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Press and hold the reset button on the left side of the unit under the display. Depressions longer than 1.5 seconds will delete all information about the current session, including steps taken, time walked, distance traveled and calories burned. The pedometer will retain information about previous sessions.
Measure your stride before setting up your pedometer. Measure the distance from START to END in inches. Calculate your stride length by dividing the total distance that you measured by 10 then divide that number by 12. Stride length = Total distance in inches ÷ 10 (# of strides) ÷ 12 (inches per foot).

If the symbol blinks or appears on the display, replace the battery with a new (CR2032) battery.

The point is that you cannot reset it. Instead write your program to have a count of the pre-existing steps which you subtract form the reading, and make your button update the pre-existing steps count to the current steps count so that the difference is zero.
Set the monitor to the current date and time before taking a measurement for the first time or after replacing the batteries. Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to adjust the date and time. The year flashes on the display. Press the Date/Time Setting button ( ) to advance by one year.
An average person has a stride length of approximately 2.1 to 2.5 feet. That means that it takes over 2,000 steps to walk one mile and 10,000 steps would be almost 5 miles. A sedentary person may only average 1,000 to 3,000 steps a day. For these people adding steps has many health benefits.
Note the number of steps it takes the athlete to cross the finish line. Round to the nearest 0.5 steps. Calculate Stride length = race distance / steps. Calculate Step frequency = race distance / ( finishing time * stride length )
Once fully charged, the battery will last for approximately 2 days, depending on use and storage conditions.
(Battery Usage)

Use only 4 “AA” alkaline or manganese batteries with this device. Do not use other types of batteries.

8,000-10,000 steps per day for adults aged 18-59 years. 6,000-8,000 steps per day for adults aged 60+ years. 7,000 steps per day for adults aged 38-50 years. 7,500 steps per day for women aged 62-101 years.
How do I know if my pedometer is accurate? Set your pedometer to 0, and then walk and count off 100 steps to determine if your pedometer is accurate. Remember that it`s accurate if the error is within 10% of your count (90-110 steps if you walk 100 steps).
A pedometer, or step-counter, is a device, usually portable and electronic or electromechanical, that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person`s hands or hips.
Check that WeWard has permission to track your physical activity: Open your phone`s Settings. Tap the following options: Apps > WeWard > Permissions > Physical Activity > “Physical Activity” access for this app: Allow. In the WeWard settings, tap on “Step data source” and select “GoogleFit”.
Reset Activity Tracker Settings

The “track activity” feature allows the app to use your device`s sensors to track distances and count steps. If you have recently changed or reset your phone, the app may have lost its activity tracking settings. Resetting this preference may help to fix any issues.

A step counter is integrated into the Apple Health app on iPhones and the Google Fit app on Android phones. These are the very same apps you`d use with Apple Watch, Android Wear watch, or other fitness-tracker.
If the average stride length is 80 centimetres, it takes 1250 steps to walk one kilometre.
The popular advice is to take 10,000 steps a day – or 5 miles – for the best health results.
Stride length is the distance covered when you take two steps, one with each foot. Start with your two feet together and start walking.
Step length is the distance between the point of initial contact of one foot and the point of initial contact of the opposite foot.
The longest staircase in the world (11,674 steps) leads up to Red Bull X-Alps 2023 Turnpoint Niesen in the Bernese Oberland, which is also referred to as the Swiss Pyramide.
According to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, the average step length for women is approximately 26 inches, and the average stride length is 52 inches, whereas the average step length for men is approximately 31 inches, and the average stride length is 62 inches.
Rechargeable battery pack (HEM-907-PBAT) is compatible with OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (HEM-907 and HEM-907XL).
OMRON machines should be calibrated at least once per year and/or at the start/end of a study if deemed necessary. Allow plenty of time for calibration, this is completed out of house by OMRON and takes approximately 5-7 working days.

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