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While excercising on the Kettler CTR1, it makes a loud banging noise. Is this a known problem?
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This is a common problem for the CTR1, it actually sounds a lot worse than it is. It’s just one of the 4 bolts that hold the front “pole” of the CTR1 in place that is broken. You will need to unscrew the bolts at the base (just move the plastic piece that hides the bolts up on the “pole”). After removing the pole you will need to remove the broken bolt from the inside of the “pole” with plyers. Then just put the pole back in the base, replace the screws (be sure to tighten them good). All will be good :)This is a weak point of the CTR1, be prepared to run into the same problem again down the road…

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The Elliptical Base Is Out of Level

If it was not set up properly, the weight could not be distributed on both pedals evenly, causing the overall framework to become unstable. Your elliptical may be making a clunking noise due to internal components and moving parts hitting each other.

Some elliptical noise during operation is normal; the friction of the parts rubbing together creates some amount of noise. To prevent elliptical noise from improper use, place the elliptical on a lightly carpeted surface or place a mat underneath it. Before each use, check for loose parts and tighten as needed.
Keep the machine clean and free of any debris by vacuuming around the moving parts and wiping the machine down with a clean cotton cloth. Regularly inspect your machine for any loose connections and tighten them. Creating a consistent lubrication routine on the moving parts of the elliptical can stop it from squeaking.
Lack of lubrication on pivot points can make the elliptical squeak. Apply a thin coat of all-purpose grease to pivot points on the pedal arms and handle bars to eliminate squeaks. Lubricate all moving parts during routine maintenance to prevent squeaks.
When your belt is putting too much friction on either of the rollers because it isn`t aligned properly, the knocking noise can often be heard. The running belt should be straight and centered between the two sides of the machine. This is something that`s easy to diagnose and shouldn`t require professional help.
Your machine should be lubricated every 6 months. We recommend lubricating both the elliptical arms and the pedal support tubes with PTFE lubricant.
Elliptical Machine

Store the equipment indoors if possible, or cover it to avoid damage from sun and rain as well as wear from exposure. Stick to a consistent lubrication routine on the moving parts with WD-40 Specialist® White Lithium Grease on the elliptical machine to stop it from squeaking.

Since ellipticals are low-impact, they don`t cause as much noise as treadmills. When you`re running, jogging, or sprinting on a treadmill, you`ll be making quite a bit of noise as your feet hit the deck versus the striding motion of an elliptical.
All treadmills make a certain type of thumping noise due to the belt riding over the rollers, especially new treadmills. This noise will diminish over time, although it may not totally go away. Over time, the belt will stretch, causing the belt to ride smoother over the rollers.
Cross trainers also have more cushioning throughout the shoe, while walking shoes tend to only have cushioning in the heel. You can wear a pair of cross training shoes for a stroll in the park, but you shouldn`t wear a pair of walking shoes for your HIIT workout.
So, cross trainers can make some noise and cracks. Sometimes it is difficult to locate those and often you just have to tighten something up to fix the problem, but today`s tip is about this front pivot of the machine.
Commonly, engine knocking occurs because of a buildup of oily carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber. This can be caused by burning oil or incomplete combustion from misfires, which coats pistons, cylinder heads, and other parts of your engine with residue.
Your machine should be lubricated every 6 months. We recommend lubricating both the elliptical arms and the pedal support tubes with PTFE lubricant.

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How to access batter on kettler condor elliptical machine?
ANSWER : If you look behind the unit, (directly behind the digital readout) you’ll see a small rectangular inset, if you look up in that (I used my cell phone light), you’ll see a tab that you can pry with a screwdriver gently to release the computer section. Just keep one hand on top, when you pry it you’ll feel the unit pop up, then you can lift it out. It takes 2 AA batteries, thankfully not some bizarre disk batteries :)Btw when you look at the readout, you’ll notice it’s set in a silver square- that square is the computer module that pops out.Hope this helps!

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Convert rpm or revolutions to miles or read odometer correctly
ANSWER : How to convert 1440rpm to revolution

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Cannot turn engine over to start. Ariens 924 snow blower
ANSWER : Pull spark plugs and see if it will pull over if not fuel may have filled the crank case drain & refill to proper level (starter is stuck in lube shaft & movethe gear up & down by hand to free up)

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Motor making very loud noise
ANSWER : Hi, If the oil light is on and the motor is making noise, stop using it until you can fill it with oil. It should have an excess plug of some type showing you where to add the oil. Look around for it. If you find it and it is low fill it up. If it is full, the motor is going out on this unit. Good Luck,Shastalaker7

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Loud noise when furnace starts but furnace won’t come on.
ANSWER : Your fan delay relay has failed and must be replaced.

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I have the Intex Sand/Pump pool filter Model SF 20110. It’s been running real great for the last 4 months. However recently it has been tripping the internal overloads and I have found the pump motor to be very hot when I put my hand against it. I have tried several different solutions, such as a level ground platform that was clear of any obstructions, made sure that the motor vents under the motor was clear of anything that would prevent air flow. I used a non electrical type of lubricate on the impeller. When I would turn on the pump the rotor would not turn but only would hum very loudly and then slowly begin to turn. I also noticed that the motor’s rotor shaft would not turn to freely due the tightness around the rotor’s shaft. After using the lubricate the shaft would turn a little easier. I used an amp meter on the incoming voltage line and the motor would run at 4.5 amp. And yet it still overheated and tripped the motor overloads. I can only think that the motor is still not getting enough ventilation. I have check and cleared all the incoming lines and found nothing block the pumps input or output lines. Any suggestion?
ANSWER : I just looking into this issue my self. The pump cools itself by a internal fan, which is run by the motor. Well I took the housing cover off to find out all the fan blades have broken off and were setting in the base of the pump. Once you remove the fan blades from covering the air intake, it might be fine. I will find out my self once summer gets here.

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I purchased a used Avanti Elliptical Cross Trainer, and was not given any of the manuals that came with it. Just curious about maintenance that should be done as after about 20mins there is a strange whirring noise coming from the wheel at the rear.
Hope you can help me,
I dont want to break it if there is something easy for maintenance that I can do…
Debbie Wilcock
ANSWER : Debbie having not been able to find the manual either i would suggest that if you can access the rear wheel axle it would just need abit of oil. if you notice a fitting in that area it may require grease. if there is a fitting there for grease (and i’m not sure how portable they are) you can just stop by a garage that does oil changes… they will have a grease gun and that would be sufficient robert

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