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The adjustment cylinder has a loop at the bottom that receives a removable crank handle. Insert the hooked end of the crank handle into the adjustment loop. Then turn crank handle clockwise to raise rim height, counterclockwise to lower.
Concrete is the first and best choice for a home basketball court. While often the most costly base option, concrete is going to give you the best performance and long-term results. A typical concrete pad for a backyard basketball court will consist of a 4″ pad with steel reinforced rebar and saw cut expansion joints.
The flooring materials are an essential element in a basketball court. Most basketball court floor uses PVC or vinyl, sport tiles, wood flooring, concrete, and asphalt materials. Among these options, vinyl is the most popular type. Its price, sturdy foundation, and sleek design make them one-of-a-kind.
The size of a standard basketball court used in the professional or college ranks measures 94 feet long x 50 feet wide while many high school courts measure 84 feet long x 50 feet wide. Junior high courts can be even smaller at 74 feet long x 42 feet wide.
WATER. Adding water to the base is as simple as hooking a hose to the base hole. This is a cheaper and easier option than sand. If you plan on moving the hoop around a lot, water is a good choice since you can easily empty it from the base.
Throughout gyms, parks, and driveways around the world, basketball hoops are almost always 10 feet (3 meters) off the ground. Some leagues for young children play on shorter hoops, but from junior high schools through the professional leagues, the game is played on hoops of the standard 10-foot height.
Take into consideration the position of the sun when installing your basketball hoop. Face the hoop towards the north, so the sun does not get in your eyes. Make sure the goal is at least 20 ft. (7m) from any overhead power lines, and no overhead power lines are within a 20 ft.
Typical basketball rims are manufactured using high tensile carbon steel. The basketball hoop or ring (the part the ball goes through) is made from 5/8″ diameter solid steel rod. This rod is formed into a ring that measures 18″ across the inside.
Wire Coat Hanger

All you need is a spare wire coat hanger. Undo the wrap around the hook, bend the wire out (keeping the hook) and form a circle. Now you have a ring you take anywhere and hook onto anything around the house – your very own DIY basketball hoop!

For best results, use acrylic paint on your outdoor basketball court. Acrylic dries quickly, resists fading in bright sunlight, and has a smooth appearance that grips the concrete to create fewer bumps.
Outdoor basketball courts designed for practice and professional use are normally made from asphalt tarmacadam or polymeric rubber crumb. Asphalt tarmacadam is harder while polymeric rubber has better performance but is more expensive. Which is the best outdoor basketball surface for you?
A: The typical basketball court is manufactured out of wood, rubber, vinyl or plastic. These diverse materials provide athletes with significant shock absorption capabilities and add greater spring to the playing surface, especially in comparison to outdoor concrete basketball courts.
Basketball is a simple game, it doesn`t require any equipment other than a hoop, a ball and a flat court. Even two players can play and have fun with basketball.
Create the Necessary Space Around a Basketball Court

A minimum clearance of three feet is required around the perimeter of the basketball court, however 10 feet is highly recommended.

What are the minimum dimensions for a basketball court? The smallest recommended full court size is 74 ft x 42 ft, which is used for elementary school play. The smallest court size is the 25 ft x 25 ft square court that is used at homes or in commercial gyms.
Your intended playing surface will play a large role in determining where you install your goal. The surface should be hard, level, and free of bumps, holes, or other tripping hazards. For these reasons (among others), grass as a playing surface should be avoided at all costs.
Basketball can get wet, but they shouldn`t. A wet basketball can get water-logged, similar to how a football or baseball can get water-logged. For those who don`t know, water-logged is a term that`s used to describe a ball or object that has absorbed water, making it substantially heavier than its original form.
Water basketball is a water sport, which mixes the rules of basketball and water polo, played in a swimming pool. Teams of five players each must shoot at the goal with a ball within a certain time after gaining possession.
The rims have always been 10-feet high since James Naismith posted 13 rules for a game he called “Basket Ball” in a Springfield, Mass., YMCA gym in 1891.
Though the distances differ between all levels of basketball, the 3-point line is universal. The NBA has a 22-foot 3-point line in the corners and a 23-foot, 9-inch line elsewhere. The WNBA and the international game plays with a 20-foot, 6-inch line.
The top of the hoop is 10 feet (3.05 m) above the ground. Regulation backboards are 6 feet (1.83 m) wide by 3.5 feet (1.07 m) tall. All basketball rims (hoops) are 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter.
A) The Base Gel/water gel will freeze at temperatures below 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) and will return to a firm, stable gel as temperatures rise above 32 degrees F. Base Gel`s performance will not be affected by repeated freeze-thaw cycles and will last up to 7 years.
Hard maple offers the most consistent playing surface, but it also provides “bounce-back,” or shock resistance, to lessen fatigue on players` knees and ankles.
The rubber material is a gold standard for high-performance basketball court surfacing. These courts are constructed with concrete, polypropene plastic, and a layer of rubber material. The rubber surfacing provides extra cushioning to reduce the impact of falls.

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How do I replace foosball men in my table? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : You can read all about replacingthe men in your desk here:

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I have the Intex Sand/Pump pool filter Model SF 20110. It’s been running real great for the last 4 months. However recently it has been tripping the internal overloads and I have found the pump motor to be very hot when I put my hand against it. I have tried several different solutions, such as a level ground platform that was clear of any obstructions, made sure that the motor vents under the motor was clear of anything that would prevent air flow. I used a non electrical type of lubricate on the impeller. When I would turn on the pump the rotor would not turn but only would hum very loudly and then slowly begin to turn. I also noticed that the motor’s rotor shaft would not turn to freely due the tightness around the rotor’s shaft. After using the lubricate the shaft would turn a little easier. I used an amp meter on the incoming voltage line and the motor would run at 4.5 amp. And yet it still overheated and tripped the motor overloads. I can only think that the motor is still not getting enough ventilation. I have check and cleared all the incoming lines and found nothing block the pumps input or output lines. Any suggestion?
ANSWER : I just looking into this issue my self. The pump cools itself by a internal fan, which is run by the motor. Well I took the housing cover off to find out all the fan blades have broken off and were setting in the base of the pump. Once you remove the fan blades from covering the air intake, it might be fine. I will find out my self once summer gets here.

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Looking for the basketball nets – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : It is the real one? I suggest you to look at for your wanted goods.

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Saltwater filter system on an INTEX swimming pool.
After putting fresh well water in pool, (5,060 gallons) I put in 120 lbs. of swimming pool salt. I ran the filter for 24 hours then fired up the saltwater chlorinator. After an hour the water went from totally clear to clear but now quite green. Now what? There is still about 1 hour to go on the recommended 5 hour cycle. It’s not clearing up.
ANSWER : Are the require hours properly set as required.In some cases it takes much time in clearing/cleaning the dirt from water.
Set the operating hours using the up arrow button to increase the hours of operation and the down arrow button to decrease the hours of operation. Hours of operation are determined by the amount of water in gallons for the pool size.Re-lock the keypad by pressing and holding the down arrow button for 2 seconds until a long beep is heard, then pressing and holding the up arrow button for another 2 seconds until a second long beep is heard. The green LED light will light up within minutes indicating the system is operating.
It is possible to run the system for a longer period of time than is necessary. However, because chlorine dissipates over time (which is why pool owners must constantly go to the store, constantly purchase, and continually add standard chlorine to their pools), if you happen to run your Saltwater Pool System too long, you can simply begin running it for a shorter period the next day, and your pool will be fine. The best way to determine the optimal length of time to operate your system is to experiment with different operating lengths of time, and to test the amount of chlorine in your pool using the chlorine test strips provided by Intex. See Owner’s Manual for operating time table list. If you have one available.
How long does it take for the Saltwater Pool System to clear the “green” water from my pool? The Intex Saltwater Pool Systems work very quickly, and will immediately begin eliminating bacteria and algae from pool water. However, the exact amount of time needed to transform dirty, dangerous pool water to safe, clean, clear, fresh pool water will depend on a number of factors including how dirty the pool water is to start with, the size of the pool, and the temperature of the outside air.
Will the Saltwater Pool System work even if I use well water? What if I have hard water? Yes, the Saltwater Pool System will work in all water conditions. However, you may find it desirable to treat your water (just as you would if it was being used in your house), if it is hard or has high levels of calcium, etc. Calcium can form white scale on the titanium plates in the electrolytic cell, thus requiring more frequent cleaning. Other than more frequent cleaning, it will not affect the ability of your Saltwater Pool System to perform its functions.
click this link below for more troubleshooting:–
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I have an old huffy sports basketball hoop and I need assembly instructions.
ANSWER : Hello,Follow the below assemble instruction as requested for your huffy sports basketball hoop;Insert the mounting screws through the mounting holes of the backboard,
then lay the backboard face down. Lay the mounting brackets on top of
the backboard so the mounting screws of the backboard go through the
mounting holes of the brackets. Tighten the screws with a wrench.Insert the adjustment hardware between the brackets and insert the
screws connecting to the brackets to the adjustment hardware, then add a
nut to the screw and tighten with a wrench. These screws will be
inserted horizontally through the brackets into the adjustment hardware.
The adjustment hardware allows you to adjust the height of your
basketball hoop.
Line up the holes of the rim to the holes of the backboard and install
the rim screws through the rim into the backboard and secure them with a
nut. Tighten the nut with a wrench. Thread the nut through the wire
holes of the rim.
Assemble the pole. Dig a hole with a shovel where you want to install
the basketball hoop. For the exact size of the hole, you will need to
consult the directions on your Huffy basketball hoop. To achieve the
regulation height of 10 feet, this step strongly depends on the size of
the particular basketball pole and a specific measuring depth. Measure
the hole with a tape measure for accuracy. Mix a bag of cement in a
wheelbarrow with water. Consult the directions on the cement bag for
exact mixing instructions.
Place the pole in the hole and shovel in the cement. Allow the cement to dry.
Use a ladder to reach up and connect the mounting arms to the mounting
brackets and then to the top piece of the basketball pole. Each of
mounting arms has a hole at the end that you need to line up to the
mounting bracket and secure with a screw, add a nut and tighten with a
Line up the holes at the end of the two top arms to the top holes of the
top of the basketball pole. Insert the long screw through the holes of
the arms and pole, secure it with a nut and tighten it with a wrench.
Install the bottom arms to the lower holes of the basketball pole.
I hope the above helps…..Good luck.

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Is cheerleading a sport – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Yes, because it involves athletic ability

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I bought an old huffy sports fast break performance basketball hoop system with accuheight manufactured 2/99 and can not remember how it goes back together once we got it home.
ANSWER : The only way to get the asembly manual is to contact Huffy on the link below.

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