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About MovieStarPlanet

It has 10 million monthly active users and more than 250 million registered users, with about 150,000 online at peak times.

Payments/purchases from MovieStarPlanet

If Users are under 18 years of age or do not pay their own bills, permission must be gained from either a parent or guardian, the person responsible for the payment or the cardholder before making any purchase on the MovieStarPlanet websites.

Rest assured that we will not delete accounts that have purchased VIP, no matter how inactive!
Make sure you`re trying to connect to the right domain. MovieStarPlanet has different domains for each country, each in its own language. Click on the flag in the top right hand corner to change where you`re logging in. Check that you`re using the correct username.
MSP premiums were discontinued as of January 1, 2020.
MovieStarPlanet is a free-to-play online social game developed by MovieStarPlanet ApS for Windows, iOS, and Android.
Growing Strong

Since launch in Denmark in 2009, MovieStarPlanet ApS has experienced explosive growth. Our games are live in 16 countries across 11 European markets as well as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Pumpchkin is a deleted user on MovieStarPlanet (US).
MovieStarPlanet is an online network. Players are provided an avatar to transform into their own movie star. The game is free to play, however, players can pay to gain access to extended features. The game is specifically aimed for children aged 8 to 15, however anyone of any age is permitted to play.
Please remember that once you have deleted your account, you cannot get it back. You will also lose your progress in MovieStarPlanet 2 and BlockStarPlanet. Only delete your account once you are absolutely sure that you do not want to play anymore.
To become boyfriend/girlfriend with another movie star, you need to be friends first and press the heart icon: A request will be sent to the movie star. If they approve your boyfriend/girlfriend request, your icon will change to green.
Designed with children aged 8 -13 in mind, MovieStarPlanet 2 is for tweens and teens who want to experience a world of fashion, fame, fortune and friends.
Generally, your MSP coverage will have the same expiry date as your status in Canada, such as the expiry date of your study permit or post-graduation work permit. If you extend your immigration documents, make sure you extend your MSP coverage as soon as you get your new study or work permit.
Download MSP Airport`s Navigate MSP app – for Androids and iPhones. Interactive content helps you and your family get ready for travel through MSP Airport! View information from the TSA on traveling with disabilities and medical conditions.
To cancel a VIP subscription purchased on the web with a credit card, you will have to log in to the MovieStarPlanet 2 account with the subscription. Then, click on Settings, then My Account and finally My VIP. If you cannot access the account, or you have other questions related to the account please see this article.
In serious cases, MovieStarPlanet has the right to block the computer IP address as well as the user account. This means that no one can access MovieStarPlanet from that computer.
Planet Zoo is rated E10+ for Everyone 10+ by the ESRB, with Content Descriptors for “Crude Humor,” “Mild Blood, and “Mild Violence.” That being said, in our experience, we think the actual gameplay slants a bit older due to its complexity and the sheer number of elements you have to keep track of.
Gifting is a mechanic in MovieStarPlanet that allows players to give items and animations away to other users. A user must be level 6 (or level 8 on MSP2) before they can gift, and players can only gift 25 times a day.
Zac Sky is a main character on MovieStarPlanet. He is the first main character male players are introduced to when joining and is considered to be a guide. He is the male equivalent of Pixi Star.
All movie stars can earn StarCoins. You can for example spin the Wheel of Fortune once a day. You can watch ads, collect Gifts that will spawn daily (so don`t forget to log in and pop them), and much more. Click on the StarCoins logo in the top section for a guide about how to earn StarCoins.
Pixi Star is the main character on MovieStarPlanet.
The MovieStarPlanet App can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Chromebook, MacOS and Windows.
Star is a two-player abstract strategy board game developed by Craige Schensted (now Ea Ea). It was first published in the September 1983 issue of Games magazine.
Bugs and Glitches

On October 10th, 2021, there was a glitch where best friend spots were empty on profiles. It was intermittent; sometimes they would appear, sometimes they would not. This glitch also prevented people from viewing their entire friends list or searching for other people.

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Have a fujifilm finepix Z20. What do the signs on
ANSWER : You can download the camera’s manual here;
Those dials/buttons set the various camera functions, such; zoom, flash, image quality, playback etc. The manual will give you all the information you’ll need to set and use your Z20.

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My computer has been locked out of moviestarplanet how. How can i get back on my account
ANSWER : You say that they were unfair to lock you out and if they don\’t let you back in threaten to press charges!!

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The lights do not come on and sign is brand new.

[email protected]

ANSWER : Try cutting power to the unit for ten minutes. If the unit is battery operated, also remove and put back the battery to reset the unit.If that does not work, if the power plug connector has a fuse inside (like in UK for example) then check the fuse.If still no lock, then either the wire to AC main has blown because of a short inside the cables, or the digital controller board must be replaced.I can be more specific if I have details on make and model.Regards.

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I really want vip on moviestarplanet – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Thanks for telling us. I want world peace.

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Moviestarplanet plz help me my computer is lock out from moviestarplanet
ANSWER : ? please tell more

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I m currently using REVO fitness RT145 treadmill,but it has suddenly stopped working after a sudden power break for a few moments.its showing an error E02 with a key sign displayed along with it.its roller isnt getting on.kindly solve this problem if anyone knows

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Moviestarplanet locked me out for no reason and i want to play my code is 501762520
ANSWER : Movie star planet locked me out of my computer. my code is 112307592.

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