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Do you have a picture of it. Chances are it’s a J frame.

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The Smith & Wesson Model 10, previously known as the Smith & Wesson . 38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899, the Smith & Wesson Military & Police or the Smith & Wesson Victory Model, is a K-frame revolver of worldwide popularity.
The I-Frame was the first of the Hand Ejector models to go into production in 1896 and was made up to 1960. It was also S&W`s first swing-out cylinder revolver. This compact frame was the basis for various six-shot . 32 and . 22 LR and five-shot .
The Smith & Wesson (S&W) Model 28, also known as the Highway Patrolman, is an N-frame revolver chambered for the . 357 Magnum cartridge, in production from 1954 to 1986.
Smith & Wesson J Frame Model 642 Airweight NL 38 S&W Special Revolver | Academy.
38 S&W boasts a 145 to 146 grain bullet and typically has a muzzle velocity from around 620 to 767 fps. The bullet weight of . 38 Special rounds generally range from 110 to 158 grain, with muzzle velocities typically staying around 700 to 1,200 fps.
The cylinder diameter of the N-frame increases again compared to the L-frame – by a massive four millimeters. In the original . 357 Magnum caliber, the wall thickness of the cylinder seems almost disproportionate, but the N-frame is also available in other calibers such as . 44 Special (S&W M24 from 1950), .
The larger L-frame cylinder is 1.560 inch in diameter as opposed to the K-frame 1.450 inch cylinder. That . 110 inch difference allows the yoke to close without milling the barrel extension. This reduces, or eliminates the risk of a cracked forcing cone.
Full-size pistols are the most common size of firearm. Full-size guns generally have an overall height of 5 or more inches, barrel length of 4 or more inches, overall length of 7 inches or more and width of at least 1 inch or more.
38 S&W Special +P, the new M&P Bodyguard 38 revolver is double action only and features a 1.875” stainless steel barrel with a lightweight, one-piece aluminum alloy upper frame, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry and personal protection.
Smith & Wesson Model 642

Boasting an aluminum alloy frame, the “Airweight” is among the lightest options (14.6 ounces) in its class. The . 38 Special revolver is also no bigger than a minute. Measuring in at a tick over 6-inches in overall length, the 642 opens a wealth of possibilities in carry style and position.

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard is a family of small J-frame revolvers with shrouded hammers manufactured by Smith & Wesson. They are available chambered in either .38 Special or .357 Magnum.
The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is a revolver produced by Smith & Wesson that was introduced in 1957 on its K-frame. The Model 19 is chambered for . 357 Magnum.
38 Special only produces 264 foot-pounds of force (147-grain bullet at 900 feet per second out of a 4-inch barrel), while standard pressure 9mm can produce 365 foot-pounds of force (124-grain bullet at 1,150 feet per second). This is 38.25% more energy at the muzzle in favor of the 9mm.
38mm Special offers low recoil when compared to the 9mm Luger. Bothe these cartridges have lesser recoil as compared to other cartridges like .
Traditionally, the most common frame sizes have been 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10. These look great in any room in your house or office! Recently, however, 5×5 picture frames have become really popular. The square frame means that you can print your Instagram photos as they are without them being cropped or cut off.
M-frame refers to the small early Ladysmith frame. Later LadySmith small revolvers were made on the somewhat larger J-frame, the standard S&W small-frame revolver.
Poor technique, faulty rounds, and mechanical problems lead to a number of reasons as to why the gun got jammed. You can reduce the odds of having your weapon jam by routinely cleaning your firearm.
Revolvers are available in three different action types. The action type describes the way a gun functions. The three action types of revolvers are Single Action (SA), Double Action (DA), or Double Action Only (DAO).
The Colt is lighter, more easily concealed, and feels like it was built with a greater level of craftsmanship. If given the choice, I`d probably pick the S&W due to it`s durability and that spare parts for the S&W are more easily found when compared to this old Colt revolver.
A full frame sensor allows for more light and information to get into the camera, which increases quality and sharpness and provides greater dynamic range. While there are higher quality sensor types out there, like medium format cameras, many professionals prefer the full-frame format.
(1) The term “frame” means the part of a handgun, or variants thereof, that provides housing or a structure for the component (i.e., sear or equivalent) designed to hold back the hammer, striker, bolt, or similar primary energized component prior to initiation of the firing sequence, even if pins or other attachments …
38 Special was touted as a perfect women`s gun because it was small, light and super simple to operate.
. 38 S&W ammo is not as popular as it used to be, though at least four major manufacturers still produce the cartridge. Lead round nose bullets are the most common, but it is possible to find full metal jacket bullets and even some hollow point ammo.
Not only are they not interchangeable – they are designed for altogether different types of firearms. The . 38 Super is a semi-auto round, whereas the . 38 Special is designed specifically for revolvers!

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Information on my 38 special ctg, I have this hand gun model # 10-5 but it also has h-10, and 43345 when you let the cylinder out. It has #2D02062 on the bottom of the handle on the frame stamp.
ANSWER : Sorry but we are not gunSmith and wesson advisors try a gun shop locally or Google smith and wesson

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I just got a revolver smith and wesson barrel says 38 s&w special cartridge. Inside frame with cylinder open is stamped 4379 and sn on bottom of frame is 279032 Thanks
ANSWER : A few different model S & W 38 cal revolvers made
can you add a photo to your question
do you have measurements of the barrel
Smith Wesson

contact a S and W collector or gun auction or dealers web site
Guns for Sale Gun Auctions

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How to reassemble smith and wesson subcompact
ANSWER : Go to and request a manual for it

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I have a Smith and Wesson model 36 five shot
ANSWER : Hope you did not loose any parts. Take it apart again or take it to a gun smith. I would take it apart again first. you might also want to sweep the area with a magnet like the ones from the builder supply store, before you vacuum. you might just find a missing clip, spring or pin.

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I have a model 10-7 smith and Wesson .38 snub nose and want to know if it is safe to shoot the .38 spl+p?
ANSWER : Uncomfortable, but possible.

Tom606 Says:
July 9th, 2014
Every gun owner should have at least one .38 snubbie of some sort for a backup piece. I currently have a S&W 37 and 38, both finished in Teflon with Uncle Mike’s boot grip stocks. I’ve carried both at the same time in Uncle Mike’s vest holsters attached to the straps of my Second Chance vest when I worked in bad areas during my years in patrol, and just one when I was transferred to a nicer neighborhood. The guns are simple to use and powerful enough for close range use.
As far as accuracy, both S&Ws could make head shots at 25 yards, but does take a longer time as the small sights are more difficult to see. I once had a 1970’s Colt Cobra which could bounce 12 oz soda cans at 50 yards all day long when fired single action. I have settled on Bianchi speed strips for reloading as they’re compact and easy to carry. I can’t see packing bulky speedloaders for a backup gun.
Since both of my current S&W are alloy framed guns and the older models (I do not, and would not have) any S&W with the internal/infernal lock, I shoot light loads for practice using 158 grain lead bullets with a light charge of Bullseye powder for a velocity of approx. 750 fps. I keep them loaded with Speer .38+P 125 grain Gold Dot and shoot off the five rounds in the guns at the end of every year and reload them with fresh ammo.
I don’t carry my snubbies much nowadays as I prefer my Kimber Solo and Kahr Covert in .40 S&W as they’re more powerful and easier to shoot. However, the snubbie is the perfect gun for ankle holster use because of it’s shape. It’s cylinder fits right behind the ankle bone and it’s lower height and rounded corners make it much more concealable than any medium framed handgun. Personally I cannot carry any firearm other than a .25 auto in an ankle holster due to extreme discomfort after awhile.

Massad Ayoob Blog Archive HOW TO SHOOT GREAT WITH SNUB NOSE 38

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Smith wesson serial lookup
ANSWER : These may help:
The best source is :
These may help too:
Good luck…

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Smith &wesson, lady smith 38 special
ANSWER : M-36-7 is the model #. Research for current value.

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