as to how to obtain a copy of the registration. Thank you
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There possibly are no registration papers /records

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The revolver is priced at Rs. 79,263 (approx.
Quite remarkable, given that this particular gun was manufactured in 1965!
Revolvers – The official serial number is located on the bottom of the butt of the frame. Some revolvers also have the serial number located on the inside of the frame, in the yoke area.
The Smith & Wesson Model 30, known as the 32 Hand Ejector revolver, chambered in . 32 Long, came in three barrel lengths and with either a round or square butt. This one at 70 percent condition is valued at $295.
Smith & Wesson Model 29

This classic revolver is popular for hunting due to its powerful chambering in . 44 Magnum, a powerful cartridge suitable for hunting medium to large game. The Model 29 is one of the classic Smith and Wesson revolvers and is well-known by revolver enthusiasts.

32 Long Colt and . 32 S&W Long are not interchangeable due to differences in case and bullet diameter. More popular in Europe than North America, Colt was the most prominent American manufacturer which chambered any weapons in . 32 Long Colt, most notably the Police Positive.
In 1957, when S&W started issuing model numbers to its revolvers, the revolver that had started as the Registered (and later the postwar .
The Colt Paterson revolver was the first practical revolving-cylinder handgun ever made. Invented by Samuel Colt in 1831 and patented in 1836, the Colt Paterson revolver became synonymous with Texas.
Maxim machine gun, first fully automatic machine gun (q.v.), developed by engineer and inventor Hiram Maxim in about 1884, while he was residing in England. It was manufactured by Vickers and was sometimes known as the Vickers-Maxim and sometimes just Vickers.
With a few very rare exceptions, all Smith & Wesson firearms have the serial number stamped on the bottom or the front of the grip. This is the most authoritative place to check the gun`s serial number. On some S&W revolvers, other numbers can be seen when the cylinder is swung out of the frame.
If the firearm is a revolver, the model number can be found on the frame near the cylinder. The model number may be preceded by the letters “S&W” or simply “SW”.
The ultra rare Smith & Wesson Model 320 was a revolving rifle produced by Smith & Wesson in the late 19th century. The Smith & Wesson Model 320 Revolving Rifle is one of Smith & Wesson`s rarest products.
Lightweight, reliable and useful, these are superb close-range handguns. Revolvers won`t jam should it need to be fired against an attacker`s body. These handguns demand practice but are more accurate than most would think. Top to bottom: Smith & Wesson J-, L- and K-frame revolvers.
Is 32 ACP Ammo Hard to Find? Finding 32 ACP ammo in stock near me can sometimes be a bit tricky as it is not as popular as other calibers like the 9mm, 45 ACP, or 357 Magnum. However, we have a wide variety of 32 ACP ammo for sale here at to fulfill all your shooting needs.
32 ACP isn`t perfect. It`s not the most powerful caliber, and it is lacking in some departments. It`s not the perfect caliber for carry, but it might be the perfect caliber for someone. The low recoil and small size make it fairly attractive in a tiny gun, and it can do the minimum to stop a threat.
The Smith & Wesson Model 10, previously known as the Smith & Wesson .38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899, the Smith & Wesson Military & Police or the Smith & Wesson Victory Model, is a K-frame revolver of worldwide popularity.
Smith & Wesson Model 29

Perhaps the epitome of a great . 44 Magnum revolver, the Model 29 is built on S&W`s N-frame, making it controllable but not outlandishly large, and entirely aside from its lore-based popularity, it`s an imminently practical six-shooter.

Hands down the most popular rimfire caliber for revolvers is 22 LR. The reason 22 LR is a popular revolver caliber is simple: 22 LR ammo is inexpensive and has little recoil.
32 Long is well known as an unusually accurate cartridge. This reputation led Police Commissioner Roosevelt to select it as an expedient way to increase officers` accuracy with their revolvers in New York City.
32 bore comes with 76.2 mm barrel, a range 15 to 20 meters and is only 177.8 mm in length.
There are a few . 32 handgun models still out there, and they actually bring a lot to the table for the interested party. You might think it could be hard to find a gun holster for such a rare chambering, but you`d be surprised.
The Smith & Wesson Model 1 was the first firearm manufactured by Smith & Wesson, with production spanning the years 1857 through 1882.
The “Model” of a pistol distinguishes different guns within the same “Make”. For example, Glock produces various numbered Models, with the “17” and “19” among the most popular. Model numbers or names are often stamped or engraved on the barrel or slide, often along with the Make.
Smith & Wesson, American firearms manufacturer based in Springfield, Massachusetts. It is one of the most famous firearms brands in the world. The partnership was first founded in 1852 by Horace Smith (1808–93) and Daniel B.

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I have a Smith and Wesson model 36 five shot
ANSWER : Hope you did not loose any parts. Take it apart again or take it to a gun smith. I would take it apart again first. you might also want to sweep the area with a magnet like the ones from the builder supply store, before you vacuum. you might just find a missing clip, spring or pin.

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I had a gun stolen that I’m trying to file an insurance claim on. It is a Smith and Wesson serial number ok 34994. Can you please tell me what the model number was? Thank you
ANSWER : Ask here

Serial Number data base

some info here.

Lots of info including dates as long as you know the type, hand gun, rifle or shotgun?

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I have a rare(they only made 957) Smith&Wesson .32 acp semi-automatic pistol,which I don’t know how to disassemble for cleaning. If I had a owners manual or a copy of one…..problem solved!!!!!
ANSWER : Do you have a model number?

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How to reassemble smith and wesson subcompact
ANSWER : Go to and request a manual for it

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How do I obtain owners manuals for Smith&Wesson models 1076 10mm auto and S&W 500 revolver?
ANSWER : You guessed it. Email S&W. Might charge you shipping. Look for 800 number online as well.

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Smith &wesson, lady smith 38 special
ANSWER : M-36-7 is the model #. Research for current value.

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How old is my Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun? I want to look up the serial number so I can know its age and worth.
ANSWER : So go to ,I sow program n TV ,which gays buying and selling stuff.Will tell you what is worth.

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