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Most rifle scopes have 1/4 MOA adjustments. This means that one click will move the bullet impact a quarter of an inch at 100 yards. However, this means that you need to make four times the number of clicks (16 clicks = 1 inch) to move the bullet impact the same distance at 25 yards.
The knob on the right side of the scope is generally an adjustment for windage, which means how far right or left the projectile will strike. The windage and elevation knobs adjust the reticle and help shooters match the aiming point of the firearm with the crosshairs.
Founded in 1930 by the visionary William R. Weaver, the company is credited with bringing riflescopes to the mainstream by producing quality scopes and mounts that average American hunters could actually afford. The very first Scope, model 3-30, came complete with a Weaver scope mount.
Scope adjustments are the same for most scopes, modern holographic or red dot scopes and thermal or night vision scopes. If you can recall your geometry lessons or even the cardinal directions on a map, then you can understand how the scope`s internal sighting mechanism moves. You go up, down, left and right.
For most big-game rifles, a 200-yard zero makes sense. Sight in there with a . 30-06 or a similar cartridge, and your bullet will stay within three vertical inches of point of aim out to 250 yards or so. A three-inch vertical error still gives you a killing strike in the ribs of big-game animals.
(Remember, on this Target Knob, one click equals 0.1 mil, and it takes ten clicks to equal a full mil.)
Elevation, Windage, and Parallax Adjustments

The top turret is the elevation dial, and the windage dial is on the right; These are the areas you`ll want to focus on when you`re sighting in your scope. As far as those numbers go, they`ll either be represented in MOA or MILs.

The third turret is the parallax adjustment dial. It is mounted on the opposite side of the scope from the windage dial. Parallax occurs when the reticle and the target are not on the same focal plane. It causes the reticle or the target to appear blurry.
Weaver is typically synonymous with quality scopes. There are a couple of things that deter me from using this particular model, but one major advantage of the Kaspa 3-9×40 is it`s durability. This scope is extremely rugged and durable.
Weaver Classic Series Riflescopes

Advanced optical system built for performance that boosts contrast and clarity with fully multi-coated lenses. New Elements lens coating bonds to the glass, repelling water, oil, dust, debris and prevents scratches.

The rule for sight adjustment is to move your sights in the same direction you want to move your group. If you group is high and to the left, move your rear sight down and to the right.
Snipers zero their weapons at a target range or in the field. This is the process of adjusting the scope so that the bullets` points-of-impact are at the point-of-aim (centre of scope or scope`s cross-hairs) for a specific distance.
You don`t need much magnification to hit steel at 300 yards effectively, so give yourself the flexibility of being able to go anywhere from 1x to 6x, or even 8x should the time come.
Let`s start with the most familiar way to new shooters: closing one eye and looking through the scope or down the iron sights with the open eye. Which eye you close depends on whether you`re right or left-handed, but you generally want the dominant eye closest to the gun to be open.
“Sighting-in” is a process of adjusting the sights to hit a target at a specific range. Deer hunters, for example, often sight-in their rifles to hit the bull`s-eye at 100 yards. All rifles should be sighted-in before every hunt using the ammunition you plan to use, especially rifles with peep or telescopic sights.
MILs are extremely common with law enforcement and military professionals. At the end of the day, both MOA and MIL have advantages and disadvantages. MOA and MIL are both extremely effective and will get the job done as long as the shooter has experience with the reticle (and has done their math correctly).
MRAD stands for Milliradian (abbreviation MIL) and represents 11000 of a radian. 0.1 MRAD/MIL is 1 cm at 100 m and is suitable for those using the metric system. If you take it exactly though, 0.1 MIL (NATO) is actually 0.098 MRAD.
The most common click value on the American market is ¼ of MOA. That means that the point of impact moves for 7mm at 100m on the target or ¼ inch at 100 yards.
2. If a scope says “4-12×40,” it means you can adjust the size of your target between four and twelve times its normal size, and the objective lens diameter is 40mm.
The most common objective lens size for hunting rifle scopes is about 40mm wide. Some hunters prefer the wider field of view of 50mm objective lenses. They also transmit more light during early morning and late evening, possibly giving a hunter a few extra seconds to make a shot.
The first number identifies the magnification while the second number identifies the diameter of the objective lens. Thus, a specification of 8.5×50 describes a scope with 8.5× magnification and an objective lens that is 50 mm in diameter.
The smaller 2-7×33 rifle scopes are a good match for compact and lightweight firearms; however, they still offer enough magnification and light gathering ability for many big game hunters. These scopes can often be found on mountain rifles as they aid in keeping the weight of the setup down.
What is an Offset Red Dot? An offset red dot is a secondary mini-reflex or micro dot mounted alongside a rifle`s primary optic. Traditionally, offset red dots are used in conjunction with a magnified scope, so the user can transition between optics as they engage targets at close and long distance.
UUQ Prismatic 4X32 Rifle Scope

Reticle is fixed at 100 yards and ranges out to 600 yards. The reticle is designed to allow you to make a precise shot on target very quickly without having to adjust the target.

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Help! Just bought a Remington 30 06 for my grandson that has a Bushnell Sportview U4124 4-12power scope mounted on it. I would like to sight it in at 100 yards using a 180 grain shell but I don’t have the owners manual and I don’t understand an on line explanation that I found. This is the on line message: “You’ll see two horizontal crosshairs, put the top one on the animals back then zoom in until the bottom one is on his stomach. Look at the numbers on the zoom dial there should be three lines they are D – deer, E – elk and A – antelope. The numbers are the distance to the game, you then turn the external elevation knob or turret to the matching distance and shoot dead on. No need to hold over for bullet drop. The sad part will be if you didn’t get the other turrets that would have come with it as they are calibrated to different calibers and bullet weights”
I don’t understand how to set the elevation knob to 100yards when its lowest shown number is 150. If I need other turrets how or where can I get them? Thanks, a frustrated grandfather.
ANSWER : You can contact the Remington directly who will ship you a free users manual. Here is the company’s Contact Us details:

You may also find the required answer in the official help center. It covers almost every fields. Here is the link:

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My computer has been locked out of moviestarplanet how. How can i get back on my account
ANSWER : You say that they were unfair to lock you out and if they don\’t let you back in threaten to press charges!!

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Water build up in the starter & Reqoil case of my Polaris ATV
ANSWER : Your drain plugs should be visable, if they exist, on the lowest point of the body of the device. If you can’t readily see them, consider drying out the entire unit with a hair dryer and a little patience in drying the entire unit. From then on, I would consider evaluating the depth of water before entering. After all, the unit may not be amphibious, which sounds like your intended use!
Also, the battery may be affected by the extreme cold, as they often are, leaving a different approach to this problem. Good Luck!

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Not familiar with this Daisy 4×15 scope mounted on a Daisy Powerline 856 Would like to sight it in properly for 40 feet
ANSWER : Take a look at this webpage on sighting in your scope.


FixYa Team

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I bought the Knoxx adjustable stock for my mossberg 500. The forend that comes with it is realy nice and Ide like to use it, but the end nut will not reach the threads. Do i need to buy a new adapter nut that is longer to secure my forend ? I saw one for sale by houge but wasnt sure if that would work on the knoxx forend ?? I realy like the forend sent by knoxx, would be a shame not to use it. What a waste to give that nice piece away and not give the adapter to use it ?? Thanks Noel
ANSWER : That forearm is designed for the 7 5/8″ slide action tube. I’m guessing yours is the 6 1/2″ slide action tube. Take the forearm off your tube and measure it with a ruler. From the very back edge of the action bar collar….that round part the bars are pinned to….all the way to the front edge of the threads. If yours is a 6 1/2″, the Hogue adapter won’t work. You’ll need to buy a new slide action tube. That Hogue adapter is meant to let you use the Hogue rubber coated forearm on your standard sized tube….the Hogue rubber forearm is a hair longer than the standard tube. It won’t give you the length to make up the entire shorter tube length. If you’re handy with a dremel, you could go adapter plus a bit of careful cutting but I won’t suggest you do it if you aren’t certain of your skills.

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I have a winchester 70 30-06 sprng. serial number is G2571946 I am looking to sell it and i would like to know what a fair price would be. would you be able to help me out with this?
ANSWER : Hi David, It’s har to pin down a specific price without knowing the actual year of the firearm. This rifle is post 64 so the value wont be as high as a pre-64. With that said and the information given and assuming that the gun is in fair to good condition you will be looking at roughly $450-$600 range. Accessories and modifications could raise or lower that approximation. I really hope that this points you in the right direction. I may be new to Fixya but i know my guns. Let me know if this helps.

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I have a Barnett Croossbow 400 purchased at Cabela’s in Hamburg , Pa, for about two years now, but have recently lost the owners manual for the 4X32 Rhino scope. Unsure what the lines in the scope are as far as yardage is concerned ( there are 5 horizontal lines . What are they looking from the top to the bottom of the scope?
ANSWER : There is a fix

Do you remember the last thing that happened before your problem started?

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