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I seem to have lost the alarm on my Garmin 305, it used to beep if I’m over or under my set heart rate, it still beeps after every mile, but not if I’m over or under my heartrate, help please
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It’s a known problem. The little speakers inside get corroded and gradually get quieter and quieter. If you are still within warranty, then send it back to Garmin for a fix. If not, there isn’t a home-user fix for this problem, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the $$ to get it fixed. Personally, I decided to get mine fixed.

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Master Reset for echoMAP Devices
  1. Start with the device powered off.
  2. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons.
  3. Continue to hold both buttons until “Delete all user settings?” appears.
  4. Release the buttons.
  5. Select Yes.
A factory reset, also known as hard reset or master reset, is a software restore of an electronic device to its original system state by erasing all of the data, settings, and applications that were previously stored on the device.
If there is no activity on your Garmin account across all our sites and services over a long period of time, your account will be deleted per our privacy policies. Multiple notifications are sent to the email address on the profile prior to deleting the account.
Can a factory reset wipe everything off of my Android phone? Yes, it will clear all of your personal data from your phone. Doing a factory reset of your Android phone will make the phone look and operate exactly as it did when you bought it.
To remove all data from your phone, you can reset your phone to factory settings. Factory resets are also called “formatting” or “hard resets.”
Your device keeps track of your daily steps and sleep statistics, as well as your timed fitness activities. This history can be sent to your Garmin Connect™ account. Your device stores your activity data for up to 4 weeks. When the data storage is full, the device deletes the oldest files to make room for new data.
Garmin does not have a way to track, access, or disable a device remotely.
To stop an alarm, you can say “Okay Google, stop” or tap Dismiss. To snooze an alarm, you can say something like “Hey Google, snooze” or “Hey Google, snooze for 5 minutes,” or tap Snooze.
The Alarm Notification module enables you to send a message to a group of users when an alarm becomes active or cleared. This functionality is enabled by having the Alarm Notification module installed with alarm pipelines and Email notification set up.
1. In the Clock app, tap on the alarm for which you want to set a custom sound. 2. Tap on the Alarm sound text and select the Ringtone option.
Subpar sleep quality and not getting enough sleep are the leading causes of sleeping through your alarm. Irregular work hours, stress, and the presence of a sleep disorder are other possible contributing factors.
You may have Sleep as Android enabled under Edge Lighting (Edge Lighting on some versions). This causes the alarm popup not to appear above the lock screen because the notification appears as a light around the edge of the screen. Disable Border lights for Sleep as Android in your device`s settings.
You can generally expect a modern alarm clock to turn off by itself, especially if you`re using an alarm on your phone. However, it is usually possible to turn off this feature, so your alarm never stops ringing (until it runs out of battery, of course).
It turns out that loud alarms can have negative effects on your health in a number of ways. From loud, blaring noises to waking up feeling stressed and groggy, studies show how loud noises from alarms tend to do more harm than good.
The device beeps when alert tones are turned on. Allows your device to create and save timed activities automatically using the Move IQ feature. You can set the minimum time threshold for running and walking. Allows you to customize how frequently your device automatically syncs data with your Garmin Connect account.

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I have installed my Garmin Edge Cadense Sensor, followed the instructions and seems like both the crank arm and wheel sensors are ticking and sensing. However, the edge does not seem to receive the cadense data. The display remains blank. What could be the problem? Batteries?
ANSWER : There are two tests

705 first – settings, ANT+sport, accessories, check that cadence sensor is set to YES

press the reset on the cadence sensor and rotate the cranks – the LEDs should flash every time the magnet passes the sensor. if not its the position of the magent relative to the sensor that needs adjusting.

Hope that works

Dc side of my electrical seems to short out
ANSWER : Here is some great PC solution by Some FIXYA EXPERT. Get any kinds of PC solution from bellow.

Intel MotherBoard
Mercury Motherboard
Gigabyte Motherboard
MSI Motherboard

P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard
ASUS Motherboard
Packard Bell


Upload not present message Garmin GPS12
ANSWER : Hi…once i was asked the same problem!….and we couldn’t do anything…i think you lucky because…the one who asked me about the same problem crashed his software forever…i recommend you to go for the warranty…and not to attempt any update…

My garmin forerunner 305 does not identify my hertbeat
ANSWER : A few things to check: first, you have to moisten the sensors on the inside of the rib band or they won’t pick up your heart beat. To do this, put a few drops of water on the ridged areas on both sides. Also, there is a battery in the band which can need replacement. Remove the cover to the battery using a nickel and replace it with a fresh one. If that doesn’t work, I have had very good luck with Garmin tech support.

I have a byron SX85R plug in wireless door bell, i need to change the frequency/ or code, keep false alarming, cant find the instructions , also with the alarm, is a batterie alarm no. SX81R, which came with it thank you peter
ANSWER : From User Guide:
Interference from a similar unit operating nearby:
a) simply remove the batteries from the push button and door chime units and rest for 10 seconds, this will erase memory
b) Insert the batteries into the push button and door chime units, the door chime unit will give 2-beeps to indicate that it is ready for the new registration code. Press the Push Button once, it will generate a new operation code randomly and send a wireless ignal to the door chime unit and it will sound to indicate that new operation code is registered and memorised.

(Note with this unit SX85R the door chime is mains powered, not battery powered, but above instructions are the same)

My gun just beeps when i pull the trigger even when hooked up to hpa.battery is new.last time i used the gun just before it messed up i had it hooked to o2 and it would fire then beep ,i have a anti syphon tube installed to. the air shot out the asa instead of the reg when i took off the tank.usually gun holds air with tank off then you shoot it to get rid of stored air,this time it shot out the asa????
ANSWER : You have probably messed up your solenoid, did you fire the marker straight up with the o2? I would make sure that all of the board settings are back to factory default especially the dwell and reattempt with compressed air. If the marker is still not firing get your hands on a new solenoid for it.

I have a suzuki 150 dts the past i replaced the left bank coolant level/flow sensor which fixed that problem….now after a tourn. i have a flow sensor light flashing and quieter alarm..this light is under the larger coolant light/alarm…is this for oil flow? it did seem like it was smoking a bit when i trailered it…the engine may have over reved,but for very short period…possible reed damage?
ANSWER : Well lets see your saying oil flow sensor so it must be a four stroke engine four stroke engines are not reed enducted so the reeds would be out they only have one sensor for the oil per bank it might also be a water flow unless u have a gauge is the boat running bad or getting hot is the buzzer still going off? a couple things u neeeed to check make sure u have good water preasure first then find the oil flow sensor and unplug it buzzer should go off make sure the engine is not gettin hot you should be able to touch the water jackets (heads) with your hands and not be to hot if u have good water preasure do nont hook up to hose fitting on thee engine go old scholl and use water muffs on the lower unit that will give u a acurate reading on flow becuase the impellar has to pull it up if that doesnt fix it let me know thank you thomas