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I have a atk125a go kart and it won’t start… Gets fire and gas.. It will crank over and over but won’t run. Had the cdi checked and it was good. No fire to the kill switch.. Please help i’m about to pull my hair out. Please e-mail me at [email protected] with answers….

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Go-karts are a huge amount of fun, but often lack the most basic of mechanical conveniences such as a reverse gear. You can`t start a small four-stroke engine in reverse, so their simple chain drive transmissions lack the extra cogs to make it happen.
One of the more common reasons for go-kart acceleration problems is the result of a clogged or damaged carburetor. Therefore, you should check if your carb is running optimally. The carburetor is responsible for mixing a proper air to fuel ratio before the flows into the engine.
Oversteer is where the rear of your kart loses traction, causing the kart to feel very `tail happy`, which can often catch beginners by surprise and result in the kart fully spinning out. The simplest way to fix this problem is to ensure the kart is steering straight under braking.
If you`re go-kart won`t start, it can usually be fixed by fixing spark plug issues, replacing stale fuel, cleaning the air filters, ensuring that you have the right engine settings and unclogging the carburetor.
You`ll need to have achieved very high speeds for a kart to flip. Anything between 70-140mph (112-225km/h) is considered very fast, and the higher the speed, the more likely your go-kart is to flip.
A reverse gearbox is a mechanical component that is connected to the transmission (most commonly a torque converter) and rear axle of a go-kart. The input shaft of the reverse gearbox connects to the driven pulley of the torque converter, whereas the output shaft connects to the rear axle via a sprocket and a chain.
They don`t overheat.

You may have heard the myth that electric karts tend to overheat, but that`s just not true. Older go karts may have experienced overheating issues in the past, but not the karts we use!

Yes, you can race go-karts on a wet track.

Karts aren`t as fast as cars, so karting in the rain is possible, and it`s very challenging, as I said above.

Everything on a kart is there for a reason; there is no excess. There`s an engine, one seat, two pedals, and four tires. No ABS, no power steering, no traction control, no stability control, nothing.
One of the most important components of an electric kart is the battery. So, we will help you compare the most common solutions: lead acid or lithium. Most of the electric karts on the market equip lead acid batteries.
Check power and fuel: When a go kart engine won`t start, it is usually because of a lack of electricity or fuel restrictions. The first thing you`ll want to do is check your battery and make sure it has a 100 percent charge. The next quick step is to check your gas to make sure you have flow to the engine.
Karts vary widely in speed, and some (known as superkarts) can reach speeds exceeding 160 kilometres per hour (100 mph), while recreational go-karts intended for the general public may be limited to lower speeds.
The Kandi 200cc – technically having a displacement of 177.3cc – off-road go-kart comes with a 4-stroke gas-powered engine that can reach top speeds of up to 38 mph, which is faster than off-road go-karts with similar specifications.
Yes, every go-kart has gears (at least one).

Go-karts can be automatic or manual, but every single one has gears.

To drift your kart, you`ll need to deliberately oversteer before a corner. This will make your go-kart go sideways, which will stop the wheels from rolling (so you won`t have any grip). A go-kart only builds up speed when its wheels are rolling on the track, so this is where you lose all your momentum.
You need to hold the steering wheel with both hands because most go karts don`t have power steering, which makes it hard to turn a kart with one hand. The best way to control the kart is to grip the steering wheel in the same spot on each side. Mirror your grip on each side so you can drive the cart safely.
The Kinetik electric go-kart uses an entirely 3D-printed body. Those wings don`t just add to the striking appearance, they`re actually functional due to the go-kart`s top speed of 96 km/h (60 mph).
You`ll be fine going alone, I haven`t but I`ve been in pairs before a few times, they normally try and fill the majority of spaces in a session so it won`t be just you on the track. Try it, see how you get on. fido said: I do this all the time – sometimes to fill in the gaps between journeys or if I have a day off.
When you press down the accelerator pedal and get minimal output, it could mean you have a problem with your fuel system. The most probable issue is a clogged fuel filter. Your fuel filter works to ensure that dirt and debris do not get into the fuel system.
A vehicle`s acceleration problems could arise from a number of different issues. These include, but are not limited to, a dirty air filter, low fuel pressure, or clogged fuel injectors. A problem with the mass airflow sensor, throttle position sensor, or engine speed sensor can also cause a car to accelerate slowly.
While karting rarely results in blood or tears – if you follow the rules and safety protocols, it does often result in pain. And in that, the feeling that you`ve left your full ability to move without discomfort on the track. That`s common, and it means you are on the right track; giving it your all.
John Sefcik, owner of SRS Kart Racing Engines, has found through testing that optimum temperatures are 135°F for (Stock Moto) kart engines that do not have engine-case cooling and 140°F for TaG-type engines that have coolant circulating through the passages below the cylinder.
While you certainly can pretty much do anything while drunk, the answer is no! You shouldn`t go go-karting when you`re drunk. There are many things that can go wrong while under the influence of alcohol and in worst case can cause serious injury or even death to you and others.
Environmental Impact

Electric go karts are extremely environmentally friendly. According to the EPA, gas-powered engines like those in go karts produce the same emissions in just an hour as a typical car driving 350 miles.

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My transmission is stuck in reverse. The gear shift moves to neutral and back into reverse. When you put it to forward then the engine just dies out because the forward gear is competing with the reverse gear.
How do I fix this?
ANSWER : It sounds like the clutch has gone and needs to be replaced. This is a job for a mechanic.

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Ez-go golf cart press accelerator pedal and nothing happens
ANSWER : The first thing I would do is lift the seat and check the battery connections. Those batteries are notorious for corrosion at the terminals. Make sure every connection is clean and solid, as in no loose, corroded or frayed battery cables. Next, if the batteries check out, toggle the run/tow switch, also under the seat to make sure it is fully engaged into the run position, and finally check the forward/reverse lever to make sure the connections are clean and tight.

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I have a BT-10 baitcasting reel Bass Tour Series, I need a couple of parts for it, 1) nylon gear on worm gear or entire worm gear/w gear,also the opposing internal nylon gear, can anyone HELP ME.

send me a schematic I’ll give a part no. THANKS

ANSWER : Hello there, to get the parts you dont need a schematic if you have the part number. Simply provide us with the part number and we can help you locate the parts which you want. Hope this is okay by you? Hoping to get the part number sent so we can help locate the parts soonest.Hope this support has been helpful?Thank you for visiting FixYa.

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2011 ninja 1000 fuel pump not coming on
first cycle of the key, but injectors come on.

Engine killed when i hit a bump and let out clutch.
I restarted it and let out clutch and it killed again.
I parked the bike on the stand and let it sit for an hour, then i restarted it and the bike started up, when i gave it gas it backed fire.
Do you think it could be the fuel pump or relay? The shop thinks it could be the kick stand switch, but even acts up on neutral and the gas pump doesn’t come on first cycle of key when cold. Only injectors come on.

ANSWER : I would agree with the shop, as far as check the simply things first.while trouble shooting you want to start with the easy things, if you jump right into the pricey things and that is not it you have spent money and time and still have the problem. If you have a multimeter it will make this pretty easy. put your meter on the ohm setting and open and close the switch ( sidestand, clutch, ect.) if one of your safety swtich is not working right it will make your bike act up. start with that and if they are all working as they should please let me know and we can go deeper into it. I had a bike come into the shop that would cut out while riding, every bump every turn. I chased my tail because i didn’t start simple. i sent a lot of time and ended up paying for a fuel pump out of pocket because that wasn’t the problem. All the switches where working and nothing seemed right everything was working. after a few days while raising the bike on the left i notched the side stand moving a little with ever little bump on the way up. long story short the spring on the side stand had lost it’s ” spring” and won’t hold the side stand up right, every bump every turn the side stand moved a little letting the switch open and kill the bike .let me know what you find and if you need more help I’ll get and send you the wiring diagram and we can start work out the problem.M.Woodring

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We have a xuv 300cc 4 stroke,liquidcooled all-terrian vehicle Catgory G. It was always a little difficult to put into gear and now it won;t go into gear at all. Low, high or reverse. Please tell us what needs to be adjusted or done. Thank you
ANSWER : Hello. Generally when an atv will not go into gear it is simply because it is idling too fast. Turn down the idle a wee bit at a time until it does go into gear. Joe

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Loud noise when furnace starts but furnace won’t come on.
ANSWER : Your fan delay relay has failed and must be replaced.

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Goes forward but not reverse??
ANSWER : I jest want a printe down loaded to my conputer.

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