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To use a metal detector, stand in a comfortable position and extend or retract the stem so that the coils hover just above the ground when you hold the unit. Walk slowly as you swipe the machine from side to side.
Scan the subjects front, focusing on the torso and legs. Pay thorough attention to pockets and the belt line. Scan the subject`s back, from the back of the head down to the heel of the one leg and then in reverse up the other leg, back up to the head, including the arms.
The Blueprint: Metal Detector can be found on Caravan Island by following the pipe down to the very bottom of the ocean. It is used to learn how to craft the Metal Detector which is needed to go Treasure Hunting in Raft. It gives access to a number of valuable and rare items.
For the walk-through metal detector, the generated energy is in the form of a magnetic field. The interaction of the generated magnetic field with certain types of objects in the portal region of the detector and the ability to detect this interaction is the basis of operation for walk-through metal detectors.
Walk-through metal detectors are typically installed at indoor checkpoints to detect illicit material and contraband. Outdoor walk-through metal detectors are designed for temporary outdoor use and are widely used at special event checkpoints, such as concerts or sporting events.
Metals That Can`t Be Detected

Stainless steel has low magnetic permeability, which means it does not produce a signal strong enough to be detected. Other items that metal detectors won`t be able to locate include: Gemstones. Paper.

It is necessary to test a metal detector to be sure that it is working properly at the agreed sensitivity. To test the detector, pass product containing small metal test pieces of an exact size, through the detector. Confirm the samples are detected and rejected.
Metal detectors work by transmitting an electromagnetic field from the search coil into the ground. Any metal objects (targets) within the electromagnetic field will become energised and retransmit an electromagnetic field of their own.
Federal law prohibits the possession and use of metal detectors on federal property. In addition to metal detecting, federal law also prohibits relic hunting, digging for artifacts, and removing artifacts or historical objects.
Metal detection and rejection systems look for ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel. Ferrous metals are magnetic metals like steel and iron. These are the easiest to detect. Non-ferrous metals are copper, aluminum, brass and bronze.
An industrial metal detector consists of four main components: the sensor, the control, the signal processor, and the output device. The sensor will react to the proximity of metal. The reaction of the sensor is transmitted to the filter, an electronic device that interprets the sensor signal.
First, players will need to head over towards the Los Santos beach, or somewhere near water, and look on their map until they see a random event blue dot. Going towards this should grant you the Metal Detector, but if it doesn`t just wait and try again, and make sure you`re close enough to water.
If you are wondering how to unlock Michael in GTA 5, we are here to help. Michael will not be accessible until the first few missions are completed. As soon as you complete the Fresh Meat quest at the start of the game and rescue Michael, you will be able to play as the enigmatic character.
First, you can activate cheats in every version of the game using your in-game cellphone. Open the cell phone by pressing Up on your controller`s D-pad, or the Up Arrow key on your keyboard. Then select Contacts and open the dialpad. You`ll type in all the cheat codes here.
If you don`t want to mess around with all the puzzling, the Raft Temperance code is 5964. Just pop this code into the keypad and the safe will open to reward you with the Selene Key, Vending Machine Tokens, and the Stationary Anchor blueprint.
Raft Temperance code solution

Whatever the reason, I`ve got you covered. The Raft Temperance code is: 5964.

Most metal detectors can detect coins at an average maximum depth of 10 to 16 inches. Metal detectors transmit radio frequency signals from the search coil to locate the targets from the ground`s surface to a depth of over 20 feet for large deep treasures.
Metal detectors are perhaps the most well-known type of school security system. They work by detecting the presence of metal objects, which can include firearms.
Walk-through metal detectors (metal detection) are designed to detect metal objects such as guns and knives. However, they struggle to detect non-metallic threats like explosives and dangerous chemicals. These limitations can compromise overall security, making them an inadequate solution in high-risk environments.
Today`s metal detectors are one of two types: Balanced Coil systems, which are general-purpose metal detectors using coils and electronic fields, and Ferrous-in-Foil systems, which use strong magnetic fields to detect harmful ferrous metallic contaminants (magnetic, containing iron) in products.
Stainless steel, by definition, has a low magnetic permeability, which means that it does not produce a signal strong enough to be recognized. Other items that a metal detector will not detect are gemstones, pearls, bones, diamonds, paper and stone figures.
Typical minimum depth range from 25 to 30 cm underground. This range is obtained with very rough quick made coil (not optimized) using 10 cm diameter object. With optimizaed coil range of detection increase to more than 40 cm. The metal object detection is indicated by LED.
Whether it`s an iPhone or Android, there`s a lot of metal inside them. From logic boards to wiring and batteries, to the housing of the phone itself, there are many types of metal in a phone, making them relatively easy to detect compared to a ring or other lost object.

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I need a manual for bounty hunter quick draw 2 metal dector
ANSWER : You can download the full users manual at
here is the link to your quick draw II detector:
If you want to purchase a hard copy of the manual look on eBay under Bounty Hunter Manual cost is around $6.

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I need a manual for my bounty hunter metal detector
ANSWER : You can download the full users manual at you want to purchase a hard copy of the manual look on eBay under Bounty Hunter Manual cost is around $6.

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I need a user’s manual for the Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 metal detector,can you tell me where i can find one . Free to download or buy cheap?
ANSWER : You can get the manual on the link below.

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Precision Gold Metal Detector With Digital Display Set Up
ANSWER : Instruction manual for the precision gold metal detector: go to www.maplin then type in L24BK into the product search. the metal detector will come up.then go to bottom of page where it states “media” if you click here a pdf of the instruction manual will come up for download.

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I need a user manual for this sander
ANSWER : Here you go


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Need a user manual for a Humminbird fish finder,
ANSWER : You get a LCR 40-ID, but not a 4.D. Here is the manual for the 40-ID.

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Need user manual – Bounty Hunter Quick Metal Detector
I lost a user manual a while ago and managed to find this company, who were really good. They found my manual and emailed it to me in about 3 hours, cost me about £3 which I thought was resonable.
Hope this helps.Jane

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