does that. What could it be?
ANSWER : It’s possible that you are getting a vacuum in your gas tank because the cap isn’t vented. This can cause this exact condition.

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