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Of course it’s possible; it just depends on your woodwork
skills. Here are 2 sites – one for an
indoor table and the other for a generic shuffleboard table. Hope it helps.

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The process of making a shuffleboard table can be detail-oriented, so you need to take your time when taking on such a project. It`s possible and is going to show you how! Before making a shuffleboard table you should find a room where you can put it and build it.
Surface Materials

Poplar, North American Maple Wood, White Maple, Russian Birch, and Canadian Soft Maple are other materials used for shuffleboard tables. Maple, birch, oak, and mahogany are the best materials.

It`s important to choose a shuffleboard table that is made of durable wood with a smooth, shiny surface for the best gameplay experience. Soft maples tend to be less expensive, but they`re still great if they have a polymer finish.
Shuffleboard tables range in size from 9 to 22 feet in length, 16 to 20 inches in width and the thickness of the board ranges from 1.5 inches to 3 inches.
You`ll need to have some shuffleboard sand close by to get the most out of your game. Sprinkling shuffleboard sand — also known as shuffleboard wax or shuffleboard powder — on your board is essential to ensure the pucks glide down the table correctly. This silicone-based powder also helps preserve your board.
Since shuffleboard tables are made out of wood, the playfield can actually expand a little bit in humid weather and contract somewhat in drier surroundings. Changes in temperature can even lead to warping. Climatic adjusters allow you to control the surface of your shuffleboard table to allow for changes in weather.
Shuffleboard tables are expensive because they are made of high-quality materials like hardwoods and polymer finishes make them durable and attractive. Expert craftsmanship, brand reputation, and customization options add to the cost.
Shuffleboard top is made with hard maple and available with the traditional finish with lifetime warranty. Logo available choose add on below.. Weight approx. 450 lbs.
Unlike a pool table, table shuffleboard can be put right up against a wall, in a hallway, or even up against the back of a sectional couch. You just need a couple of feet at each end to stand.
The best shuffleboard tables are made from hard maple wood, as these are less susceptible to warping over time. Russian birch and Canadian soft maple are considered good quality materials, and the least expensive tables are made from rubber wood, poplar, or Chinese birch.
Shuffleboard Material

The very best wood to use for the shuffleboard surface is North American maple, a wood that only grows on the North American continent. This wood has withstood the test of time.

Silicone Spray

With the entire table coated, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently buff off the remainder with a towel. The silicone spray will work to increase the effectiveness and speed of your shuffleboard table.

A well-made shuffleboard table should have a slight concave. Climatic adjusters are installed to ensure that weights do not fall off the side of the board and into the gutter.
How much does a Shuffleboard Table weight? Answer: Depending on thickness of a 14` board, 2″ or 3″ it can be around 400 to 500 lbs. The cabinet itself is around 300 to 400 lbs. A 2″ board with cabinet is generally 650-800 lbs.
shuffleboard, also called shovelboard, original name shoveboard, game in which disks are shoved by hand or with an implement so that they come to a stop on or within a scoring area marked on the board or court (on a table, floor, or outdoor hard surface such as concrete).
Changes in temperature and humidity level can impact the shape of your shuffleboard, causing it to become misaligned. Shuffleboard climatic adjusters allow you to correct any misalignments, for an optimal playing surface.
Shuffleboard “Sand”

Shuffleboard wax, otherwise called sand or salt, is a what is sprinkled on table to diminish rubbing between the puck and the table. It likewise assists with saving the tables thickness, and speed up loads as they coast across the table.

14. Can You Reuse Shuffleboard Wax? Although it is technically possible to reuse shuffleboard wax a few times, this isn`t always advisable. That`s because it is made of minuscule silicone balls, which become jagged and uneven once you use your pucks on them.
Shuffleboard is a popular sport that can be enjoyed by all. Using Mateflex outdoor court tiles over a solid surface like concrete or asphalt creates the ultimate shuffleboard court surface. Mateflex II provides the traction and grip needed for safety while having large perforations to allow for drainage when it rains.
Outdoor shuffleboard tables should always be covered when not in use. Indoor tables should also be covered when they are placed near windows that allow in direct sunlight.
Basic Shuffleboard Game Etiquette. You can lean on the table with your non-shooting hand for support, but do not move or shake the table in any way. Shaking or moving the table during a shot is a 1 point penalty and the violating player or team shoots first in next round.
For the dedicated player looking for near-regulation 18 foot or 20 foot table, or a regulation sized 22 foot shuffleboard we offer a large selection of long shuffleboard tables.
There`s no such thing as “over-shuffling” the cards. Either you haven`t shuffled enough for a fair game, or you have. Shuffling only two or three times produces less-than-random hands.
Shuffleboard Tables By Size

Standard sizing starts at 9` and stretch all the way towards a staggering length of 22`. Generally, models on the 9` to 14` scale are perfect for most owners to fit in their houses, while the 20` and 22` ones are required for professional play.

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table. They are better and enduring
weather conditions. Here are a few sites
for you to browse through; however I recommend doing a little comparison
shopping of your own.

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Is it possible to construct my own shuffleboard table?
ANSWER : Of course it’s possible; it just depends on your woodwork
skills. Here are 2 sites – one for an
indoor table and the other for a generic shuffleboard table. Hope it helps.

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My table shuffleboard manual did not come with maintenance tips for waxing. Does anyone know how to properly apply wax to a shuffleboard table?
ANSWER : Here is an article on how to wax your shuffleboard table.

How To Wax A Shuffleboard Table

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