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Drain the gas out. There’s probably a feul line on the bottom of the tank. Pull that off and drain the fuel into a coffee can or something. Burning that fuel shouldn’t hurt anything immediately. It’ll just smoke from burning that oil in the fuel. But eventually it will clog you exhaust and gum up other parts. Hope this helps

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Completely drain the oil tank using the drain plug and allow the oil tank to air out and dry overnight. Do this outdoors. Fill the oil tank with new oil. If needed, drain the oil tank again to ensure all of the gas is out of the oil tank before adding new oil again.
Two-stroke (or 2-cycle) engines require a mixture of fuel and oil be added to the fuel tank. This mixture results in both engine combustion and lubrication. Operating a 2-Stroke engine on gasoline alone will result in engine failure.
What causes fuel to leak into my engine oil? The fuel shut-off valve isn`t closed properly. Fuel float in the carburetor being stuck in the open position due to gumming (caused by stale fuel) or debris.
If you spill gas on the mower while filling it, don`t try to start it immediately. “Let it have time to evaporate and dissipate,” Derby Fire Chief Brad Smith said Tuesday. “It`s a mistake most of us have made, but it can be a dangerous mistake.”
Can Oil and Gas Mixtures Go Bad? Yes. Don`t store any fuel – mixed or unmixed – for longer than 30 days. Old gasoline can hurt an engine`s power output, cause buildup and blockage in engine parts, and make starting more difficult.
Mixing of the oil with petrol will cause the formation of gummy layer on the wall of cylinder because engine oil be burnt partially and as well as there will be emissions of poisonous gases which will pollute the environment. Gummy layer formation. Friction inside combustion chamber will be increased.
While driving with fuel mixed into your oil will not cause an immediate engine malfunction, it will harm the vehicle if you continue to operate it. We recommend not driving a vehicle if the oil has a distinct gasoline odor.
Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by: Overfilling the crankcase with oil. Incorrect oil grades. Operating engine at greater than a 15 degree angle.
Gasoline evaporates quickly when exposed to air. Most gasoline spilled in lakes, streams, or soil evaporates. Some spilled gasoline can seep into groundwater and remain unchanged for years. Private wells located near a spill or a buried leaking tank may become contaminated.
Consequences of Flooding

Whether the air filter is soaked with gasoline, preventing the flow of air into the engine, or whether the fuel has made its way to the spark plug, wetting it to the point where it won`t spark, the result is the same – a mower that won`t start, says Sci.

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I put Gasoline mixed with oil into my lawn mower what should i do?
ANSWER : Drain the gas out. There’s probably a feul line on the bottom of the tank. Pull that off and drain the fuel into a coffee can or something. Burning that fuel shouldn’t hurt anything immediately. It’ll just smoke from burning that oil in the fuel. But eventually it will clog you exhaust and gum up other parts. Hope this helps

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Does the John Deere series 100 lawn tractor have some sort of safety feature that shuts the engine off if it gets dangerously low on oil? I was cutting grass this morning and the engine sputtered and quit. I got off the tractor and noticed that the oil drain line plug was open and dripping oil. Have I ruined my engine or can I refill it with oil and continue on?
ANSWER : Not sure on this specific mower, but oil is usually there to lubricate and keep the temp down. When theres none in it, it gets hot and melts the pistons. Sounds bad to me

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I have a 1995 Kawasaki TS.All the oil from the tank is filling the bottom of the hull. I think it is coming from the punp on the front of the engine. It is so tight ,I cant even get my hand in the in to feel for oil. How do I repair it. Do I have to pull the engine, and if so is this hard to do? Can I just stop putting oil in the tank and run pre mix.If so what mix should I use? Thanks for any help.Jim.
ANSWER : No, you cannot just run premix, you still need oil for your gears and lower end of your cams and such!

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OIl in airintake line.
ANSWER : Not a pro with rhinos but sounds like you got oil from crank case. like if you have a seal broken, hope not but my car had same problem and I had a cracked gasket. good luck. you can check the oil to see if it looks milky

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I have a 1996 Sea Doo XP. It has not been started for years. it ran fine when it was parked. I put a new starter on it and had problems starting..plugs were completely soaked with oil. tried to turn it over with plugs out…oil shot through the plug holes to my garage roof!!! what could cause the oil to do that??
ANSWER : Pouring a small amount of oil into the cylinders through the spark plug holes prior to extended storage periods is pretty standard engine preservative procedure.

If the quantity of oil discharged was greater than that, then it may have migrated there on its own by other means. Oil can certainly leak into the cylinders if the engine / vehicle is inverted or left on its side at a steep angle for any period of time. This would not cause any permanent damage but would certainly fill the cylinders and foul the plugs and cause great difficulty starting until the excess oil is eventually cycled / burned out of the system. Just cycle the motor with the plugs out until it stops spewing oil and then try with the plugs in. Keep removing and cleaning the fouled plugs as necessary and then finally replace them with new ones once the engine starts to run normally.

Good luck.


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Low on oil what type and brand do u recommend. will generator not start when low or out of oil. and which side do the oil go in where the dip stick is or opposite side. and how much do i put in.
ANSWER : You should use 10W-30 for temps above -4F, or 5W-30 for 30F and BELOW. Remove the dip stick and fill it up with oil, up to the threads where the dipstick inserts.

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I have a 14 HP Kawasaki engine on my John Deere lawn mower (LX176). I have no spark.I’m guessing coil but unsure of how to test it. I get readings through the windings with an OHM meter but I don’t know what it should read. I wish I had a wiring diagram for the lawn mower to better analize the trouble. Suggestions?
ANSWER : All the “safety” engine-kill “features” on this mower will ground the ignition system, stopping the engine and causing a no-spark condition. Check the seat switch, the brake switch. Also, the circuit board will cause the problem you have if it gets rained on, (the mower hood does not protect it); point is do not let the mower get rained on (or washed) unless you protect the PC board, which is right behind the ignition switch. Mine dried out and worked again but only after liberal spraying with (plastic-safe) electronic parts cleaner. You are right the manual would help, it’s like $76 but it’s in depth. Good luck, and PLEASE tell us what the solution was!

Helpful Deere lx176, lx178, hood hinge tip: If the hood hinge is broken on yours like on most, Deere has a GREAT repair kit that’s only $10. They really priced it at cost or less to correct a defect they are aware of.

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