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I have a Crazy Fitmassage but I dont know how to program the machine,help me

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With the Crazy Fit Machine technology these strong muscle contractions can be repeated at a rapid rate. Due to the involuntary effect on muscle contraction, nearly 100% of the muscle fibres are recruited. Compare this to conventional training where there is only on average 40% muscle recruitment.
3 Different Preset Programmes Choose from 3 preset programmes, each stimulating different terrain profiles with different level: P1: Cardiovascular Exercise P2: Detoxify Programme P3: Body Perfection Programme 20 Variants of Speed Range Reduce unwanted body fats effectively with 20 variants of speed range and strong …
The following benefits can be achieved with the Crazy Fit Massage Machine: Weight loss Blood circulation Hormonal benefits Skin elasticity Prevent Osteoporosis Better bone density Micro-circulation Body remodelling Muscle strengthening Cardio circulatory system Anti Stress The Crazy Fit Machine system is the most …
Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.
Even though WBV is a low-impact and safe type of exercise, overdoing it could lead to unpleasant side effects. For that reason, do not attempt to use the vibrating equipment for more than 20 – 30 minutes a day, 3 – 4 days a week.
Vibration plate exercises are a great way to eliminate belly fat and build muscle simultaneously. Vibration plates create rapid vibrations, which causes your muscles to contract and relax rapidly. This creates an intense workout that burns calories and strengthens your core muscles as no other exercise can.
An article published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation reviewed the research on vibration therapy`s effects on muscle strength and bone mass. The authors found evidence that vibration therapy can help improve leg muscle strength in older adults.
Some studies have found repeated exposure to vibrations is linked to several negative health effects, such as an increased risk of developing back, neck, hand, shoulder, and hip pain.
Vibration movements can help stimulate nerves, relieve muscular tension and decrease stress. Vibrations at a slower pace are an effective treatment to produce a feeling of relaxation. The benefits of vibration massage techniques are relieved tight muscles, reduced stress and improved circulation.
Massage guns are best known for targeting muscles and connective tissues, but they can also be used on areas of soft tissue that are predominantly formed of fat. In this way, they can be a successful treatment technique for fat- and weight loss.
Conclusion. Brain massage (mechanical massage and binaural beats) are effective in reducing mental fatigue and improving the cognitive function.
A powerful motor can break blood vessels, produce inflammation, and cause bruising. The purpose of massage treatment is to enhance blood flow, which supplies our muscles with healthy nutrients and oxygen. By damaging blood vessels, you negate these potential benefits.
According to a study published in the journal Endocrinology, 20 minutes a day on vibrating platform over the course of three months reduced fat in the abdomen and liver and increased levels of osteocalcin, a protein that strengthens bones.
Vibration is transmitted into your hands and arms when using hand held / operated tools and machinery. Excessive exposure can affect the nerves, blood vessels, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm causing Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).
Vibration can cause changes in tendons, muscles, bones and joints, and can affect the nervous system. Collectively, these effects are known as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Workers affected by HAVS commonly report: attacks of whitening (blanching) of one or more fingers when exposed to cold.
A daily dose of whole body vibration–like time on a treadmill–reduces body fat and insulin resistance and improves muscle and bone strength in a mouse model of morbid obesity and diabetes, researchers report.
People with cardiovascular conditions

This also applies if you`ve experienced a stroke, have a pacemaker, or been diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder. The intense vibrations could aggravate such conditions, and place unnecessary stress on your cardiovascular system.

Vibration therapy is an effective and gentle option for improving the tone of your skin and promoting the appearance of firmness. Like other at-home devices, it doesn`t truly tighten your skin, although your skin may appear a bit more taut after a vibration therapy session.
Registered equipment manufacturers have identified a number of whole body vibration therapy contraindications and suggest that individuals who have one of the following conditions should not partake in WBV training: Kidney or bladder stones. Arrhythmia. Pregnancy.
When can I see results? Most people will see a noticeable improvement in skin texture after 4 treatment sessions. Skin texture will continue to gradually improve for up to 6 months after the treatment as your collagen production and blood circulation increases.
The theory is that the vibrations create an oscillation effect in the body that forces your muscles to contract and relax at a much higher frequency than normal. That (theoretically) translates into more muscle activation and a greater potential for increases in lean body mass.
Vibration machines have grown in favour as a training tool recently, but they have a number of disadvantages that you should be aware of. They could cause muscle aches, nausea, dizziness, and joint pain.
Vibration increases blood flow to muscles and bones, allowing them to repair at a faster rate. Vibration may also stimulate nerves to release signals for stem cells found in bone marrow to become osteoblasts or bone building cells.
Vibration is a known to cause both acute and chronic injury to a range of physiologic systems, including musculoskeletal, circulatory and nervous. Several Whole Body Vibration devices far exceed what is considered safe for even brief exposure to the healthy standing human.

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How do I get an instructional manual for the awning on my RV?
ANSWER : Kindly download the manual from the following website

thank you

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Need Manual for Vital Fitness Exercise Bike RB26S
ANSWER : I have a manual for this model. I can not tell you how to find one, I have looked all over the net for additional info. on this model and can’t find anything. Would be glad to scan and send you a copy if you still need it.

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I have a Vital Fitness Excersize bike model # RB-350. I have lost the power cord and am trying to find another that will fit, Can’t find an owners manual online. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : I have a Vital Fitness RB-350 as well. I suggest going to your local Radio Shack and purchasing an AC/DC Adaptor from them. The original Adaptor is 120V AC 60Hz Input and the Output is 6V DC at 500mA current. I don’t know how to get the Original Replacement Adaptor from Vital Fitness. I recently moved and could not find my adaptor, then finally found it. In the process I tried to find info on the co online, attempted to call their defunct cust. svc number, called the store where I purchased the Bike to no avail, does not give any relevant info on them. Through reading online I see that they were part of a Spain group. Any way… I could not find any parts avail from their Spain Site. I guess if you contacted that firm, possibly they could give you the info you need to get an Original Replacement Adaptor. If you did not want to take my word for it, you could dis-assemble, partially, your unit, so that you could see the motor. On the motor, it should indicate it’s Voltage and Current demands. I have not disassembled mine, but that is the standard in the US… dunno if the US somehow allows china to skip on those standards or not. I don’t think so. Pardon my ignorance on this point. I imagine that they also have to abide by UL standards.

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Where do I find a Metal detector manual?
ANSWER : What make and model is it

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I bought a Nordic Track Walk Fit manual treadmill at a garage sale. It is missing the belt that goes around the ‘pulley wheel’ at the side. I thought it would be a matter of going to the Nordic Track website, but nothing comes up on their site when I enter the Walk Fit name. Where can I get a belt for this machine? The model number has been torn off but the date it was made was January 1995.
ANSWER : Hi this site will help you find what you are looking for..just click link and it will take you there hope this helps please rate thanks

good luck

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Manual for reebok rev-10101 cross trainer
ANSWER : Check here, they already found some hard-to-get Reebok manuals.Maybe just send them a search request.

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We have model#38025 Toro 1800 snow blower that I am trying to fix. My husband accidentally got an electrical extension cord wrapped around the cylindrical curved inside and it’s jammed in pretty good. I have tried getting a manual online with no luck and we do not have a manual because the people who gave it to us forgot to give us the manual. I need to know how to get inside so that I can free the cord. Help please!
ANSWER : Here is the owner manual and the parts catalogue for your guide. You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your pc to view thi file cause its pdf format.1. manuals/38025_operator_3327-516.pdf 2. manuals/38025_parts_3319-653.pdf

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