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Probably needs just a good cleaning and oil
I fish in a sandy beach area and when sand builds up in my reel it starts to grind, and sometimes it just needs an adjustment?
really hope this helps?

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The drag clicker is a little piece inside of the spool that actually makes the noise. It has a spring that makes it pop back into place and keep clicking. If the spring is broken or worn out, or the piece is missing entirely, then the clicker won`t be making any noise.
If your spinning reel is squeaking and hard to reel in, it usually indicates that it needs to be cleaned and lubricated. The water from your canoe trip may have caused dirt and debris to build up in the reel, leading to corrosion and wear on the internal parts of the reel.
Reel lubricants

Because WD-40 is a degreaser, it breaks down grease and oil. Never use it to lubricate a reel. The basic rule of thumb is to grease gears and oil everything else — sparingly. Too much grease and oil impede the spool and reduce casting distance.

The number one cause of spinning tackle loops is when an angler reels to close the bail. Doing so closes the bail but doesn`t ensure the line is in the roller guide.
Poor casts, strange noises or vibration during the cast, and a different feel while retrieving generally indicate a spool bearing problem (more on this later).
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Most manufacturers recommend that you re-lubricate your reel on at least a monthly basis – more often with heavy use. At the very least, lubricate everything once during each season you`ll be fishing.
Upload HQ Videos using iPhone and Android App

In order to do this, go to the settings menu, then to account, data usage, and there activate the option of High-quality uploads. It may take a little longer to upload your videos, but it will be worth it.

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Cannot open Shakespeare Synergy Steele 2001s fishing reel
ANSWER : Alright man……i had the same problem. it just takes a little bit of elbow grease, bot it does twist open, it’s just harder than hell to get it to twist off. I took a towel and laid it over the reel, and lightly tapped on it with a hammer to loosen it up a bit.

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Tranny sound when at low speed and letting off trottle or just getting back on trottle it sounds like a grinding noise or sounds like tranny isnt all the way in gear other than the sound everything is workin properly
ANSWER : Try reproducing the sound with the car off to see if it’s related to the throttle or engine.

Don’t overlook a broken motor mount. If the vehicle is an automatic transmission, you can set the parking brake and with the hood open rock the trans from reverse to forward and see if the motor moves up and down much. Some times a small amount of accelleration while in gear will help to see it move. If it moves up and down, look for a broken motor mount. Try recreating the noise with the trans in park or neutral. This will help to isolate engine or tranny noise. If that’s not the problem, someone else will have to help with internal issues.

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I have the penn Senator 15L and lately the reel when over 200 yards of Line goes out then I start to reel it in the reel starts to Slip and no line can be reeled in? Do you have a solution? Thanks
ANSWER : The weight of that much line is caausing the drag to slip. you need to tighten the drag up some more. hope this helps

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Penn Spin Reel will not lock after casting
ANSWER : On the front of the spool there is a device to turn to set the drag. Torn it tighter and tighten it until slightly below the breaking point of your fishing line. It isn’t a critical adjustment, it just keeps your line from breaking while trying to land a fish.

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Where can I find an owner’s manual for a Diawa PMF 15 baitcasting reel ?
ANSWER : Here is the lnk to the manual support site=

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Problem with anti-reverse
ANSWER : If it is a multiplier reel most of the lever tension springs are the same. they can be bought from QUENTIN MILLMAN in portsmouth. they have a mail order branch and can be located on line.i have tried making my own springs but the dog leg has to be at the right angle.best buy the right one for a few pounds. regards barry.

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Shakespeare 2660 coarse fishing reel,cant remove spool cover
ANSWER : According to the intructions and I quote “Take off the cowling that covers the spool, twist off the pick up mechanism clockwise and a half turn anti clockwise will remove the spool”

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