Swiss Gear Grand Lodge Cabin Dome Tent

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A rain fly is a fabric hood or cover stretched above a tent. It keeps the tent dry from rain and dew while providing extra protection against the wind and chill. Some rain flies also provide shade around the sides of the tent or an added “room” to stash gear such as backpacks or bicycles.
Basically, it`s the outmost fabric layer of a tent. Some people call it a rain fly because, if your tent is good and waterproof, it`ll also be the layer that repels the rain.
The Rain Fly is nylon cover that slips over the Travel Line Backpack and when not in use, it can be easily tucked away into the backpack. The Rain Fly has its own integrated pouch.
Rain Fly by NoCry 12×10 Lightweight Survival Camping Tarp; 100% Waterproof; Makes a Great Backpacking Tarp or Hammock Shelter; Comes in Multiple Colors, Survival Bracelet Included; Grey.
: a small loose advertising sheet : handbill. : a sheet of a folder, booklet, or catalog giving directions for the use of or information about the material that follows.
Vinyl coated polyester tarps are both waterproof and treated to protect against damage from the sun`s rays. Over time, sun exposure can dry a tarp and lead to cracking or fading. The UV treatment on a vinyl-coated tarp protects against this damage. This is a great choice for a rainfly.
Rain is just water, no matter the pressure. Modern aircraft can generate lift regardless of the heaviness of the rain. Planes can and will take off and land in the rain. The only real problem with heavy rainfall is the decrease in visibility for the pilots.
For the most part, rain doesn`t interfere with flights. Heavy rain will only become an issue when visibility is reduced near the runway or unique weather phenomena is present that cause rain droplets to freeze onto the aircraft. In general, airplanes can handle significant amounts of rain without issue!
Was it packed tightly for a long period of time? It could be that some combination of moisture/warmth/tight packing has caused the polyurethane coating on the fly to deteriorate a little and become semi-liquid, and it`s now gluing itself together.
Weathering your tent should be a fairly straight forward process – our suggestion is to pitch the tent on a clear, sunny day in the back garden if you have the time and space. Then simply soak the tent with a hosepipe – and leave the tent to dry fully.
A full rainfly tent is fundamentally a double-walled tent where the outer shell covers the entire interior cabin. This type of tent provides the most protection against wind, rain, snow, condensation, and cold weather. This is why almost all 4 season tents feature a full rainfly.
Do not wash your tent in a washing machine. Instead, hand wash it in a bathtub to ensure a gentle cleaning. This also allows you to address dirt caught in stuff pockets and other crevices.
A rainfly is the structure of fabric that protects your tent from the outside elements. Without it, there is no way to keep water out and keep the inside contents dry. Some brands still make tents without a rainfly or with a very short one.
Fly sheets are a must-have for outdoor activities and hunting trips for your Alpha Canvas Wall Tents especially in the winter for added protection in snow. They are used to protect the fabric if you are living in a canvas wall tent for an extended period of time to make a barrier against the wind and sun.
Size of tarp for going over your tent like a rainfly

A tarp that needs to go over your tent needs to be about 4 feet longer than the base of your tent, both in length and width. You also need to make sure that your tarp is taut, free from wrinkles, and doesn`t sag.

Polyester stretches much less than Nylon, which hurts its resistance to tearing, but actually helps ease the use of a rain fly. Because it doesn`t stretch or absorb moisture as much as Nylon, a polyester rain fly may be a bit easier to set up and avoid any sagging.
Tent Fly Waterproofing Options

Both nylon and polyester are inherently very water-resistant in most weaves used for tents.

Just because there is winter weather outside, it doesn`t mean that planes will suddenly stop flying. As we`ve discussed above, snow, ice, and bad weather do not hinder a flight. It remains safe to fly as long as precautious and pilot training are both up to date.
Low Visibility Caused by Heavy Rain

However, to land the aircraft manually, the pilots require a horizontal visibility of 550m. If the rain is extremely heavy, visibility may reduce to below this level. This then requires the pilots to carry out an `auto-land` where the aircraft touches down with the autopilot engaged.

There are 2 types of operating systems for airplane Wi-Fi — air-to-ground (ATG) which bounces signals off ground-based cell towers, and satellite Wi-Fi which uses signals from satellites orbiting the earth.
Even taking off and landing in heavy rain, snow, and fog is possible for aircraft equipped with adequate instruments and automated control systems for the conditions. However, heavy winds and thunderstorms, which often accompany rain, can keep aircraft grounded and result in airline flight cancellations.
In general, the answer is yes. In addition to the fact that modern aircraft are designed to perform well in very high winds, pilots around the world must be able to demonstrate skill at flying in windy conditions in order to become licensed.
You can remove most loose dirt from the fabric using water pressure from a regular garden hose. For heavy-duty cleaning, set up your tent and hand wash it with warm water, a sponge and a mild, non-detergent soap. Rinse well and allow to it fully dry while pitched, or hang to dry.

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Mud mud mud, rain rain rain how to dry mud up? new home construction. put crush and run in drivway pure mud has swallowed 1st and second load of crush and run, had 9 inches of snow saturday, more expected tonight. rain rain rain! how can you dry up mush?
ANSWER : Depending on what the ground looks like under the surface stone dust might work well to help fortify the top layer into a solid mass. where are you in?if the grounds going to freeze i wouldnt do anything now.

Swiss Gear Tent – Broken Poles SG33071F
ANSWER : Take a look on amazon for replacement. here: Amazon com tent poles. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

AB LOUNGE 2….I need the 2 bars that hold the front part of the legs to the back part of the legs of the ab lounger together. How can I obtain these 2 parts? Please does anyone know?????
ANSWER : Fitness Quest Customer Support: 800-321-9236 Good luck.

Failed electrical part
ANSWER : S10000AFC is just a capacitor.
D6879847 CAPACITOR-ROUND (M11, M12, M16, M17) is a listing at Jonstone Jupply.

I need new poles for Swiss Gear tent # SG33071F
ANSWER : Go to Home depot and buy a tube that fit the pole. Cut it into 5 or 6 inches for the broken areas. It costs me less than 2 dollars. Let me know how it turn out on yours.

I am trying to get the pictures from my camera finepix j210
ANSWER : Depending on computer, some computers will not be compatible with different software. Try finding a different driver for that particular software.

Yes, please advise where I can get replacement parts for our Stanley Cup Regent Air Hockey Table. I emailed them and Hedstrom has taken over Regent Sports ( Gone out of business ) and has only limited parts. Of course they don’t have the part I need, which is a Goal Sensor. It’s part #22 on model # 50457, any help would be Greatly Appreciated.
ANSWER : Were you able to find this part? I need one as well. It looks simple enough to just make a new one with a few parts from Radio Shack.