correct no darts tips in the board.
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Each player attempts to score in each number from 1 through 20 in order. Each player throws 3 darts per turn. If a correct number is hit, he/she tries for the next number in sequence. The first player to reach 20 is the winner.
The goal of 9 Lives is to hit every number on the dartboard in numerical order. Players start at 1 and go up to the 20 and then finally the bull. Each player gets three darts per turn. It is possible to hit multiple numbers in the same turn.
To play by yourself, the only numbers on the dartboard you need to think about are the numbers 20 through 15 and the bullseye. Throwing three darts per turn, try to hit three marks for each number in order to win. If you throw a dart in the area labelled single, you get a point.
In the dart golf game, the bullseye is used as part of a three-part tie breaker that also includes the treble twenty. Hitting three bullseyes in darts is known as the “Alan Evans shot“.
For example, throwing a dart into the colored inner ring of the 12-point sliver results in 36 points.
There is a wide variety of “01” games: 301, 501, 701, 901, 1101, and 1501! Since the last 2 digits are all “01”, these games are called “Zero One/Oh-One“.
51 by 5`s Overview:

If your total score for a three dart round is not divisible by 5, then your score for that round is zero. If any dart misses the board entirely, all three darts thrown in that round do not count. Players must score exactly 51 points using all three darts on their final throw to win.

Players take turns throwing three darts at the board, trying to hit 15 through 20 and the bullseye. If you hit any other number, nothing happens. Cricket requires each person to “close out” numbers, meaning players have to score each number (15 through 20) and the bullseye three times before the game can end.
The championship starts out with a best of five sets format in the first and second rounds, with that increasing as the tournament progresses until the final which involves a best of 13 sets.
Time per day

The most any practice day should be is 3.5 hours, which equals a maximum of four full sessions with proper breaks. If you are going for a big practice day then you will need to lengthen the breaks in-between each hour, making the actual practice day last almost 5-6 hours.

The lower the weight, the harder you will have to throw. If you like to throw with a lot of force, a lighter dart may be the way to go. If you have a more relaxed style of throwing, heavier is probably better. If your dart is going higher than your intended aim, try a heavier dart.
Darts is both a professional shooting sport and a traditional pub game. Darts is commonly played in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and recreationally enjoyed around the world.
By playing darts, you can slowly but surely train physical and mental skills like hand-eye coordination, motor control, concentration, problem-solving skills, and mathematical thinking. It doesn`t matter how awful you are when you start, or how quickly you can recapture your dart skills from your younger days.
It might seem obvious to aim for the highest-scoring section of a dartboard, but if you`re not a super accurate shot there may be a better target for you. The answer to this one might seem obvious: aim for the highest-scoring part of the board, which is the treble 20.
Here is the result. 9 scores are not possible. 163, 166, 169, 172, 173, 175, 176, 178 and 179. Score with most combinations is 60 (619 ways to score 60 points).
The thin inner ring of the board, it usually counts for three times the number hit. Triple in, triple out. An x01 game that requires a triple throw to start and win. Turkey. 30 points.
Bed and breakfast: A score of 26 achieved by hitting a single 1, a single 5 and a single 20 within one round, called a bed and breakfast because breakfast used to cost 26 pence. Black eye: When a player hits a double bullseye with all three darts used in the round — also called a black hat.
In both “301 and “501”, the basic principle is subtraction of your score from the initial score of either “301” or 501”, the winner being the first to reduce his score to exactly zero.
Killer Darts Overview

Players throw a dart with their non-dominate hand to determine their number. No two players can have the same number. Each player has three lives, once your double is hit three times you`re out of the game. Once you hit a double of your number you become a killer.

Dart is a powerful and versatile programming language that is well-suited for building complex, high-performance applications. It is relatively easy to learn and has a large and active community. The language is intended for building web, server, and mobile apps.
A nine-dart finish, also known as a nine-darter, is a perfect leg or single game in the sport of darts. The object of the game is to score a set number of points, most commonly 501; in order to win, a player must reach the target total exactly and hit a double scoring area with their last dart.
Remember, they must finish on exactly zero, and they must finish with a double. If they go below zero or score the exact amount needed without hitting a double segment to finish, no score is marked.
That is all 3 of your darts landing in the triple 20 segment of the dartboard. 180 is also known as a “Ton 80” or “Max Score.” Hitting the triple 20 is extremely difficult to achieve, and hitting it three times in a row is quite the feat, one which only the true masters of the sport can manage to do consistently.

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What is the correct AC adaptor for this model ?
ANSWER : Been looking all over for mine and found no help online. Just found the adapter in a box so heres my info:Output: 9.0V 0.5AOn the connector itself, outside is positive, inside is negative.Model Number of adapter is SCF0900050A1BAHope this helps somebody in the future… Or at least I find this page again next time I misplace the adapter

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How do I order a replacement part for a sportcraft foosball table? I cannot find a contact number for the company
ANSWER : Oooh, that’s not good! Yea, sometime is hard to find the information of brands. Check at for more info, here is the link… Complete Guide to Best Foosball Table Reviews 2016

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What is the correct ac adaptor for this model
ANSWER : Contact DMI, I’m sure they will supply one. The manual lists 2,
6V 300ma and 9V 500ma.I’m sure they will advise, there is a contact number. Parts Warranty
It’s a coaxial plug but I could not determine the diameter although this will probably work Amazon com Velleman PSSMV1USA 3 12Vdc Switching Power Supply Industrial…
use plug that fits and set to 6 volt and make sure polarity is correct (the socket on the dartboard will prob show that the centre is +ve with a little diagram but do check to be sure)

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When the dart hits it momentarily shows the score and then deletes the score with a verbal “miss”.
ANSWER : Buy a dartboard that has no electronics. On these devices the dart stays in the place it arrives at and you can read the numbers on the board to see what the score is. This is far cheaper than repairing or replacing your electronic dartboard.

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I need a manual for electronic dart board model number 78085
ANSWER : Electronic dart board model number 78085

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Help! Just bought a Remington 30 06 for my grandson that has a Bushnell Sportview U4124 4-12power scope mounted on it. I would like to sight it in at 100 yards using a 180 grain shell but I don’t have the owners manual and I don’t understand an on line explanation that I found. This is the on line message: “You’ll see two horizontal crosshairs, put the top one on the animals back then zoom in until the bottom one is on his stomach. Look at the numbers on the zoom dial there should be three lines they are D – deer, E – elk and A – antelope. The numbers are the distance to the game, you then turn the external elevation knob or turret to the matching distance and shoot dead on. No need to hold over for bullet drop. The sad part will be if you didn’t get the other turrets that would have come with it as they are calibrated to different calibers and bullet weights”
I don’t understand how to set the elevation knob to 100yards when its lowest shown number is 150. If I need other turrets how or where can I get them? Thanks, a frustrated grandfather.
ANSWER : You can contact the Remington directly who will ship you a free users manual. Here is the company’s Contact Us details:

You may also find the required answer in the official help center. It covers almost every fields. Here is the link:

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What if the puck lands mostly in a higher numbered column but slightly on the line of the lower number before it? Can I score it as a higher value since it is mostly in that number zone?
ANSWER : Unfortunately
not, a puck needs to land entirely in a zone for it to be awarded that point
value. If it rests between two zones,
then you are awarded the lesser value in points.

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