Barnett Quad 400 (18071) Crossbow Package with Red Dot Scope

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Barnett crossbows are equipped with an automatic anti-dry fire safety mechanism, which engages every time the crossbow is cocked. An arrow must be loaded into the flight track to release the safety and the safety must be disengaged or in the “off/ fire” position before each shot.

This Barnett crossbow is equipped with an automatic anti-dry fire safety mechanism which engages when the crossbow is cocked. An arrow must be loaded into the arrow/flight track to release the safety and the safety must be disengaged or in the “off/fire” position before each shot.
It will help us to track your crossbow if you use the Serial Number found on the underside of the pistol grip as the subject header.
After outgrowing its facilities in Odessa, the Barnett team makes a move toward Florida`s west coast to the town of Tarpon Springs. The factory and offices there remain the company`s main manufacturing hub and headquarters today.
Crossbows have a safety feature: Most crossbows are on safe at the end of the cocking process. Immediately after cocking, always check to make sure that your bow is on safe before doing anything else. This is critical!
The safety on a crossbow may be located on the side or the back of the sight bridge. Some crossbows have a dual safety system. Check your owner`s manual to learn how to use the safety for your specific crossbow correctly.
Yes. Crossbows have a chance to pen a still functioning shield. The formula is wack, but it takes into account the shields remaining hit points and it`s resistance stat, then compares it with the amount of damage of the crossbow.
3) Shields cannot protect against piercing arrows

Piercing is a crossbow-only enchantment that allows arrows to pass through multiple entities while damaging all of them. Players cannot use shields to defend themselves from piercing-enchanted crossbows.

This crossbow is a fast shot, slinging arrows at a whopping 345 fps with 106 ft. -lbs. of energy.
It may be engraved in the rail by the PCC anchor. It will be a seven digit number starting with a 9. If not, then turn your crossbow upside down and look inside the rail, towards the stock, behind the trigger assembly. The serial number will be on a sticker and start with XB followed by five numbers.
Barnett Crossbows

Today, the company makes its products in the town of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Even though their products are fairly affordable in the world of crossbows, Barnett doesn`t skimp on quality or features.

As with most vertical bow hunters, effective range for a crossbow is about 40 yards. At this distance most hunters are able to fire a crossbow accurately enough to be lethal. Just like vertical bows, kinetic energy is the name of the game.
Never carry your cocked hunting crossbow into the woods with an arrow loaded. Most modern crossbows are built to be safely carried into the woods when cocked, but only if the crossbow is unloaded.
Always keep the front end of a cocked crossbow pointed downrange and in a safe direction, even if you do not have an arrow loaded. Do not take the safety off unless an arrow is mounted in the crossbow in the shooting position and you are ready to shoot.
We could talk about specifics and comparisons all day long, but the bottom line is: Compared to heavier and longer arrows from vertical bows, crossbow arrows drop like a rock and lose energy quickly after leaving the rail. What`s more, they do not stabilize well at long range.
Understanding Dots & Reticles

Your goal is to “zero” the top-most reticle or dot for a specific distance (20 yards in almost all cases unless instructed otherwise by the crossbow manufacturer).

The archer`s foot is placed in the stirrup to prevent the bow from slipping when it is cocked. Grooved track on top of the barrel that allows the arrow to lie in perfect alignment with the string for consistent accuracy.
Modern military and paramilitary use

In modern times, crossbows are no longer used for war, but there are still some applications. For example, in the Americas, the Peruvian army (Ejército) equips some soldiers with crossbows and rope, to establish a zip-line in difficult terrain.

If you don`t care about hitting a target, a powerful modern crossbow can shoot as far as 500 yards. If you want to hunt, up to 80 yards is possible for a very skilled shooter, however you should stick to a maximum of 60 yards, and preferably much less than that (30-35) if you are a beginner.
Recent research has confirmed the experiments of the 1970s, that 2mm of medieval plate armour could resist any medieval arrow or crossbow.
Despite relatively low velocity and concussive force, the sharpness and propulsion force of crossbow bolts may be sufficient to enable penetration of the skull at short range.
Crossbow arrows have a high penetration force and can even pierce bone.
Second Lateran Council

Can. 29 of the Second Lateran Council under Pope Innocent II in 1139 banned the use of crossbows, as well as slings and bows, against Christians.

With regards to carrying your crossbow in California, you can carry the device openly out in public, but it must not be cocked or loaded. It`s always best to not do this, though, as it can put people on edge. If you`re transporting your crossbow in a vehicle, it must not be loaded with a bolt or arrow.

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I just assembled my Barnett Quad 400 and was hoping to **** the bow but it seems my safety latch and trigger are jammed. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : Arrow has to be in it and you push forward on the safty.

I have an Aimpoint Comp-M Red dot scope. I cannot
ANSWER : Sounds to me like it may have been dropped and the set screw in side has released.the aiming system is on a prism left right up down.a good jar or drop will break the movement system.if the screw is maxed out I’m all most certain the seal has been broken i would see if there is a gun shop in your aria and have them look at it.good luck.

Strings are loose – Barnett Crossbows Barnett Panzer V Crossbow
ANSWER : Http:// Hunting Gear, Rifle Accessories, Cross Bow Accessories, Scope, Rangefinder

hope it helps

Barnett panzer v crossbow cocking hand crank
ANSWER : Click start control panel,administrive tools,computer management,device manager scroll to cd/dvd rom drives right click properties then properties again then tick enable cd digital cd audio for this cd rom device or scroll to dvd regions select the no _ for your specific area
If this does not fix the problem you might try using another brand you might have a bad batch of dvd’s
hope it helps

Would you please help me find the string length for a Horton Explorer 150 Crossbow
ANSWER : Http://

4results for Horton Explorer HD 150 string

I have a 1X30 red dot scope for my cross bow. The mounting screws are striped. What can I do to fix this?
ANSWER : Hi is it the screws that are stripped of the bit the screw goes into if its the bit that the screws go into then get hold of some plumbers tape its not like sticky tape its like rubber and wrap this around the thread then screw it in and that should be strong enough to hold it in place

Quad Bike How to locate and access the battery on a Kawasaki KVF400 Quad Bike
ANSWER : The battery will be under the seat