Paintball Ion / SP8 3 Point Magnetic Trigger

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You may need to adjust the trigger with the allen screws. One screw comes up under the
trigger and the other is straigh in line (you can see that one). Also, make sure you got the grips on right and didnt pinch or pull a wire loose( I did!). Will it fire with the eyes off (press the on/off once after power up to get to eyes off mode)? You should be able to see the magnetic part of the trigger as it moves toward the switch point inside the grip-frame. Is it traveling far enough into the frame to hit the switch area?

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Faulty Battery

If the Ion`s red power light does not come on, you need to replace the battery. Remove both screws on one side of the hand grip. Check to make sure the battery is properly attached to the connector. Try turning on the Ion.

Air Compressor Adapter For Low Pressure Paintball marker. Now you can test you low pressure paintball gun at home, save money on tank refills. Works on any home air compressor with standard air nipple hose fitting. This is the standard male to quick disconnect adapter used with Air Compressors.
Turn the Ion on by depressing the membrane button for approximately two seconds. The on/off switch, which also functions as your safety, is located on the left side of the marker, just above the above the grip and behind the trigger guard.
Pulling the trigger releases the regulator allowing the air chamber to be filled with CO2. The CO2 then floods the air chamber at such a high rate of speed that it forces the piston behind the paintball forward.
Dry firing is the practice of simulating the discharge of a firearm without any live ammunition, or practicing with an inert laser/infrared training platform and may also include the use of a target/feedback system.
While CO2 tanks use a liquid that turns into gas, paintball guns use tanks filled with pressurized air.
Paintball Tank Types

Most modern electronic or mechanical markers run on compressed air; cheaper or older-style mechanical markers can often run on either Co2 or compressed air*. Pistols normally run on pre-filled disposable co2 cartridges.

Paintball cylinders need to be retested for its serviceability every three to five years. They also only have a lifespan of 15 years. HYDROSTATIC TEST or HYDROTEST – The tank is visually inspected for cracks then is pressurized with water to look for a drop in pressure or to see if there are any leaks.
The weapons fire blasts of ionized particles, which disrupt droids` electronic systems, shutting them down. Ion weapons are a long-established galactic technology, and come in a range of sizes and power levels – massive planet-based ion cannons target orbiting warships instead of droids, but work on the same principle.
It`s very common that players feel a slight sting when being shot at. A lot of people say that it feels like a firm flick on the arm. The severity of the pain depends on the speed of the ball, the distance the ball travels and where it hits on your body. The pain is usually very mild and goes away quickly.
The muzzle velocity of paintball markers is approximately 90 m/s (300 ft/s); most paintball fields restrict speed to 280–300 ft/s, and small indoor fields may further restrict it down to 250 ft/s.
The trigger mechanism or action releases the striker or hammer, so it causes the primer on a cartridge to be struck and fire a shot. Depending on the action type, other operations (to prepare the firearm to fire) may be tied to each trigger press.
In some cases, like with semi automatic handguns or revolvers, if there is no bullet for a firing pin to strike, it will strike the hard steel chamber and cause damage. However, in most cases, dry firing is completely safe for your gun.
Dry firing PCP or CO2 air rifles will usually be completely safe, as there isn`t a piston to worry about. You`re simply releasing a short spurt of air/CO2 to force the pellet up the barrel.
While playing in the rain, it is also important to protect your paintballs and equipment. Paintballs can turn squishy with just a single drop of water and water can ruin the interworking of a marker.
Most people assume that compressed air and CO2 refer to the same thing. So, is compressed air CO2? No, it`s not. However, carbon dioxide can be compressed like regular air, and although both are gasses, the majority of their similarities end there.
In paintball participants try to hit each other with paintballs launched from a special paintball marker/gun. While airsoft is cheaper and provides a more realistic warfare experience, paintball is more popular, more organized and has larger events.
HPA is the better investment in the long run. The benefits over CO2 in all-weather performance are well worth the additional cost. Besides, an HPA tank is a piece of equipment that can transfer to any marker you upgrade to. Determine what your needs are for your equipment and level of play and choose accordingly.
CO2 Tank Safety Concerns

The primary safety concern is gas leakage after the cylinder or tank. While the cylinders or tanks are designed to withstand pressure and damage, the pipes, hoses, and fittings used to distribute the gas after the vessel are not.

Air pumps in planted aquariums

Plants take in CO2 during the day and release oxygen. At night, this process reverses, so they are diminishing the oxygen levels in the water and increasing the CO2 levels.

Potential solutions include leveraging photosynthesis in coastal plants, seaweed, or phytoplankton; adding certain minerals to seawater that react with dissolved CO2 and lock it away; or running an electric current through seawater to accelerate reactions that ultimately help extract CO2.
Not all paintball guns can be programmed to be fully automatic. You can find easy-to-follow guides on our Youtube channel at Lone Wolf Paintball by searching “how to program” followed by your paintball gun type.
Oil Frequently But Not Excessively

Before gameplay, make sure to oil the front and rear bolt O-ring. Use oil specifically made for paintball guns only, because other types can damage the O-rings. Remember that less is more when it comes to oil.

HOW LONG DOES THE CO2 CARTRIDGE LAST? ​Once penetrated on the first trigger pull, the CO2 cartridge will last 24 hours or 21 shots.

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My gun just beeps when i pull the trigger even when hooked up to hpa.battery is new.last time i used the gun just before it messed up i had it hooked to o2 and it would fire then beep ,i have a anti syphon tube installed to. the air shot out the asa instead of the reg when i took off the tank.usually gun holds air with tank off then you shoot it to get rid of stored air,this time it shot out the asa????
ANSWER : You have probably messed up your solenoid, did you fire the marker straight up with the o2? I would make sure that all of the board settings are back to factory default especially the dwell and reattempt with compressed air. If the marker is still not firing get your hands on a new solenoid for it.

I have an a5 paintball gun with electronic trigger, when i hook it to air and pull the trigger, the hopper is not moving!!!
ANSWER : On the A5 the hopper or Cyclone feed is powered thru a small tube on the feeder side
of the gun. Make sure that tube is connected and if so, pull it off and see if air is flowing
thru it when you pull the trigger. If not, the internal passage may be blocked. Tear down
the gun and clean out the obstruction. If there is a pulse of air coming out the tube when firing
then it may be the Cyclone feed mechanism. Just unscrew the 3 phillips head bolts
under the Cyclone and observe the air driven gear drive. Air up the marker and see
what is moving or not moving. Complete replacement upgrade Cyclone gear drives
are available that say they increase performance if you cant get it moving.
Here is your manual

Spyder sonix pro paint ball gun shoots but when i shoot fast the paintballs break why and how do i fix it
ANSWER : You can read the reviews here, it may help you figure out the issue:

My kawasaki 400 bayou runs but doesnt have enough power that it u
ANSWER : I found all spark plugs do not work well in the Bayou, especially NGK….try a champiion spark may fix the problem.
My Bayou use to stall all the time with the NGK spark plug, but runs good with the Champion spark plug.

I have a tippmann custom pro with a cyclone feeder. I recently got the SAW stock to put on it and encountered some problems many times after I reassembled the gun. I took it apart at least 5 times before I thought it was fixed but now ive encountered another problem. I believe it has to do with the cyclone feeder not responding or something is out of line in the gun. When I picked up the gun to shoot, no paint came out so I took off the CO2 and the barrel and saw that the paintball was 1/3 inside the gun. I also have a problem when im shooting it sometimes does really fast burst. Thank you
ANSWER : Hi there. Tippmann markers are super tough to make sure that they are put back together properly. The stupid clamshell design plus all the little, under engineered parts make it difficult to get it back together properly, especially after installing a stock. I was in the paintball industry for 10 years but have been out of it for a little bit, but i was one of the founding members of Uprising Nation and was a gunsmith/ salesman for / Xtremes. Now with that said…I even had trouble with the tippmann 98’s…and I can rebuild an autococker with my eyes closed but can sometimes be stumped by the tippy’s bad design. It is really tough to diagnose an issue on these guns without looking at it. You may have the ball detent backwards,l missing a pin, sometimes the after market stocks on those are a little too large on the outside diameter preventing the internals from properly seating. The cycloce system may be off due to the valves not meing properly aligned or the connecting rod not being in all the way. Many times though it is incorrect installation of the detent or the deternt gets damages. That little orange peice of **** flap is a mance. I would start there.

It may seem like i am bashing your gun. Im not… Once they are put together properly they work great. Just DONT TAKE THEM APART. lol. If you buy the parts at a local gun shop they will install them for free.

lol I have 6 guns for sale πŸ™‚

Have a good day

My alpha black paintball gun is shooting 1 to 5 then stopping.
ANSWER : Sounds like it needs to be oiled. A couple of drops in the small hole where your bottle screws on.
Replace bottle and dry fire to see if you got it. Cleaning is just as important. Internals need to be cleaned
and lubed often. I know it’s late but hope it helps someone.

My electronic paintball gun works, but the gun won’t shoot. i think the co2 doesn’t feed well because it doesn’t make a loud sound when i shoot. and i have a co2 meter that shows that the tank is full. what is the problem and how do i fix it?
ANSWER : I have a spyder vs1 the lights come on but it wont shoot i pull the trigger but nothing happens at all