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Pool fountains work by using a pump to circulate water from the pool and through a fountain nozzle, where it is then propelled back into the air in a decorative pattern.
Pretty much all water features work the same way. There`s a reservoir of water (or sump), which has a pump which moves water up a pipe. Gravity then brings the water back down to the reservoir. Whether this mechanism is surrounded by stainless steel, granite or a sculpture, the principle is the same.
If your fountain doesn`t have any water plants, you can always add a small amount of chlorine to your fountain. We`d only recommend using one to two tablespoons, every two to three weeks during summer and the warmer spring weeks of the year. Ensure your pump is turned off when adding the chlorine.
Should I Leave My Fountain on All the Time? Fountain pumps are specifically designed to run constantly. It is hard on the pump if you constantly turn it on and off every day. The only times you should turn off the fountain pump is if you are cleaning it or if you are going to be away from it for several days.
The most common reason for low or no flow is that the baskets are full of debris. By checking and emptying both the skimmer basket (by the pool) and the pump basket (inside the pump) will free up the water flow, allowing the system to fully `prime` and function at full capacity.
Every pool should cycle through all of its water at least once a day, so most pool owners will want to run their pumps for at least 4-8 hours daily. But you don`t have to run those 4-8 hours all at once so you can split the pump time up at different parts of the day to ease your energy budget.
Source of Water

Most outdoor fountains are connected to a home`s water supply and they`ll have a continuous supply of water so long as the home supply is turned on. However, there are some fountains that can be filled using a water hose without the need for a permanent connection.

A floating fountain is a decorative water display which floats on the pond or lake water surface. Generally, the submersible water pump is attached to a flotation ring and the surrounding water is then pumped up into the air through a fountain nozzle attachment, to create a decorative water pattern.
The cooling effect of flowing water is greater than that of water standing still. Sitting by the fountain to cool off on a scorching summer day after you have been working in your garden can also help to cool or chill your mind.
Where Does Water from Drinking Fountains Come from? The water public fountains provide is usually just the same as tap water. Unless a drinking fountain is explicitly known as part of a school or office`s water filtration system, for example, the water it spouts will most likely be tap water.
How did ornamental drinking water fountains work before the availability of electricity or even steam engines to run the pumps? A. Beginning in ancient times, fountain designers relied on gravity, channeling water from a higher source in a closed system to provide pressure.
Most home fountain designs feature a reservoir for easy installation. The reservoir is the “tank” that holds water. Within the reservoir, there`s a water pump that pumps water throughout the water fountain. This is what makes the water flow in a water fountain.
Fountains work best when they are left running. Shutting off a fountain overnight may save you a few dollars in energy costs, but it leaves behind stagnant water that encourages bacterial overgrowth. That bacteria can even harm the fountain`s equipment if they are not removed from the fountain pump`s textured surface.
The minimum amount of water you should put in your fountain is enough to cover the pump.
The pumps used in fountains are designed to operate nonstop. Turning the pump on and off every day might wear it out quickly. Only while cleaning the fountain or leaving for an extended period of time should the pump be turned off.
One of the most common reasons for a fountain pump to stop working is because the impeller is clogged. The impeller is responsible for moving water through the pump, so if it becomes clogged, the pump won`t function properly. To clean the impeller, try removing it from the pump and soak it in vinegar overnight.
Clogs are the number one reason drinking fountains don`t work. Look at the bubbler (where the water comes out of) and see if there are any obstructions. Sometimes dirt or other gunk gets stuck making drinking from the fountain impossible. Use a sharp stick to see if the system has been clogged.
Inground Swimming Pools

Some commercial properties require 24-hour a day pump circulation, but as a homeowner, this is not advisable. If you are lucky enough to own an Energy Efficient, Variable Speed swimming pool pump (VSP) then, yes, technically you could run your pump for 24 hours a day.

Our suggestion is to operate pond fountains for 12 to 14 hours per day in order to accomplish the necessary aeration of the water while greatly prolonging the life of the equipment.
Place a long carpenter`s level across the lip of the first tier and rotate it around to see where it needs to be raised to be level. Using a thin pry bar, raise the fountain and slip in Hard Wobble Wedges where needed. Rotate the level often to insure it is level in all directions.
Shade your feature. Direct sunlight increases water evaporation, potentially causing problems with your pump and increasing the risk of algae.
Though it may be tempting to shut off your pond fountain pump at times to save money, the best way to keep your pond healthy is to run the pump 24/7. As water is pulled into the pump and pushed out above the surface, it traps oxygen molecules that nourish pond life.
Fountains usually have small-diameter tubing running from the pump to the top point of the structure. Water pressure from the impellers inside the pump provides the arching or splashing effect. Some recirculating fountains also include multiple tubes to create a more dynamic falling water effect.
Your fountain will be composed of three main elements: a water reservoir, a water pump and a design feature. The style is up to you. Go for something that works well with your existing landscaping and suits your personal taste.

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How many hours a day should you run your pump? How many hours a day is it safe to run your intex pool pump, to insure a clean pool? I purchased my pool last summer and had major problems all year. When i got my pool my pump did not work and i had to wait a week for a new one to be shipped, well after that i had nothing but problems. My boyfriend said it was not good to let pump run all day but i think hes wrong. Can you give me some good tips on keeping my pool crystal clear?
ANSWER : Some pumps are 24hr 7days pumps some are not and should be on a timer. time usually run for 8 hours max a day. you can get a time from most pool leisure places. the pump will say if its a 24hr pump if not then would say its a timer type.

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Intex pool not compatible with Polaris vac-sweep cleaner
ANSWER : Polaris should have an adapter to make it fit, I’m surprised you didn’t get one, usually an adapter is put in a box to make it work with multiple pools, you can call them and order one or go to a local hardware store or Menards and make your own. They will have PVC fitting adapters. You should be able to find one that will work which you may need to permanently attach it on the one end and custom fit it, but if you have basic skills, then you shouldn’t have a problem with getting it to work. Let me know how this turns out.Benjamin

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I have a multifunction sports watch that i bought from Big W, (no brand name)

By accident i set the watch to 24 hour time, originally it was set to 12 hour time, how do i set it back? ive tried every button combo including the button combo i used when i accidently set it on 24 hour time, the instructions only say how to set the time and date, it doesnt say how to toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour time, is there a generic way to toggle it on sparts watches? btw, holding the mode button in does nothing on my watch, no matter how long i hold it in for

ANSWER : Hi. How may buttons do you have, 3 or 4 buttons?if you have the 4 buttons, try this:You need to go through the time and date settings again. The 24 and 12hr format select is at the end of time/date adjustment.To set the time and date:-press the top-left button then right-top button to set the seconds, press bottom-left button to set hour then press top-right button to adjust hour, press bottom-left button to set the minute then press top-right button to adjust minute. To set date, press the bottom-left button then press top-right button to adjust month, press bottom-left button then top-right button to adjust day and finally press bottom-left button to set the time format then press top-right button to select 12hour format. Press top-left button when done.Since you have a generic sports watch, it is hard to write specific instructions to set the time format. If your watch has different ways of setting the time, just remember that the 12/24hour format is usually at the end of time and date adjustment.Let me know if you have questions. Good luck.

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I have purchased an Avanti 928 treadmill and would like to know how to calibrate it so that when the incline/decline is set at 0 my treadmill belt is level. At the moment is has an incline when on 0.
My calves don’t like it!
ANSWER : Not sure what this has to do with your treadmill question, but you probably want to access instead of .50 Give that a try, it should give you the interface for your access point.ThanksTim

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Square tent with 2 types gazebo poles, varenda, 2 side windows
ANSWER : The 2 longest of the poles go in an x over the center of the tent and the 2 shorter ones go arch to the sides. a picture very similar to your tent. If you go to image 2 it shows it with out the fly. now if you got 2 sets of 4 poles, 2 long and 2 short, and one set is all aluminum, then I would go with the aluminum set. It is less likely to collapse in high winds.

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My daughter has a sweet pea scooter that had been blowing fuses and the motor got hot. Im sure the motor is shot. but my question is can anyone tell me if the motor would be the only thing I need to c
ANSWER : Find out whether it is 6 volts or 12 volts and there should be two wires that feed the motor either cut or splice and attach another set of wires with fuse in the line (simular to jumper cables) raise the back tire so it does not touch the ground and place jump wires to the negative and positive of the battery.If the motor moves in either direction without blowing the fuse the motor is good if not then its bad. Uses the same amperage fuse

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I am renting a home in NJ, and would like to open our pool. I am not very savvy when it comes to inground pools… i tried to figure out how to turn my Hayward S244T Hi Rate Sand Filter on, and get it going. While i did manage to get water pumping into the pool, it was not filtering out.

Can you please explain to me what i am suppose to do, and how to do it. I have an owners manual, but i find it very hard to follow, and everything is already installed, i am just having problems filtering it out.

Christine Mincer

ANSWER : Hello c anna…. Opening up the pool is a pretty big job with lots of steps. That said, here is an excellent link which has all of the steps broken down


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