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I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you wondering how to register your Yamaha?If you just want to register it with the company, here is the customer service number: (800) 962-7926If you are wondering how to register it in your state, look up your local division of motor vehicle and give them a call.Hope this helps. If it does, I’d appreciate your vote. ThanksHandie Andie

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The 10th character in the 17-character VIN represents the vehicle model-year. This standard applies to vehicles built in or after 1981. …
If you buy an ATV from a person who is not a New York State registered ATV dealer, you must register the ATV with the DMV. To register the ATV; you must complete an “Vehicle Registration/Title Application” (MV-82) and submit it to a motor vehicle issuing office.
Are you required to register your ATV or UTV in New York? You must register your ATV or UTV with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if you plan to ride anywhere in New York State, including even on your own property.
What does the Yamaha VIN contain? Every character in a motorcycle VIN number has a meaning, but you can separate the whole number into 3 sections: World Manufacturer Identifier or WMI (digits 1-3), the Vehicle Description Section or VDS (digits 4-9), and the Vehicle Identifier Section or VIS (digits 10-17).
The 10th character in the 17-character VIN represents the vehicle model-year. This standard applies to vehicles built in or after 1981.
VIN`s starting with 1, 4, and 5 are manufactured in the United States. The third number or letter is used by the vehicle manufacturer to identify what kind of vehicle it is: car, truck, bus, etc. The 10th character of the VIN indicates the model year.
If you have previously registered your motorcycle, car, or truck with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT), and you are registering your off-road vehicle with us, too, then you only need to submit a copy of your Massachusetts DOT certificate of registration or title as proof that you have paid sales tax
The title/registration for noncomplying OHV motorcycles and ATVs are branded “NC M/C” or “NC ATV.”
If the ORV is not required to be titled, and you do not have a certificate of title as proof of ownership, you may complete and affirm ownership on an Off-Road Vehicle / Snowmobile Ownership Affidavit – State Form 52827.
Learn how to register for the first time or renew your registration online. Your all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile registration must be current to operate in Massachusetts.
An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is any self-propelled vehicle, including an off-road motorcycle, that is manufactured for use on off-road trails or in off-road competitions. These vehicles cannot be more than 70 inches wide and cannot weigh more than 1,000 pounds.
The VIN code usually starts with the letters such as JYA that refer to the world manufacturer code. The Yamaha VIN decoder will tell you that J stands for Japan, the country where it was manufactured. Y stands for Yamaha, the label of the company and A determines the type of the vehicle.
Method 1: VIN Number

Location: Always on the left side lower frame rail between the A-Arm Mounts and Engine (Sometimes hidden by Mudguard/Plastics).

The VIN code usually starts with the letters such as JYA that refer to the world manufacturer code. The Yamaha VIN decoder will tell you that J stands for Japan, the country where it was manufactured. Y stands for Yamaha, the label of the company and A determines the type of the vehicle.
These serial numbers can be found running vertically just under the glove box on the far left of the driver`s side of the vehicle.

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Mar 12, 2010 – Could it be the check valve? I took it off and the flap appears to be working correctly. This well has been here a long time. Never given me any problems. I do have galvenized couplers on the discharge and intake sides. Old. Could these be leaking even though they show no sign of water? The discharge is able to hold 30 pounds easily overnight. I do not hear any vacuum in the intake when I take it off. Could the pipe to the well have a leak? I know I would have to insert a sleeve bnut I do not want to go through the hassle if I do not have to. I had put on a brand new pump from the hardware store that did the same thing so I think that would elliminate the pump as being the problem.
Mar 12, 2010 – I have a 3/4hp flotec convertible jet pump. It is able to hold 30lbs pressure on the discharge side as the primie easily for 24 hours. It is not able to pull water from the well whcih has been here for years. i disconnected it for the winter and rehooked it up. The galvanized couplers on the discharge and pump side are old but do not appear to be leakeing as I taped them well. The check valve seems to be functioning well as I took it off and the flap works correctly. The well is not pulling watrer. there does not appear to be a vacuum on the check vale when I losen it. could the check valve be bad? I am aware I might have to resleeve the well, but do not want to hassle with this if I do not have to. I want to eliminate everything else first. i put another brand new pump on it to see if it was that. That partiuclar pump which was the same thng did not work either.

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ANSWER : Your well has gone dry it seems. It has happened to my before. At first the new pump I purchased that did not pump I took back for exchange and still no water. I finally gave in and called the well experts and I was told the well was dried up

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Water getting into center cylinder oring was new took it apart again gasket looks good cylinder looks good dont know where im going wrong took head to performance shop to check for being warped looked good to them
ANSWER : You need to get a perfect flat edge an look at the top of the cylinder then if the head is good. also the cylinder base gasket could be bad. go to the big chain auto parts stores and rent the radiator pressure tester set. put engine to gether with spark plug out of the cylinder. buy a small led flashlight that has the light off the batteries with a flexible connector. have the light inside the cylinder. rotate emgine so the piston is down. have a friend pump the pressure up while you look into the cylinder from the spark plug hole. you may have to go buy a bore scope or rent one if you can not look into the cylinder

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I have a 125cc Viva ATV and it won’t start
ANSWER : My boyfriend and I had a similar problem with our viva four wheeler;we replaced one of the fuse holders and haven’t had problem since! =]do you know of any place we can buy parts for Vivas?!

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I have just purchased a ‘Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder’.
I have taken out of box & inspected it .
Under the feeder a bit of the black plastic looks chipped off but in fact has been bent back. ( roughly 1/2 inch)(can’t be seen unless you look under feeder from front)
The front panel looks as though a clear laquer has run down it. ( Again, you only notice this if it is facing the sun)
Would you say this was acceptable?


ANSWER : Discuss this with the retailer as it indicates it is not new and I imagine you bought it as in the original boxnew

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I own an 1992 Yamaha Phazer II PZ 480. I have done a bunch of work trying to get this hunk o stuff going. I have good spark and compression from the motor. I rebuilt both carbs and both clutches it starts and runs fine but when I try to move it just boggs down- no power? Where should l look next to get this thing moving again? I work at a Marina that used to service sno-mobiles so I have the tools to get it done. Could you maybe send me an assembly diagram of where to look and what to do next? Thanks
ANSWER : For an assembly diagram, contact Yamaha directly.

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Looking for schematics
ANSWER : Http://
Magnum Research Inc. can be reached toll free 8:30 to 4:30 PM (CST), Monday through Friday at1-800-772-6168.MN residents call763-574-1868.Fax information:Our FAX number is (763) 574-0109.Mail Information:Magnum Research, Inc., 7110 University Avenue N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55432

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Lost minn kota!!

Do they float? I lost my minn kota on the lake,

I was running the 3.5 gas motor, i turned my head to look where i was going,, looked back and it was gone!!

We looked for it but no luck.. do they float?

ANSWER : Hi, the minn kota has definitely sinked down into the lake, it does not float and you have to get a new one…
Sorry about that…

Take care

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