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is meant to be played on an electronic dartboard. As each player goes to take their turn, a
random number will appear. The player
must then hit his/her number during their turn in order to score points. If the number is hit more than once, points
will increase.

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The serving player must hit a valid number. This will be the Target Number for the rest of the game. A double on a first dart is considered an “Ace”, which automatically wins the point for the player throwing.
Bullseye scores 50, the outer ring scores 25 and a dart in the double or treble ring counts double or treble the segment score. The objective is to be the first player to reduce the score to exactly zero, BUT the last dart thrown must land in a double or the bullseye.
To win the game, you must reach zero before your opponent. You must reach zero exactly and the dart that reduces your score to zero, must be a double. Doubles consist of the numbers in the outside narrow scoring band and the centre (small) bullseye, which counts as 50 points.
In the game 21, you use three darts to get to the number 21. Your randomly suggested combination shows on the blinking two first cards. Hit the first suggested number gives you 1 extra point. Get 21 with 2 darts gives you 5 points and a bonus throw.
The answer to this one might seem obvious: aim for the highest-scoring part of the board, which is the treble 20.
In the dart golf game, the bullseye is used as part of a three-part tie breaker that also includes the treble twenty. Hitting three bullseyes in darts is known as the “Alan Evans shot“.
The player who first wins three sets is the winner of the game. In “Matchplay Mode”, a certain number of Legs is specified. In “Best of 21 Legs”, the player who wins 11 Legs first wins the match.
A player will always be allowed to throw all three of their darts. or throw fewer than three darts. throw counts if it misses the board and bounces out, or if it misses the board completely. A player may not throw any darts over again.
When the target is 501, the minimum number of darts needed to reach it is nine. For example, one way to achieve a nine-dart finish is to score 60 (triple 20) on each of the first seven throws, then a 57 (triple 19) on the eighth, and lastly a 24 (double 12) on the ninth.
On dartboards configured with a bullseye consisting of two concentric circles, single-bull refers to the outer circle, which is commonly green and worth 25 points. This is also known as the `outer bull`.
It`s somewhat easy to predict the outright winner of a darts match, once you become familiar with a player`s past performances or current form. Figuring out the exact score of the match is far more complicated and therefore comes with better value.
When it comes to tungsten darts, the most common dart weight for a beginner is 22-24 grams. The lower the weight, the harder you will have to throw. If you like to throw with a lot of force, a lighter dart may be the way to go. If you have a more relaxed style of throwing, heavier is probably better.
Stand up straight and try not to lean forward too much. Turn your face so it is facing the dart board and use both eyes to firmly aim. Your elbow should be fixed at a position that is most comfortable when slowly lowering the hand holding the dart from above your head.
Time per day

The most any practice day should be is 3.5 hours, which equals a maximum of four full sessions with proper breaks. If you are going for a big practice day then you will need to lengthen the breaks in-between each hour, making the actual practice day last almost 5-6 hours.

Trombones – The score of 76 points achieved after throwing three darts is termed as TROMBONES. Players can get this score by hitting treble 16, double 14(T16-D14 | 48 – 28) or single 16, single 20, double 20 (S16-S20-D20 | 16 – 20 – 40). Turkey – When a player achieves the score of 30 by throwing three darts.
In some parts of England, the East End of London in particular, modern darts with their feathered flights are known as arrows, pronounced “arrers.”
Darts players are great athletes and are also really good at maths – but that`s not always been the case for them.
Although 170 is the highest checkout possible in darts, some scores below the `Big Fish` can`t be hit in three-darts. The bogey numbers in question are 169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162 and 159.
A 7 Dart Out occurs when you win the game while only throwing 7 darts. The same is true for 8 and 9 Dart Outs.
The outer ring doubles the points for the throw while the inner one triples the score. For example, throwing a dart into the colored inner ring of the 12-point sliver results in 36 points.
Sets in darts are the sequence of games that are played to determine a winner. Legs in darts are the individual games that make up the sets. In other words, when two or more competitors line up to play a game of 501 or 301, they are playing a leg.
Is The Bullseye a Double? In the game of 501 and 301, the bullseye does count as a double. Meaning if you have a score of 50 remaining, you can finish the game by landing your dart in the bullseye.
With the expertise of some darts players, a nine darter is easily achievable after throwing a few accurate arrows and a game can therefore be won very quickly. So by starting on 501 instead of 500, it limits the chances of the action being over very quickly.
It`s seen as disrespectful and against the rules to wear a hat while playing professional darts.

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In darts, what are the rules for playing Ace?
is meant to be played on an electronic dartboard. As each player goes to take their turn, a
random number will appear. The player
must then hit his/her number during their turn in order to score points. If the number is hit more than once, points
will increase.

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I had been playing ice hockey for a few years. But I have not played for some time now. I would like to get back to playing as a goalie. I am not sure if I will have regular access to rinks for some time. So how do I start training for it?
ANSWER : If you have been playing ice hockey for a few years,
you should know well what is expected of a goalie in terms of skills and
training. Sharp reflexes, hand eye-coordination and response times. Not to
mention different saving techniques and moves that only comes with practice. If
your skills are a little rusty and you don’t have regular access to the rinks,
you should consider opting for some short goalie camp which would help
you get back in touch with your form and skills and help you improve them. You
can then slowly practice when you get the opportunities and build from there.

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I have been playing ping pong for a short while now and have noticed that I tend to play a defensive game. Is there a certain style of rubbers that would be best suited to my style of game playing?
ANSWER : As a defensive
player, a slower rubber would suit you best.
I would recommend getting the Butterfly Tackiness Chop-II. I will provide you with a link where you can
purchase this product.

Or at

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What are the dart rules for playing 501? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Http://

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What are the general rules of playing darts? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : The rules of darts are quite basic. I will outline them for you here:

Each player turn consists of throwing 3 darts-
Both feet must remain behind the throw line until
the dart has been thrown-
Darts that bounce off the board (by hitting the
wires) do not score and cannot be re-thrown-
If a dart falls out of the board during your
turn, the darts are disqualified and the points do not count-
Darts dropped accidentally can be picked up and
still played-
After 3 throws, the player must remove their
darts from the board

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How do I set up a dart board the correct way, with measurements etc? And where is the best place to put your dart board?
ANSWER : Id say the best place is where you have an open space to play, normally we have ours outside on the patio, but in winter we put it on the back of the hallway door, we use soft cork on the outsides of the board so when you throw miss, it lands in the cork, not the door. Have a look at this site:
Dart Board Part 1 as they have all the measurements you need with a picture as well explaining everything to the tee.

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What is height and throwing distance? – Regent Oxford Bristle Dart Board w/Cabinet
ANSWER : You will find it here.

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