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There are not really any great solutions and depending what country/state you are in, the law is often that passengers must be able to reach the footrests to ride on the back. There are a few modifications where wooden blocks are attached to the flip out rests but these only gain you a couple of inches which I doubt is enough.Another option is to just forget the feet and if you wear a grab handle harness around your waist your son can get a very good grip on that.Best solution is to wait until your son is old enough (probably not until is is at least 9 or 10). Have a look on for more ideas.

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Taking children on a Vespa – this is how it works

Legislation suggests a child seat for children under seven years. Also, the rear wheel of the scooter should be fixed so that the child`s foot does not get caught in the spokes. If the child is already securely seated on the motorcycle, he or she can be taken along.

Can more than one person ride on a Vespa/Piaggio scooter? Yes, all our scooters are built to carry to riders. Bring a friend along for the fun!
Buying Options. The three-wheel Micro Maxi Deluxe and Micro Maxi Deluxe Foldable LED are recommended for kids ages 5 to 12, the widest range of any scooter we tested, and we`ve found that some 3- and 4-year-olds can master riding the Maxi Deluxe as well.
Young children and those learning to use the scooter are most at risk of injury. According to child safety experts, a scooter is an inappropriate toy for any child under eight years of age.
Scooters equal to or above 150cc are freeway, interstate and highway legal. As a suggestion, to ride on an expressway type road, such as in interstate, you`ll probably want to be on at least a 300cc scooter. Only you can decide if you are comfortable at those speeds, no matter what your scooter is capable of.
The minimum age to ride a moped is 16 years and you will need to: complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for the relevant motorcycle category.
The first 500 km you should break in the Vespa slowly, so stay below 100 km / h. However, you can also enjoy leisurely rides on the country road! Use changing speeds and do not forget to brake. If these tips are heeded, you can later also give full throttle with a clear conscience.
How does it work? The SIP lowering device simply replaces the standard rear shock hanger to drop the suspension by 20mm. This means an 850mm seat height comes down to a more manageable 830mm. That 2cm can make a big difference to a rider`s confidence.
Based on user reviews, Vespa LX 125 is a winner if you are serious about mileage, comfort, maintenance, price and features.
When it comes to scooters vs motorcycles, motorcycles are usually harder to learn to ride but have larger engines and top speeds, while scooters are more fuel efficient, cheaper and have better maneuverability. This makes scooters a good choice for urban commuters.
Childhood is a stage where kids learn and explore, so there is no appropriate age for your kids to grab a scooter. However, the best starting age can range between 3 to 4 years. The three-wheel scooter is for children between 3 to 6 years and it`s best for children laying their hands on a scooter for the first time.
One essential to consider when choosing between a 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled scooter is your child`s age. We recommend our 2-wheeled kids scooters for ages 6+ because often previous to this age, children don`t quite have the necessary balance and coordination skills to master this style of ride.
The investigators found that over 10% of the patients had a head injury, including concussions, skull fractures and internal bleeding. Broken arms were the most common injury (27%), followed by minor abrasions (22%) and lacerations that needed stitches (17%).
How fast does a Vespa / Piaggio scooter go? The top speed of a Vespa depends on its engine size and weight. A sub-50cc scooter typically can go up to 63 km/h and a 300cc scooter can go up to 128 km/h.
Vespa GTS Top Speed: The Vespa GTS is powered by a 278cc displacement. At its highest speed, the GTS travels up to 78 mph. This is also the case for the GTS Super 300.
As soon as you buy a 50cc moped from our store, your friends and family will likely want a ride. But you should make sure you are legally allowed to ride around with someone on the bag. So long as you can ride without an L-plate, you can ride with a passenger.
The rider and passengers must wear the appropriate protective clothing and helmets. Parental consent for under 18s must be provided. You should also follow any guidance from the bike manufacturer on carrying passengers e.g. weight limits and amending rear tyre pressures.
All our vespas (125cc and of course the 250 and 300 cc) are powerful enough for the uphill rides. Can our children travel on the back? Yes, children can be passengers. Although the Italian Law does not specify a minimum age for child passengers they have to be tall enough to reach the platform with their feet.
The rider and passengers must wear the appropriate protective clothing and helmets. Parental consent for under 18s must be provided. You should also follow any guidance from the bike manufacturer on carrying passengers e.g. weight limits and amending rear tyre pressures.
The minimum age to ride a moped is 16 years and you will need to: complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for the relevant motorcycle category.

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3 year old Toro Z4200 time cutter Z, 19 HP Kohler, engine runs great, new battery, new solenoid, with the seat sensor connected or by-passed, STILL WONT start off the key switch. Clicks at the kill relay. Would the kill relay be the problem?
Whats confusing is, both the green and blue posts on the solenoid have 14.01 volts when you turn the key to ‘start’ position. Did the same thing with the old solenoid, which is probably still good. I replaced it to eliminate that variable. It also ‘clicks’ at the fuel switch at the carburetor bowl, but that is only 1 lead (I assume a hot lead) so Im thinking that CANT be it.
Using the old hillybilly method, jumping across the 2 top posts on the solenoid, with the key in on position, it will start right up, run, drive and mow just fine.
So my best guess is this ‘KILL RELAY’ must be bad?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you !
ANSWER : These things are pre requisites for engine cranking: PTO/Blades are off/button pushed down, the steering arms are out/parked position, and you are in the seat. I think. Definitely the blades have to off.

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Hello, I have an old Tippman A5 (about 5-6 years
ANSWER : You will have to buy a different barrel for the A5, I would suggest,, or ebay. Make sure that you get the right threads along with an apex capeable front. I would suggest the sly carbon fibur barrels, or get a autococker barrel and a lapco adapter for your A5. Hope this helps if you have any questions just let me know.

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Rhode Gear Toddler Seat Installation Instructions?
ANSWER : The company was bought by Bell Inc and broken up and sold, The Australian company Co-Pilot bought the rights to make the seat. Eventually found the manual with this info!Hope this helps :-)

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I just purchased this Yamaha boat w/Twin MR-1 140hp motors, less than 100hrs (60 prox)and the starboard motor only reached 8000rpm on a 10000 redline spec (the port motor reaches 10000rpm. I have replaced the spark plugs immediatly and now the motor reaches 9500rpm. When the plugs were replaced the plug wire top of the plugs had a black powder residue (like graphite)and #1 & 4 plug electrode end were black minimal soot and #2 & #3 had a white color residue on the ceramic.

Any suggestions to attain the full 10000rpm?

A Yamaha dealer is 100 miles, so I would like to fix myself if possible. Thanks

ANSWER : I never rec’d an answer…..I WANT A REFUND!

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I would like to take my 10 year old son clay shooting, is there an age limit?
ANSWER : There is no age limit however
small children will not be allowed to participate for safety reasons.

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Replacement Cable Kit/ Roof Lift System for 1995 Coachmen Clipper
ANSWER : Check this out:

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I need to replace a gas valve for a furnace its a york stellar 133,000 btus the old valve number is 36E36-304 but is discontinued i need the new valve that replaces the old one and the price the model of the furnace is P3UCD20N10601A AND THE SERIAL NUMBER IS EBBM032176,can you show me a picture of the valve to compair it with my old valve
ANSWER : You will probably have to go with a “generic” gas valve. Try contacting Grainger to see if they can cross reference a workable solution.

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