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While the Colt1911 is officially listed as beginning service in 1911, the model originated in the late 1890s prior to undergoing modifications. One can identify this gun as the original model due to the wider trigger, diamond design around the screws on the handle, and the angle at which the loading mechanism rests.
The M1911A1 changes to the original design consisted of a shorter trigger, cutouts in the frame behind the trigger, an arched mainspring housing, a longer grip safety spur (to prevent hammer bite), a wider front sight, a shortened hammer spur, and simplified grip checkering (eliminating the “Double Diamond” reliefs).
Standardized as the M1911A1 in 1926 the reworked weapon would go on to become the U.S. Army`s standard sidearm throughout World War II and beyond. Between 1937 and 1945 over 19 million M1911A1 pistols were manufactured, not only by Colt, but also by Ithaca and Remington.
When you think of a 1911, you think of Colt. A tribute to the revered Commercial Government Model pistols of the past, the 1911 Classic features the Series 70 firing system and rollmarks, national match barrel, staked on front sights, and spurred hammer.
The 45 Long Colt is effectively a more powerful cartridge, but with a 1911 you get seven shots in the magazine instead of six in the cylinder. It`s a lot easier to reload a semi-auto than a revolver when you`re in a hurry, too, which is why they`re generally more favored. The 45 Long Colt has a . 452” bullet.
Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec

In many ways, and more than others, Springfield Armory`s 1911 Mil-Spec is an accurate representation of the original M1911A1. The trigger length is correct (albeit with an incorrect serrated shoe), the triggerguard is correct, as is the grip safety and arched mainspring housing.

FBI SWAT is known to use the M4 carbine, Heckler & Koch MP5/10, Remington 870, Remington 700, various Glock models (17 Gen4, 19M, 20), SIG Sauer P226, and Springfield Armory 1911 Professional Custom.
The 1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol originally chambered for the . 45 ACP cartridge. It served as the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985.
The 1911 is actually called the M1911, also known as the Colt Government, it was originally created by John Browning, who also created the Browning Hi-Power, and later sold the design to Colt. The reason the 1911 is called the 1911 is that it was released in the year 1911 and is thus where its namesake comes from.
These changes were incorporated into new production pistols, and in June of 1926, the nomenclature was changed from M1911 to M1911A1.
Those 500 Singer 1911A1s are the perhaps the Holy Grail of 1911 collecting.” Those original 500 pistols were distributed to Army Air Corps personnel. The rarest WW2 1911 pistol type, the Singer M1911A1.
Whilst the 1911 frame was at one point limited to just one size, there are currently three “frame” sizes for most 1911 pistols, roughly corresponding to full-size, compact and subcompact sizes. There are also a number of micro-sized pistols that have 1911-derived designs as well.
With a long history and a storied past, the M1911 pistol is arguably the most influential handgun in the modern era of firearms. Designed by John Browning and developed by Colt, the M1911 was the self-loading answer to multiple requirements for a modern sidearm by the U.S. military at the turn of the century.
There will always be load to load variability, but in general the 45 ACP is slightly more powerful. This is primarily due to its use of smokeless powder and higher pressure limits. Take for example the 185 gr FTX Critical Defense loads from Hornady, which is used for both 45 ACP and 45 Colt.
All things being equal, there is no difference in accuracy between the 9mm and 45 ACP. However, there is one caveat and that would be muzzle velocity. As the 9mm round fires a lighter bullet at a higher velocity, it will have less bullet drop over distance making it the better choice for long range shots.
Among the most iconic American firearms, the Colt 1911 Government model designed by John Browning is at the top of the list.
The Kimber Warrior is a 1911 pistol chambered for the . 45 ACP, holding only seven rounds in the magazine. The Bowery King intentionally supplies Wick with this gun – one bullet for each million of the kill contract. Later, John masterfully uses the pistol at the beginning of the firefight in the art gallery.
The M1911 . 45 caliber handgun is more than 100 years old and U.S. military personnel carried the firearm in several different U.S. conflicts to include World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Grenada and of course the Cold War.
Originally, it was “Model of 1911.” Later it became “Model 1911.”
Government 1911

The original Government model is chambered in . 45 ACP with an 8+1 capacity, though the original 1911 pistols had a 7+1 capacity. Colt offers 1911s in other calibers using the Government frame, including 9mm, .

The bottom line — a quality 1911 pistol with service-grade magazines and ammunition is as reliable as any handgun, more reliable than most, and more rugged than any I am aware. Other advantages include the speed into action of a cocked-and-locked handgun.
The pistol the LAPD chose was Kimber`s entry level 1911, the Kimber Custom II.
The M1911 is a semi-automatic, single-action-only pistol that operates off of a short recoil system. It utilizes the . 45 ACP round and feeds from a single stack magazine. Over time the pistol`s popularity has seen it become chambered in dozens of different calibers, from 22LR to 50 G.I.
Perhaps the single most famous aspect of the 1911 is its trigger. Unlike other concealed carry pistols with hinged triggers, the 1911`s trigger slides straight back, making for a crisp, clean break and reset when the gun is fired.

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