CYMA ZM51 Tactical Airsoft Gun Stock

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Spring-powered airsoft “guns” are the simplest of the lot. The user pulls a bolt back, compressing a spring. When he/she presses the trigger the spring is released , propels a piston inside a cylinder filled with air. That air gets compressed and shoots the BB.
Spring airsoft guns utilize the power of a spring to propel BBs down the barrel of the gun. Spring guns work on mechanical power, meaning they have to be cocked back (in the case of a pistol) or set in place with a bolt action (in the case of a sniper or long range rifle).
The maximum effective range of even the best airsoft guns is around 100 meters (328ft). However, you`ll need to purchase a high-quality sniper rifle to have any chance of maintaining accuracy at this range.
As for the main, keep the FPS between 330 and 360 FPS as to prevent injury to other players. Whether your target is either 2 meters or 20 meters away, you`re still going to hit your target.
These gas guns use an internal canister (usually within the magazine) that upon trigger-pull releases the prefilled bottled gas via a series of valves to propel the pellet and generate a blowback, which simulates recoil and cyclically loads the next shot. They are capable of both automatic and semi-automatic operation.
bolt action, type of breech mechanism that was the key to the development of the truly effective repeating rifle. The mechanism combines the firing pin, a spring, and an extractor, all housed in a locking breechblock. The spring-loaded firing pin slides back and forth inside the bolt, which itself is the breechblock.
Airsoft guns have one of three powerplants – spring-piston, gas or automatic electric (abbreviated AEG, for the automatic electric gun). That small airsoft gun needs electric power, which it draws from a battery of some type stored out of sight on the gun.
For pistols, it is much more normal to see the 150 to 200 FPS range. While for assault rifles, ones below an FPS of 250 are generally not effective. A good FPS for an assault rifle would be anywhere from 300 to 400 FPS. Anything beyond 500 FPS is generally disallowed in most airsoft events due to safety concerns.
How far can a 400 FPS airsoft gun shoot? – Airsoft guns with an FPS of 400 or more will typically have a max effective range somewhere near 200 feet. High-quality sniper rifles in this FPS range can sometimes reach an effective range of up to 300 feet (90m).
DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle): 401-450fps, or 1.78 joules max, with a 50` minimum engagement distance, and set to semi-automatic only. SNIPER: Bolt action and a few semi-automatics allowed (i. e. SVD). Velocity not to exceed 500fps, or 2.31 joules max, with a 100` minimum engagement distance.
~500fps would be ideal if you`re willing to put tightbore barrels and improved hopups etc. The fps wont matter if you your gun doesn`t shoot straight.
Feet per second (FPS) is the primary way of measuring the speed of the BB which is shot out of your airsoft gun. Without stating the obvious, it`s the measurement of how many feet your BB will travel through the air per second.
What`s the Risk? Those who do not wear eye protection are at risk of eye injury, according to the AAP. Airsoft pellets that strike the eye can cause scratches, painful pooling of blood inside the eye, lens dislocation or blindness. The AAP recommends that kids use paintball-style protective eyewear.
It is ok for short periods of time. I will leave it in between games at my local feild, but remove them if they will be sitting around for more than 5 hours. Of course this only applies to full co2 cartridges. If it is empty it wont make a difference either way.
Why The Bolt-Action Rifle Out Performs Semi-Autos In Precision Work: Bolt is locked for the entirety of firing, thus no loss of gas. Chambers are generally cut tighter. It`s a more rigid system, producing less flex when fired.
After a round is fired by a bolt action rifle, the recoil is felt in one stage. Some call the recoil a “Mule Kick” because it is one forceful push right into the shooter`s shoulder pocket. This “Mule Kick” may be too much to bear over long periods of time and when shooting a lot of larger caliber rounds down range.
Ideally, snipers want point of aim and point of impact to be the same. They line up these points with fine adjustments to the scope once range, heat and windage have been factored into the shot.
An extremely powerful weapon, the sniper rifle uses high-caliber ammunition at distances averaging between 400 and 1,700 yards. The destructive power of a sniper rifle firing 50 caliber rounds is difficult to overstate.
While it is true that Green Gas is easier on the gun, and more affordable, that doesn`t mean that Co2 is worthless. CO2 is going to kick harder, shoot faster, and work better in colder temperatures. Due to it`s higher pressure, a CO2 powered pistol will kick much harder than a green gas weapon.
Electric Airsoft Guns. Electric airsoft guns work on batteries, motors and gears and so it`s important to ensure that the internals are well lubricated. If you don`t, parts can easily get worn out and break.
Voltage [V]

Most of the time, the voltages of airsoft batteries range from 7,4 to 11,1 Volts. The battery`s voltage determines how quickly the battery can spin the motor. The higher the battery`s voltage, the higher the number of revolutions per minute (RPM).

Nickel-Cadium Batteries (NiCad)

Overcharging it can cause battery cells to split, leak, and even cause a fire so they should never be left alone even with a smart charger.

The Voltage of the battery is the power that your battery is giving your gun. If you have more power being sent to your gun, your motor will spin faster meaning that you get a higher rate of fire, and better trigger response.
“Around 350 feet per second is a figure you want to keep in mind,” says Beeman. “At 300 to 400 fps, that`s where penetration occurs in a human skin. Below 350 fps, it is generally considered capable of only limited harm. Above 350 is considered very harmful or lethal.

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I just bought a Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster 30-06 at a large gunshow and noticed later that the bolt handle is only about 1/4 of an inch long, so it must have broken off at one point. Surely it was longer than that when new? How can I get a new one, and I need the manual and diagrams to take the rifle apart to fix that. Also there’s a plastic piece on the outside of the bolt, but just inside the gun. It slides with the bolt. Is this normal? The guys I bought it from said they took it deer hunting and that it shoots fine.
ANSWER : To remove the bolt, look at where the trigger enters the stock. There should be a little square/rectangle button right in front of it (inside the trigger guard, right in front of the trigger). Push that in and while holding it in, pull the bolt backwards (out). The bolt should come out pretty easy if you’re holding the button in. Most gun shops can order a new bolt. Likewise, many of them carry diagrams/manuals or can get them for you. You may also find one online for free if you hunt/peck enough. I’m not sure about the plastic piece you are referring to. My Remington is steel all the way. No plastic on the bolt anywhere. The other option is to take the bolt to Cabela’s or another gunsmith. Most of them (if they are competent) can repair the broken piece cheaper than buying a new bolt. They can also tell you if the plastic is normal. Just drop by with it and have them take a peek. estimates (and telling you if the plastic is normal) are usually free.

How to load airsoft gun
ANSWER : Airsoft is a game developing in popularity as far as wide and possible, offering a enormous scope of imitation weapons for a mixed bag of diversion situations. Stacking an Airsoft weapon will fluctuate by the kind of firearm, and in addition by maker. Most Airsoft firearms offer a removable magazine into which the ammunition is loaded. It is not a troublesome methodology, and just about anybody can stack one of these weapons.

I have a Remington 742, 30-06 semi-auto rifle. Does the semi-auto suffer the same ailments as the Remington 700 bolt action, firing when the safty is turned off?I had my Remington semi-atuo for acouple years now with no problem and i would like it to stay safe because she is a good rifle.
[email protected]
ANSWER : Hello there, the Remington 742 does not suffer the same ailment as the 700 bolt action. At least no incident relating to this ailment has been reported so far on the 742 although if you are chanced you can take it to a testing range to test when the safety is on to be on the safe side but so far no incidents have been reported and testing which has been done with respect to this have not come up with any results to prove the ailment affects the 742.Hope this solution has been helpful?Thank you for visiting fixYa.

Remove bolt from browning a bolt rifle – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : There are different browning bolt rifles and they have different methods of releasing the bolt. You can get the manuals for browning rifles at These show you how to remove the bolts from the different models.

On my model 770 in 300 mag. new right out of the box, cleaned in and oiled it but the bolt action was still sticky and after firing a box and a half though it it still will not eject the spent casing and I have to turn the gun on it’s side and let it drop out on it’s own. I have even called Remington’s repair shop in Or. and they can’t guarantee it will work as he said it was nothing but a cheap rifle from Remington. I will be sending to Remington’s repair shop and if they can not repair it what rights do I have to get my money back? As I don’t feel that I should keep on having to pay for shipping all the time for there poorly made rifle.
ANSWER : I am not sure what u are asking here if anything??

I got a sig 552 airsoft gun but it dosent fire it screeches
ANSWER : I have a sig 552 as well and had similar problems but if you take it apart the trigger box will come out and you just need to mess with that a little bit

When was my Winchester Model 70 bolt action rifle made: Serial No. G2403250?
ANSWER : It was built in 2002