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Your snowmobile won`t idle if the idle screw on the carburetor is not set correctly. The idle screw controls how fuel mixes with air at idle speed. Fortunately, you can adjust the idle screw within minutes. To adjust, you might need to remove the air filter and box so that you can see the carburetor.
The top three reasons why your snowmobile won`t start after the summer season is over are: Fouled spark plug – They just get plugged up sometimes and need to be changed. Fuel Quality – Fuel tends to degrade in quality when it sits around during the off-season.
Your starting issue could be damaged gaskets or maybe worn-out piston rings, scored cylinder or piston, bad crank seal, reed valve, or a damaged head gasket. Using a compression tester or contacting a place that can service your snowmobile will be the best way to go if the problem looks too serious.
With race-inspired cues, MXZ sleds deliver motocross-like handling and agility with advanced innovations in both ride quality and exhilarating Rotax power. Get a Quote Get Loan Offers. *MXZ X-RS with Competition Package 850 E-TEC Tubo R shown.
Darting occurs when the sled`s steering is responding to the direction of even small ruts in the trail rather than your steering input. As the sled encounters new ruts, it`s shifted in an unpredictable side-to-side manner.
The heat increases friction, which inhibits normal clutch operation. Also check your vacuum hoses for cracks. They may be very minute, but heat can open them up, causing a loss of vacuum, which can cause fuel starving issues, which would also cause your bogging complaint.

When there isn`t enough snow, this can also cause overheating. Such overheating usually occurs at the beginning of the snow season. Other common causes of overheating include faulty wiring or a clogged exhaust pipe, all of which can cause problems for a sled.

Spray it into the carburetor intake and turn the engine. It should start at least momentarily. If it shuts off after burning off the starting fluid, it means you`re not getting enough gas coming in. if this happens a few times, your carburetor probably needs to be cleaned.
Opening up the amount of air that can enter your engine is a great way to enhance your snowmobile performance. You can do that by simply swapping out your air box for an open element air filter. If you want to go further, you can also try a custom air intake system that will replace the existing setup entirely.
MXZ stands for Maximized. This is the luxury pickle-fork bow lineup.
The Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 has a recorded top speed of 128 miles per hour, while the Polaris Switchback Pro-S 800 caps out at 105 mph, and the Arctic Cat ZR 6000 EL Tigre is a bit slower at 88 mph.
Ski-Doo is definitely the leader in the snowmobile industry: nearly every second snowmobile ridden in America is a Ski-Doo. It goes to show how reliable Ski-Doo sleds and Ski-Doo snowmobile tracks are.
Check the fuel filter

A fuel filter`s function is to screen out dirt from fuel, but if the filter becomes too dirty, it will hinder the free flow of fuel. So if your snowmobile runs only on choke or half choke, it would help if you check the fuel filter.

Avoid opening and closing the throttle continuously, which causes inefficient fuel burning and increases emissions and noise. Don`t tamper with your exhaust pipes, as that causes the machine to exceed legal noise limits.
The first thing you should do if your snowmobile won`t start is to inspect your battery for physical damage. If it`s bulging, or you notice excessive corrosion, broken terminals or discolouration, don`t try to charge it. Your battery is compromised and will need to be replaced.

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I have a Kohler Condidant 5 Generator that will run as long as you hold the start button in. It dies when you let off. I have a harness for the remote switch but no switch – It also will start the generator when you cross the red and black wire and run as long as you hold them together. There are 3 wires to the main switch and 5 to the remote switch. Does the starter stay engaged the whole time you hold the start switch or does the computer release the starter once it is running? The Generator is producing electricity because I tested it while holding the start button. Some where is a wire that shold tell it to keep running. I have read online many descriptions of the same problem, most are told the board is bad so they replace it and still have the problem. Have not found a solution. Talked to a marine machanic today and he said he fixed his friends generator doing the same thing by running a bypass wire but he couldnt remember exactly what he did it was a long time ago. Can anyone help me. Thank you
ANSWER : The problem is either the ballast resistor or the starter bypass relay. The bypass relay should be part of the starter solenoid. I’m afraid I can’t tell you exactly where the ballast resistor is located. It should be a physically fairly large resistor made of ceramic. It should be retangular roughly 1.5″-3″ long and 3/8″-1/2″ accross with a wire on each end. It could also be a coil of wire mounted on a phenolic board.
If you need more help just add a comment and I’ll respond as soon as I get the message.

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Jet ski having to play with choke to stay running
ANSWER : You more then likely have some clogged jets in the carbs. That or a vaccum leak.

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2008 Yamaha vx deluxe will only run about 30 mph
ANSWER : If the motor is reaching full revs look at the jet assemby for fouling or prop damage. If it is not reaching full revs get authorised mechanic to fix it, it will be cheaper in the long run.

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Motor was running great, but it died slowly and never start again
ANSWER : Check to see if you have a spark -then check if you are still getting fuel-and how old is the fuel-because it is recommended ,an im assuming its a 2 stroke motor,that the fuel should be replace with a fresh 2 stroke mixture every couple of months as the mixture jellyfies and sludges up the carb etc-try those first

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Wont run got it to pull start but did not stay running when kick starting trys to start has fuel and spark
ANSWER : Hey Chad,

The first thing I would do is a compression test. You say you have spark, but have you actually tested the strength of the spark ? A simple check to see if the spark is strong enough is to take the spark plug, hook it up to the spark plug wire, hand hold the shell portion of the plug roughly a 1\2 inch away from the cylinder head, and crank the engine over. If the spark jumps this gap, you have good spark. If it doesn’t jump this gap, your ignition coil or stator coils maybe weak and not producing enough voltage for a good spark.

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I have a 2001 Yamaha XL700Z Waverunner. The compression on both cylinders is about 120, it starts and runs fine – dry. Won’t quite idle, but I can start it and rev it up fine (for a short period, of course). However, as soon as it gets in the water, it will barely run – it will start and sputter and you cannot get it to run more than a few seconds or rev up. Take it back out, let it dry, starts & revs fine. It is not getting any water in the casing that I can tell, its almost as if water is getting something wet through the cooling system that I cannot see?
ANSWER : Try cleaning the carbs and the fuel lines, filter

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ANSWER : Http://

I suspect your alternator and/or battery have gone faulty, the battery because the alternator, isn’t charging, and the alternator because it is not suppling charging current. Either that of the battery charging circuit, has faulted. You should troubleshoot this and see if you have good output from the Alternator, and changeover, and battery charging circuit.…/small-engine-troubleshooting.html…/alternator_replacement.pdf

Please use these links above to help you, above is a altenator troubleshooting, above that, how to replace an altenator, above that is small engine troubleshooting and above that, is a repair site to help.

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