side where the tension lever is. How should I fix this? Thanks so much for your help.
Revolution Home Gym

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I can help you with your Bowflex Revolution home-gym problem with a loose cable.Follow these steps to untangle / remove the slack of your Bowflex Revolution cable:

Take the sides and top off the main unit (you will need a very long, think Phillips screwdriver to get on e of the screws out.)
Remove the 5lb plates for the spiraflex weights.
Pull out the tension knob.
Move the inner wheel clockwise, making sure the bands are straight down, not angled, & that the ‘counter weights’ are resting on the springs inside.
Then replace the plates and sides.I hope that helps.___________________________________________Download Bowflex Revolution Assembly ManualDownload Bowflex Revolution User Manual

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Moving & Storing Your Machine

To move your machine, raise the adjustable arms to the 0 position and make sure they are locked in place. Raise the seat rail system, pull the pop pin on the lower seat rail at the leg extension assembly, and use the handle to lift the seat rail assembly into place.

You should see a small screw on the flat/closed side of the bobbin case. Turning the screw a tiny bit counterclockwise will loosen the bobbin tension; turning it clockwise will tighten the tension.
Within each FlexPack is a heavy-duty spiral spring that rotates and wraps more and more tightly around the center to create resistance as you perform an exercise. So the power of a workout on the Bowflex Revolution comes from resistance rather than from a weighted load.
Grab onto the handles near your hips and get ready to press! Take a deep breath, then brace your core like you`re doing a crunch. To complete the movement, engage your legs, pushing the weight away from your body until your knees are extended, and exhale while you push. Never lock your knees at the end of the motion!
Press POWER to turn off the treadmill. NOTE: For an immediate stop, press the POWER button, the STOP button or remove the safety pull pin. CAUTION – THE BELT WILL STOP ABRUPTLY. If the safety key is removed from the treadmill while it is in use, the treadmill will stop immediately.
If your goal is to be fit and healthy, eat clean and exercise 30-50 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week. Whatever your fitness goals, go for it with gusto.
Go Bowflex. Great app that creates workouts suited to my capabilities and workout history. Very easy to use.
One of the old cables had snapped in half,and I;m so impressed with the way that the new cables improve the look and performance of my bowflex that I`ll most likely replace all the old ones. The new cables are easy to hook up,and they`re so quiet and smooth when in use.
The dial settings run from 0 to 9, so 4.5 is generally the `default` position for normal straight-stitch sewing.
Product Introduction

This device transmits the real-time heart rate data through a Bluetooth® connection to a heart rate receiving device or App. This will help you manage your fitness level and exercise routine. (This product is for sport purposes only and it is not meant to replace any medical advice.)

The Bowflex provides resistance via a cable, pulley and rod mechanism. As you push/pull the handles, the cables pull on the rod bars, which provides resistance for the user. As the movement continues, the resistance provided by the rod increases, making it harder at the end of a movement than at the start.
Bowflex home gyms are designed to provide a full-body workout using a cable resistance system. This system uses flexible cables and pulleys to provide resistance when you perform exercises. The cables are connected to a weight stack, allowing you to adjust the resistance you feel during your workouts.
The Bowflex provides resistance via a cable, pulley and rod mechanism. As you push/pull the handles, the cables pull on the rod bars, which provides resistance for the user. As the movement continues, the resistance provided by the rod increases, making it harder at the end of a movement than at the start.

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Pulley system “off track” inside main frame of 2005 boflex revolution
ANSWER : I had same problem. I fixed it by taking plastic sides off using a long phillips head screwdriver. Jay, you don’t have to take the sides off to fix your problem. The sides come off only to untangle and rewind cables on pulleys. Pull the cables all the way out. Have a helper pull out and keep holding out the tension knob This is shown at the bottom of page nine in the manual. With someone holding the tension knob out turn the large pully located beneith the tension knob CLOCKWISE! I screwed mine up by turning it counter-clockwise. This winds the handle to the top and if you start with all the cable pulled off the pully, the cable should then wind itself nicely back onto the pully. Once the handle is all the way up, with the round ball on the cable jammed up against the pully, then and only then let go of the tension knob and let it fall back into place. If the handle falls down a few inches repeat this proceedure but push lower pully a bit harder and try to turn tension knob, while it is pulled out, in the opposite direction and it will then click into place one notch tighter and should hold the black ball on the cable firmly against the pulley. Let me know if this was helpful.


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My swimming pool. I have just had my fifth IC 40 Intellichlor chlorine generator installed in 4 years at a cost of over $900 today. Each one has worked for no more than 8 months. The first three were replaces under three year warranty, the fourth by a factory rep and I bought the fifth today. The first three all failed with Flow Chk PCB error message. The fourth just stopped working on Sunday, no power or lights. A local Pentair warranty person, whom I paid a Service Call, unplugged the unit, opened the small power center cover, showed me the green light indicating that there was power, plugged in a new IC 40 which worked immediately (as did the other four). I asked if I should replace the power center and he said that it’s basically just a transformer and is working fine. We do get occasional power blips that make the clocks on microwaves, etc blink, but I thought that the power center essentially isolates the cell from these. I do have a Florida Power and Light surge protector on the electrical box that brings power into the house. I have now talked to the pool builder, two Pentair warranty repairmen and one factory rep. I am at a loss. They all tell me they have no idea why these units fail after less than a year. This last IC 40 was installed 3/24/2010, version 2.0 and now failed in less than 5 months. Should I replace the power center that the IC 40 plugs into. Any other suggestions. I have been told that this is the best chlorinator. I don’t want to keep replacing units. By the way, each unit had been spotless inside. I keep the water chemicals and salt levels at ideal levels. The units have never worked long enough to get dirty inside. The power center is connected to an Intellitouch control system outside with an indoor control panel. Last time I called Pentair North Carolina and got some smart alec tech person that had no suggestions. Please Help if you can.
ANSWER : I’ve had the same experiance. On my fifth one as well. Fail every year. No idea why.

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ANSWER : Try a new plug sometimes a plug will not fire under compression. also adj the valves

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Jayco lift system cable replacement
ANSWER : Try this link and see if it will help you any with the info that you need. Sure hope this helps you find resolution to the problem. Best wishes.

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I have a yamaha raptor 4 wheeler. I can not get it to start until I unplug the regulator module in the back or the conection plug on left side of machine. the electrical line comes from the regulator through the plug down into left side of engine. not sure what is in there? with machine running if I plug the lines together it will die Unplug and it will fire right up. Any help?
Thanks RW
ANSWER : You most defiantly have a short you need to trace the wires down
and find out witch one is grounded

you may even have a bad alternator that’s grounded or the regulator
the way they make things to day its very hard to test some units

its all going to be trial and error

hope this helps you

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Missing left side saftey and attachment screw
ANSWER : Try Numrich gun parts america. They have parts for virtually any firearm you can find. Type in Numrich into the web. Allan 393

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I bought a new mossberg 590 a1 shot gun a month ago, I love the gun but its having a couple of problems, the first problem is that when shooting every once in a while i get sprayed in the face with exuast from shooting through the safety very scary! any ideas whats causing this? how to fix it? second is that some times the fireing pin sticks and the gun will not discharge a round? the third problem is that i have had feeding issues with gun where it will not realice a gound from the tube, ive taken a tip of a knife to the stuck round in the tube and it prys out with little effort, these problems dont happen every time i go shooting, just every once in a while, but they a happening more and more, im conserned cause the gun is brand new, and i wanna be safe while shooting, can you guys help me? any ideas/solutions? please help!!!!!!!
ANSWER : Personally, with that many problems, I’d call Mossberg and get a return authorization. None of these things should be happening, especially with a new gun.

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