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As longas you wear comfy clothing that allows you to bend and stretch when you gobowling, you don’t need anything special. However if you really enjoy yourbowling and want a bowling outfit or shirt, check out this link to Amazon

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Casual clothes, including shorts, capris, leggings, or jeans, are acceptable. You may want to bring/wear a sweatshirt or cardigan if the air conditioning is too cold. It`s best to choose clothes that are comfortable so you can move easily.

Casual attire is a must. Bowling alleys are not fancy. There is no dress code, but athleisure wear or casual attire are popular options. Don`t forget your socks.

Most bowling alleys provide the shoes when you pay for a game, and most serious bowlers have their own and bring them. Regardless whether you rent or own your own, you aren`t allowed to wear your street shoes while you bowl!
First and foremost: SOCKS!

That`s right, even if your outfit doesn`t call for socks, you really need to bring socks with you to wear with the bowling shoes you`ll be renting. Thick, absorbent socks are best. If you forget to bring socks, head over to our pro shop to pick up a pair.

Lawn bowls polos, skorts, shorts, pants & jackets

The light and breathable fabrics will help you stay cool while you play. Our ladies` range features skorts, shorts and lawn bowls polos from Dri Sporte in stylish and feminine designs in an array of colours.

You can wear athletic or yoga style pants, leggings, or even tights. All these will allow you to move freely when bowling.
Examples of prohibited attire include, but are not limited to: T-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti strap tops, shorts, sweatpants, zubas and hats. If you are wearing any of these items you will be asked to change into more appropriate attire.
“The bowling shirt became a popular style in the 1950s once guys no longer viewed the shirt as a uniform for professional league bowlers,” he tells Robb Report. “Today we can find this shirting style updated with fresh fabrications such as silk or eye-catching prints that feel modern.
Your normal sneakers will stick to the lane and cause you to stop abruptly, preventing you from making the correct sliding motion. Also, they prevent you from getting hurt because you move better and stop safely with them on. Beyond staying safe, bowling shoes also protect the lanes.
Bowling is a target sport and recreational activity in which a player rolls a ball toward pins (in pin bowling) or another target (in target bowling).
If a bowler doesn`t use their thumb during a delivery, they can either have a thumb hole or a balance hole but not both. If the ball has a thumb hole but the bowler doesn`t use it, then as long as it meets static balance requirements, the ball is allowed.

Even when renting bowling shoes, you should avoid going outside in them, especially in the rain or snow. Likewise, you should not wear them into the bathrooms or walk through spilled food or drink anywhere in the bowling alley.

While the traditional colours of bowls shoes are regarded as being brown, white and grey, the law allows for the World Indoor Bowls Council (WIBC) and Member National Bowling Authorities to allow the use of other colours if they wish.
Yes, you can definitely go bowling whilst wearing acrylic nails. Bowling with long fingernails is possible; however, it may be more difficult to bowl accurately with longer nails. It is advised to use the correct approach and technique when releasing the ball so that your nails do not hinder in any way.
Wearing a pant suit to a formal occasion is becoming increasingly popular, so if you`re not the dress type, a pant suit or jumpsuit is your answer! The key to acing this look is monochrome and elegance.
Can You Bowl in a Skirt? If skirts are your jam, you can wear one, and you can create multiple cute bowling outfits. Just make sure it`s not too short (we`re talking mid-thigh or shorter) and wear shorts or leggings underneath. That way, you won`t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions while bowling.
Of course, you can always bowl with fewer than four people in a lane. Many professional bowlers prefer to practice with only one or two other people. This allows them to get a lot of practice in without having to wait too long for their turn.
Comfortable, loose-fitting jeans can be a great choice, but a tighter pair that are more binding to your legs will not allow you to perform a smooth and natural roll. Other pants that you can consider are looser-fitting khakis, athletic pants or yoga pants. Shorts can certainly work as well.
A bowling shirt is a style of camp shirt in which the fabric, color and design vary greatly, but frequently incorporate contrasting earth tones and simple geometric designs, with more expensive ones often made of silk.
Known sometimes as a Cuban shirt or pyjama collar (or bowling shirt or cabana shirt or aloha shirt or safari shirt or…), the camp collar shirt has a long history that places it right in the middle of essential summer style today.
Pair regular- or slim-fit jeans with athletic sneakers for an everyday look. This is a combination you can never go wrong with. The best part about it is that you can wear it pretty much anywhere: meeting up with friends, going to a concert, hanging out in a park, or almost anything else you can think of.
Wet shoes not only cause discomfort but, also can develop into Athlete`s foot, also called tinea pedis, a contagious fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet and can spread to the toenails and sometimes the hands. The fungal infection is called athlete`s foot because it`s commonly seen in athletes.
Flat shoes are required for bowling participants. You can wear your own shoes providing they are flat and are not sandals, open toes, wedges or heels. Bowling shoes are available if you don`t have suitable footwear.
All Tenpin centres provide all shoe sizes for bowling, and shoe hire is included in your game price, so you don`t have to worry about that. If you want to bowl in your own shoes, we allow that too!

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Need the wire diagram to rewire my Ariens lawnmover to bypass the safety switch. It is Ariens GT-19 model # 931026 Serial # 001463.
Can you help? It is an old Ariens mower but still runs good but now I need to bypass the safety switch in order to run it any longer. The local Ariens dealer said I need to go through the internet and get the wire diagram as they cannot give it to me directly. They told me I needed the wire diagram and the part involved in bypassing the safety switch. Hope this is all the information you need to help me.

Thank you. Roger Fielitz

ANSWER : Here is owner manual: the switch is behind the ignition, sometimes at the N position of gearshift, just look for a switch with one wire coming in & one going out (usually the same color); disconnect the two wires & jumper them together to bypass the switch. Looks like yours has one under the seat.

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I have a 1997 Coleman 107 Hot Tub. While filling the tub it over flowed and the circuit breaker popped. Over the years I’ve done this a couple of times. I remove the side, let things dry for a day or so and everything is fine. This time, I reset the breaker and the spa went on. The pumps work fine, and the control panel shows the temp and the indicator light shows the heater is on. However, work never heats up. The local spa repair folks are crooks and they know less than I do, and I know NOTHING. Nonetheless, I’m going to try and fix the problem myself. Now, I need to know the best way to determine if the problem is the circuit board or the heater itself. I also need to know where I can get a repair maual. I’m tired of paying Goober and Gomer hundreds of dollars.
ANSWER : Check the terminals that lead into the heating element to ensure voltage is present (110 AC) if voltage is present upon start up the heating element must be replaced if no voltage is present is is most likely a control board issue. Go to this web site for contact info and possible repair manual aquisition.

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When peddaling on this exercise equipment, it seems to be slipping on the downward motion.
ANSWER : I had the same problem. The drive belt is disintegrating. Vital Fitness sent me a new one but after I installed the belt,the electronics stopped working.

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Need help finding repair manual for 2001 mxz skidoo i need it free and i need to down load it
ANSWER : I know you want free but that may be hard to come by. Here is a repair manual for the really low price of $4.99.
I can find no free download from a trusted site. I found some but the site is not trustworthy and I will not recommend a site unless I know it is safe. This is a small price to pay for a repair manual. I hope this is helpful. Not free but the best deal I can find.

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I have a mitchell riptide 80 spinning reel. I lost the screws and parts that hold the bail to the reel. I need a manual to show me the parts that I need to get. I also need the manual to show me exploded views so that I can clean and do maintainance on it.
ANSWER : Hello LVAmtrak,

Here is a link to the schematic and a site where you can purchase parts if necessary.

Hope this helps.



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Fiat tractor lift arms wont go down but will go up
ANSWER : Back lift arms on 100-90 fiat will go op but will go down very slowly

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I’m using a compressor with a nozzle that fits into the valve hole of my Bally ball pretty tightly. It won’t inflate , even when I use about
80 lb. of pressure. Do I need a special attachment?
ANSWER : Upon researching your problem I came across this site and thought it might be helpful to you.

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