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Halex electronic dartboard model # 65040
Halex Dart Board Instructions eHow

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9V AC/DC Power Adapter Works with Halex Dart Board Power Payless.
Push the NM sheathed cable through the connector from the outside of the box and secure it. The Plastic Cable Connectors also snap into the box, but require an extra step. Place the separate piece of the fitting into the slot, located in the center of the fitting, then clamp down onto the cable with pliers.
The spider wire is what separates all of the dartboard segments and denotes each area.
The official regulation dartboard height to hang it on a wall is five feet eight inches from the floor to the center of the bullseye. In addition, the height is the same whether you use a steel tip, soft tip, or electronic dartboard.
Each player starts with a score of 501. The score for each turn is calculated and deducted from the players total. Bullseye scores 50, the outer ring scores 25 and a dart in the double or treble ring counts double or treble the segment score.
For clarity`s sake, here is the way the numbers on a modern, standard dartboard are organized, from the top position going clockwise: 20, 1, 18, 4, 13, 6, 10, 15, 2, 17, 3, 19, 7, 16, 8, 11, 14, 9, 12, 5.
The arrangement of the numbers around the circumference of a standard dart board is as shown below 20 1 18 4 13 6 10 15 2 17 3 19 7 16 8 11 14 9 12 5 Oddly enough, no one seems to know for sure how this particular arrangement was selected. It evidently dates back at least 100 years.
If your problem is the dart going into the board then falling out, the dart may be too light. A lighter dart does not penetrate the board as deep as a heavier one and will fall out more often. Try a heavier dart to see if there is any change.
The red bullseye is double and worth 50 points. There are many different ways to score a game of darts; here are some of the basic classic games one can play. These games are called Cricket and 501.
The official distance is 237cm (7 feet, 9.25 inches) from the front of your dartboard to the back of the throw line (aka Oche or toe line).
Jelinek Cork heavy density dart board backer sheets are designed to allow stray darts easy penetration without “bouncing” away and damaging the darts or injuring spectators. Sheets are 24” (approx. 600mm) x 36” (approx. 900mm) in size and are a full 1” (25mm) thick.
To decide who goes first in the game, each team will nominate one member to throw a single dart. The one which is closest to the bull`s eye gets to go first. A turn is made up of throwing 3 darts successively after which the darts are retrieved. Each member gets 1 turn.
For example, if you have 32 points left, you must hit a double sixteen with your first scoring dart to win. If you miss the double sixteen and hit a single eight, you now have 24 points left and now have a score of 24.
With the expertise of some darts players, a nine darter is easily achievable after throwing a few accurate arrows and a game can therefore be won very quickly. So by starting on 501 instead of 500, it limits the chances of the action being over very quickly.
The man who is credited with the `invention` of the numbering sequence of the modern standard dartboard by many writers is BRIAN GAMLIN. According to many so-called darts authors Gamlin was a carpenter from Bury in the County of Lancashire, England and came up with the infuriating sequence in 1896, at the age of 44.
Dégradé Dégradé is where a fabric`s colour, or the fabric itself, fades like a sunset, from the densest pigment or thread to the finest. It is a popular technique in couture, with all the colours of the spectrum, from the deepest to eh lightest, are often used in velvets or silks.
Wirefy Wire Connector

If you`re looking for a reliable solution for your DIY home wiring project, look no further than the Wirefy Wire Connectors. Made from premium quality tinned copper, these wire connectors have an adhesive lined inside to help you make a secure electrical connection every time.

Electrical connectors are classified into three types based on their termination ends: board-to-board connectors, cable/wire-to-cable/wire connectors, and cable/wire-to-board connectors.
There are three types of cable connectors: coaxial cable connectors, twisted-pair cable connectors, and fiber-optic cable connectors with the twisted pair.
How Do Wire Connectors Work. Wire connectors are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. While their exterior covering is typically made from insulating plastic, their means of connection is a tapered coiled metal spring or interior grooves that thread onto the wires and holds them securely.
Plain Darts

A plain dart is the most common type of dart, found around the hips and waists of trousers and skirts. These darts can be used pretty much anywhere you want to accentuate, smooth, or elongate the shape.

On dartboards configured with a bullseye consisting of two concentric circles, single-bull refers to the outer circle, which is commonly green and worth 25 points. This is also known as the `outer bull`.
There is an “old wives tale” that you can revive a dartboard by spraying the board with water. This is false, it will cause the sisal fibres to swell and destroy the board. A key element in maintaining your dartboard is maintaining the points of your darts. Ensure points are kept sharp and not blunt or hooked.

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How do I get an instructional manual for the awning on my RV?
ANSWER : Kindly download the manual from the following website

thank you

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Looking for a copy of the owners manual, game instructions, warranty information.
ANSWER : Melinda check links below for your manual.
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Looking for the age of a Remmington model 121
ANSWER : Cant give you an Exact but I can give you the Manufacture Years:Manufactured from 1936-1954

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Im looking manual instructions for coleman Sahara tent
ANSWER : Go on youtube, you will find some excellent videos on how to….on a range of tents. I saw the coleman sahara tent on a video last year as I was considering buying one! Good luck!

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I have a vintage model winchester 24 12 gauge SxS
ANSWER : I spent that past 20min or so runnin through the normal places I normally find Owners manuals for older guns with no luck.The only place i was able to find one is on ebay. Gun is also another place they are sellin them.Here is a LINK to the ebay Auction.

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We have model#38025 Toro 1800 snow blower that I am trying to fix. My husband accidentally got an electrical extension cord wrapped around the cylindrical curved inside and it’s jammed in pretty good. I have tried getting a manual online with no luck and we do not have a manual because the people who gave it to us forgot to give us the manual. I need to know how to get inside so that I can free the cord. Help please!
ANSWER : Here is the owner manual and the parts catalogue for your guide. You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your pc to view thi file cause its pdf format.1. manuals/38025_operator_3327-516.pdf 2. manuals/38025_parts_3319-653.pdf

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Hillary ten person family tent
ANSWER : Step 1

Choose a spot to set up your tent. Look for level ground that’s
free of large rocks or other debris. Make sure you’re safely away from
your campfire. If it’s possible, pitch your tent away from your kitchen
area as not to bring animals too close should they be attracted by the
smell of food. Once you’ve chosen a spot, clear the ground of small
rocks and sticks to give you a comfortable floor to sleep on.

Step 2

Unroll your tent. Put the rainfly and poles aside. Open the tent
body so it lays flat on the site you chose. Orient the door so it faces
in an accessible direction.

Step 3

Take out the tent poles. A basic Hillary tent will use two long
poles for the tent body and one short pole of the rainfly. Assemble the
two long poles and thread them through the pole guides on the tent body,
attaching them to the holes in each tent corner to raise the tent.

Step 4

Open the rainfly. Assemble the shorter pole and guide it through
the top of the rainfly. Place the rainfly on top of the tent and secure
it to the bottom of the tent body with the attached hooks.

Step 5

Stake down your tent. You don’t want to be surprised by a storm in
the middle of the night or while you’re away from camp. Stake your tent
even if the weather is clear when your arrive. Use a stake at least in
each corner of the tent. Find a rock to hammer them firmly into the

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