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My camper will not crank up. It sounds like on the manual crank system that it is “slipping” like it's missing the link to get it to crank. But if that was the case it seems like it would just “skip” and still pop up. But it is not. Has anyone had this problems. I just bought this camper used and is now sitting in my yard 1/2 exposed. I could not get it down correctly and was putting it back up to get the canvas tucked in correctly and that was why I was going back up with it. Any help would be wonderful

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Yes, pop-up campers have electricity. They will have a dedicated 12-volt system that runs off a 12-volt battery (or batteries). This will power the lights, ventilation fans, and other smaller appliances and accessories.
Pop up campers require a deep cycle battery in order to operate properly. Deep cycle batteries are more expensive than regular lead-acid batteries, but they will last longer and provide more power.
The simplest way to raise your camper is to simply change the leaf spring from underneath the axle to above it. This is called a Spring-Over-Axle (SOA) lift. Most pop-up campers come stock with the leaf spring suspension piece positioned below the axle.
3. How long does a pop-up camper last? A pop-up camper can last as many as fifteen years if you look after it.
Leaving your camper “up” might seem like a good idea. However, since pop ups are constructed with soft sides, typically canvas, leaving it popped up is an invitation for critters and pests to enter and set up house or cause destruction.
As long as you maintain a pop-up camper and keep it clean between uses, it can last up to 15 years or more. It`s important to make sure this type of camper is dry and clean before folding it up for storage. The chances of it having mold or other issues lessen if you store it properly.
Typically the center of a pop-up camper is a fiberglass roof which is also permanently waterproof. Unlike tents, tent campers are raised off of the ground so there is no fear that the tent camper could take on water from the floor.
Usually no AC or heat

Unlike travel trailers or other RVs, pop-up campers don`t usually come with heating or air conditioning (thanks to their lack of insulation and extra space). You`re at the mercy of nature. You can bring along a space heater for cooler months and a fan or portable AC unit for the summer.

Can I use a car battery in my RV? A car battery can be installed in your RV either as a starting battery or `house` battery, but its capacity may not be sufficient to last very long or perform well. Match the battery to the application for the best results.
Yes, you can add an A/C unit to your pop-up camper. Some pop-up campers come equipped with air conditioning, but many do not. Don`t worry though! There are several different options for keeping you cool in your pop-up camper including a rooftop unit, window unit, and small portable A/C units.
The tubes will feature specially designed springs that will literally help your camper to “pop-up”. Using a little bit of force and compression that the springs offer, your camper should effortlessly open up. This, of course, works in tandem with the detachable crank.
When it comes to setting up and breaking down, pop-up trailers are easy to use, especially if you`re new to the RV camping experience. Because of their smaller size, they`re easy to set up on leveling blocks when you pull into your campsite.
Screw jacks are a very cost-effective method for stabilizing your RV. Their aluminum construction makes them lightweight but strong enough to hold upwards of 6,000 lbs. Because these jacks do not mount or secure to the RV, you can easily adjust them and move them around your camper as needed.
Every travel trailer has a jack. Whether you get a manual one or an electric one is really just personal preference.
Similar to the Stable-Lift jacks, electric truck camper jacks are corner jacks that work via an electric motor. They make it super easy to raise or lower the camper by simply pressing a lever, which then utilizes an electric motor to do the heavy lifting.
Do all pop-up campers have bathrooms? Some do, and others don`t. If one doesn`t, you can put a portable toilet inside if you find a place to store it. It`s not likely you can put a shower inside the unit easily, but often these campers come with an outdoor showerhead.
You can shower in your pop-up camper. Some pop-up campers have exterior showers that can be used for showering, too. If your pop-up camper has an exterior shower, consider purchasing a pop-up shower privacy tent and take a shower in the great outdoors.
If you`ve left your pop-up camper out in the elements for too long or stored it incorrectly, chances are that mold and mildew have built up. Not only can these ruin your canvas, they also make your camper smell unpleasant. Address this problem as soon as you come across it.
The weight of a pop-up can vary as much as any travel trailer or fifth wheel considering their size and usefulness. A hard-sided pop-up, similar to an Aliner, can vary in weight from 1,180 to 2,700 lbs.; while tent style pop-ups range from 1,300 to 3,700 lbs.
The answer is usually yes, you can run your RV converter without a battery. However, you should always check with your manufacturer, make sure you disconnect correctly, replace the battery as soon as possible, and avoid towing until that new battery is installed.
Those who aren`t well-versed in RV systems might be perplexed to know that a standard motorhome requires two batteries. The first is a standard starter battery, as in a typical car, used to give the engine a brief but powerful jolt to help it start.
Early signs you may have a water leak inside your RV or travel trailer include water stains, damaged lamination, discolored wood, and bubbles in your paneling. Unchecked, you may have damage in the walls or floors, slide-outs and other mechanicals.
Basically, pop up tents set themselves up, with minimal work from you. They`re an excellent option for occasional campers and ideal weather conditions. But they`re not a good choice if you often go camping or backpacking. They aren`t particularly durable and they don`t perform in bad weather.
Pop up tents can be used in the rain, because they`re just like regular camping tents. However, not all pop up tents are waterproofed the same way.

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1995 Coleman Utah pop-up won’s stay up
ANSWER : I had the same problem on my 1997 Coleman Fleetwood Bayside. I took out the spring pin from the crank shaft using a finishing nail and a hammer. I then put a 9/16th” socket inside to hold the nut in place while I used a pipe wrench on the outside of the crank shaft to turn it about 1/4-turn clockwise. Voila! Now it works.

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Kx 125 wont start
ANSWER : Try to clean out the Carberator. I had the same problem someone told me to clean my carberator which I never did before but i looked it up on youtube and tried it. All went well

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ANSWER : Http://

I suspect your alternator and/or battery have gone faulty, the battery because the alternator, isn’t charging, and the alternator because it is not suppling charging current. Either that of the battery charging circuit, has faulted. You should troubleshoot this and see if you have good output from the Alternator, and changeover, and battery charging circuit.…/small-engine-troubleshooting.html…/alternator_replacement.pdf

Please use these links above to help you, above is a altenator troubleshooting, above that, how to replace an altenator, above that is small engine troubleshooting and above that, is a repair site to help.

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How to tighten cable on pop up camper
ANSWER : The adjustment can be done by your dealer, contact them see how much it costs.

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I need a repair/owner’s manual for 1999 Coleman
ANSWER : Tried googling Coleman? They might be able to help.

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The air conditioner on my pop up camper is loud and vibrating
ANSWER : Sounds like the compressor in your air conditioner has a broken spring in it,you can not take the compressor apart to fix,has to be replaced(cashy).I assume your camper is shaking,and the noise only happens when you turn on the air.

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We have a pop-up with the sink that folds down. We need to replace the sink drain from the sink to outside, but the only flex drain hoses that I can find have a hose only 26 inches long. I know that will not be long enough to go from the sink to the outside of the camper.

Do you know if any place I can go to get a sink drain system with a longer hose. The contraption (I don’t know what it is called) at the base of the sink drain has rusted off so that the swivel part of the drain system is gone. We currently have a garden hose connected to the pipe coming directly from the drain, but when we close the camper, it pops off.

Do you have any suggestions?



ANSWER : Hi mj2181,I would say your problem should be solved easily with a hose extension , if you can get the extension and then use it , it should be ok for you and there should be no need to get a sink drain system with a longer hose.An example of an extension hose can be found on this link :- this helps ,

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