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There are two types of
penalties regarding crossing lines at fencing. One is crossing
the lateral boundary with one or both foot results in the loss of 1 meter
distance. Two is crossing one’s own end of the strip with both feet results in
a point being awarded to the opponent.

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Penalty area, otherwise known as the 18-yard box – this measurement is taken 18 yards from each goal post and 18 yards out from the goal line. Penalty spot – within the penalty area is a spot marked 12 yards in front of the centre of the goal.
The penalty area

Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal-line, 16.5m (18yds) from the inside of each goalpost. These lines extend into the field of play for 16.5m (18yds) and are joined by a line drawn parallel with the goal-line. The area bounded by these lines and the goal-line is the penalty area.

A penalty corner is awarded to the opposition when a player commits a foul within the striking circle but not always to thwart a possible goalscoring opportunity. The most common cause for a penalty corner is the ball touching a player`s feet in the circle.
For example, the line that marks the boundary of the penalty area is considered part of the penalty area. So if the ball is on or above any part of that line, it is still in the penalty area. Likewise, the goal lines and touchlines are considered part of the field of play and not out of play.
Also known as the penalty mark, this spot can be found on every soccer pitch. It`s pretty self-explanatory; it is a place where the player will take penalty kicks for major fouls in the penalty area. It`s usually measured out 12 yards from the center of the goal and spans 9 inches in diameter.
Neutral zone infraction (5 yards) – A neutral zone infraction is when a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage prior to the snap and then causes an offensive player to move. Rather than call a false start on the offense, the penalty is called on the defensive player.
Despite its name, the penalty box is actually a rectangle and measures 18 yards (16.5m) long and 44 yards (40.2m) wide. The width of the penalty box is usually marked out by measuring 18 yards from each side of the goalposts – as a full-size goal is 8 yards (7.32m) wide, this gives a total width of 44 yards (40.2m).
On a rectangular field, the long edges are referred to as touchlines, and any time that the ball is kicked, headed or rolls across these lines, a player on the team that did not touch the ball last will throw the ball in to put it back in play. The short edges of the rectangle are called the goal lines.
a free hit from the goal line taken by the attacking side. Also called: short corner.
A penalty corner, also called a short corner, occurs when a player on the defending team unintentionally fouls an attacking player or a defending player hits the ball out of bounds over the goal line intentionally. In the setup for a penalty corner, five defenders (including the goalkeeper) start in their own goal.
So, yes, under certain circumstances, linesmen can call penalties. It`s the referees` job to do so, and they handle nearly all of the calls made. In some situations, including the more egregious violations, though, the linesmen can also make the call.
The kicker must not play the ball again until it has touched another player. The penalty kick is completed when the ball stops moving, goes out of play or the referee stops play for any offence. Additional time is allowed for a penalty kick to be taken and completed at the end of each half of the match or extra time.
A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick, but only against the opposing team; if the ball directly enters the kicker`s goal a corner kick is awarded to the opponents.
A penalty kick is taken from the penalty spot. The penalty spot is located 12 yards (10.97m) away from the goal line.
The offside rule was created to prevent offensive players from camping out or cherry picking near the opponent`s goal even when play was on the other side of the field. You can NEVER be offside in your own half of the field.
If the ball crosses the line of scrimmage (extended) beyond the sideline, there is no intentional grounding. If a loose ball leaves the area bordered by the tackles, this area no longer exists; if the ball is recovered, all intentional grounding rules apply as if the passer is outside this area.
Offside is a minor foul in gridiron football caused when a player crosses the line of scrimmage ahead of the snap of the ball. The penalty associated with the infraction is the advancing of the ball five yards and a replay of the down.
Feinting in the run-up to take a penalty kick to confuse opponents is permitted as part of football. However, feinting to kick the ball once the player has completed his run-up is considered an infringement of Law 14 and an act of unsporting behaviour for which the player must be cautioned.
There`s another, smaller, rectangle too: the six yard box, whose main function is to limit where the goalkeeper can place the ball when taking a goal kick.
The `D`marks the part of the pitch outside the penalty box which is closer to the penalty spot than 10 yards, into which players must not encroach before the kick. It is usually called the D.
Football Pitch Sizes and Dimensions for Adult, Underage and Small Sided Games. Brighton & Hove Albions AMEX stadium has the largest pitch in the Premier league, measuring in at 105m long and 65 m wide, while Molineux, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers is the smallest at just 100m long and 64m wide.
Whenever you watch a soccer game, you`ll see two boxes extending 6 to 18 yards inward from the goal line. These boxes contain the goalpost. You will also notice that goalkeepers constrain themselves to these boxes — though they are allowed to move to other areas of the field.
The halfway line divides the soccer field into two equal areas, and the halfway line goes through the center spot. The halfway line is also known as the midfield line or the centerline.
England is typically credited for inventing the modernized version of the sport beginning in 1863 with the founding of the Football Association, which differs from China`s origins.

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Is there a penalty on crossing the field’s line?
ANSWER : There are two types of
penalties regarding crossing lines at fencing. One is crossing
the lateral boundary with one or both foot results in the loss of 1 meter
distance. Two is crossing one’s own end of the strip with both feet results in
a point being awarded to the opponent.

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Think it may be a line tension problem. every
ANSWER : Try attaching the swivel to a chain link fence and walk away feeding the line completely out. Then begin reeling in the line at a normal pace with the drag set at max, after 10-15 turns decrease the drag a full turn. continue doing this until the line is fully retrieved. then set the drag as you normally would before fishing. Sometimes the line gets twisted while fishing which cause the tangles and backlashes. Make sure you use a barrel swivel also.

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I have the Intex Sand/Pump pool filter Model SF 20110. It’s been running real great for the last 4 months. However recently it has been tripping the internal overloads and I have found the pump motor to be very hot when I put my hand against it. I have tried several different solutions, such as a level ground platform that was clear of any obstructions, made sure that the motor vents under the motor was clear of anything that would prevent air flow. I used a non electrical type of lubricate on the impeller. When I would turn on the pump the rotor would not turn but only would hum very loudly and then slowly begin to turn. I also noticed that the motor’s rotor shaft would not turn to freely due the tightness around the rotor’s shaft. After using the lubricate the shaft would turn a little easier. I used an amp meter on the incoming voltage line and the motor would run at 4.5 amp. And yet it still overheated and tripped the motor overloads. I can only think that the motor is still not getting enough ventilation. I have check and cleared all the incoming lines and found nothing block the pumps input or output lines. Any suggestion?
ANSWER : I just looking into this issue my self. The pump cools itself by a internal fan, which is run by the motor. Well I took the housing cover off to find out all the fan blades have broken off and were setting in the base of the pump. Once you remove the fan blades from covering the air intake, it might be fine. I will find out my self once summer gets here.

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Help! Just bought a Remington 30 06 for my grandson that has a Bushnell Sportview U4124 4-12power scope mounted on it. I would like to sight it in at 100 yards using a 180 grain shell but I don’t have the owners manual and I don’t understand an on line explanation that I found. This is the on line message: “You’ll see two horizontal crosshairs, put the top one on the animals back then zoom in until the bottom one is on his stomach. Look at the numbers on the zoom dial there should be three lines they are D – deer, E – elk and A – antelope. The numbers are the distance to the game, you then turn the external elevation knob or turret to the matching distance and shoot dead on. No need to hold over for bullet drop. The sad part will be if you didn’t get the other turrets that would have come with it as they are calibrated to different calibers and bullet weights”
I don’t understand how to set the elevation knob to 100yards when its lowest shown number is 150. If I need other turrets how or where can I get them? Thanks, a frustrated grandfather.
ANSWER : You can contact the Remington directly who will ship you a free users manual. Here is the company’s Contact Us details:

You may also find the required answer in the official help center. It covers almost every fields. Here is the link:

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LX 188. Engine suddenly dies. The fluel in the bowel of the fuel filter is empty. If I crank the engine the filter becomes dry and is collapsing some but the engine does not start. When I remove the supply line from the fuel pump to the carberator and crank the enginge there is a strong stream of gas being pumped out. I tap on the carberator ??? is the float is hung not allowing fuel to enter. Cranking the engine with the line off refills the bowel of the gas filter. Reattache line to the carberator===engine starts. Ran perfect for 20minutes then suddenly died. Repeated all the above and engine again started. What to do to fix this? Thanks
ANSWER : Debrie inside the needle and seat area which has to be cleaned out with carburetor cleaner and compressed air

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Manual for reebok rev-10101 cross trainer
ANSWER : Check here, they already found some hard-to-get Reebok manuals.Maybe just send them a search request.

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I have the penn Senator 15L and lately the reel when over 200 yards of Line goes out then I start to reel it in the reel starts to Slip and no line can be reeled in? Do you have a solution? Thanks
ANSWER : The weight of that much line is caausing the drag to slip. you need to tighten the drag up some more. hope this helps

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