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Parcel them up , address them to your relative at the correction center by post
the parcel will be opened and inspected and if appropriate material , will be passed on
call the correction center direct and speak to the warden and check how to do it first and what sort of shoes you can send

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When sending letters you should always include your complete return address and include the inmate`s name and ID number on the envelope. Never send letters with staples, paper clips, glue, glitter, crayon, lipstick, stickers or any other embellishments as this may cause the correspondence to be returned.
Consider sending a religious, self-help book or a classic novel – something to bring them comfort and joy. Games: Board games and puzzles can help incarcerated individuals productively pass the time. In some cases, they can also receive video games but check with the specific prison for their regulations.
Visit and register to send money to an inmate using your debit card or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Call AccessCorrections at 1-866-345-1884 to send money over the phone. A small fee is applied to each deposit.
At no time while in the visiting room will visitors communicate in any way with any other visitors or inmates other than the inmate they are scheduled to see. CLOTHING: No blue denim jeans, jackets, skirts, etc. No blue clothing resembling state issue.
You can send pictures by email. Nevada uses to handle all emails. If you send pictures via email, those pictures must follow the prison rules, which are the same as mailing pictures via the Post Office. The staff reads all emails.
Can you send bathing suit pictures to inmates? Answer: NO. Very few facilities allow nudity or anything that could be considered sexually explicit photos. To play it safe, make sure all subjects are fully clothed with no cleavage.
There are presently 8 institutions and 11 facilities administered by the Department of Corrections.
Prison and punishment

Prisoners commonly have their heads shaven to prevent the spread of lice, but it may also be used as a demeaning measure. Having the head shaved can be a punishment prescribed in law.

Glen Whorton, spokesman for the Nevada prison system, said the department has no intention of allowing conjugal visits, which cause security problems and would require setting up facilities and supervision.
Flikshop is the easiest way to send photos to your incarcerated loved one. “Mail means everything to the women and men in jail or prison”, says Flikshop CEO. “We wanted to make it easy and affordable to send pics and notes to them every single day.”
Sending pictures to an incarcerated loved one takes time and effort, which is why this mother-son duo created Pelipost: The Photos-to-Prison App®.
Photos should be no larger than 4″x6″ Always print the inmates name and ID number on the back of the photo in pen (this helps the mail room staff) Photos should never contain nudity, sexually suggestive material. Hand gestures and tattoos are often not allowed because it may have gang implications.
The JPay App is the easiest way to stay connected and support your incarcerated individual.
Your incarcerated loved one wants to feel connected with you and with what is going on in your life. Talking about things like good grades in school, promotions at work, who is dating who, engagements, marriages, babies, etc. will help your inmate catch up with what is going on in your life.
: confined in a jail or prison.
With PixNow, sending photos to prisoners can now be risk-free, by allowing friends and family of inmates to send photos directly to the photo printing device, avoiding post entering your facility. Staff can vet the photos and distribute them to the inmates knowing the paper is safe and contraband free.
Most correctional facilities will accept only USPS parcels. If your order must be shipped by USPS, you need to check the box at the bottom that states: “Address can`t be serviced by UPS”. Select this box while adding the Correctional Facility as a shipping address during the Checkout process.
Frequently Asked Questions. Packages can be ordered once per quarter for inmates in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities.
Inmates are not permitted to receive phone calls. If an inmate needs to be contacted in the event of an emergency, please contact The Clark County Detention Center: (702) 671-3900.
Quarterly Packages are packages that consist primarily of clothing, tennis shoes, food, and health and beauty items. Inmates in the California Department of Corrections that are classified as Privilege Group A/B are allowed one 30 pound Quarterly Package each quarter.
Things like graphic novels and manga would be considered books. If comics/graphic novels/manga are sent directly from a publisher or bookseller (like Amazon) than they`ll get in no problem. Most prisons allow hard or soft cover books to get in this way.
Nevada prisoners may be issued wireless tablets

For a fee, they can communicate with loved ones through calls and video chat during certain hours.

Mail must meet the following guidelines:

Mail must contain both the inmate`s name and booking number and the sender`s name and return address. The envelope may not contain any other unnecessary writing, artwork, or markings on it.

Inmates are not permitted to receive phone calls. If an inmate needs to be contacted in the event of an emergency, please contact The Clark County Detention Center: (702) 671-3900.

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I have model1156 8×21 @1000yds binocular that needs repair. send me a price and address to send it without case

If you are in the U.S., kindly send the binocular without the case to the following address:

BushnellAttn: Repairs8500 Marshall Dr.Lenexa, KS 66214
Also, kindly print and fill this form and send it along with the package.

For more details and instructions, kindly refer to this article:

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My reebok i run treadmill was working fine,till my son pulled out the safty key.Now it won”t work at all ! The light is working on the on off switch,but the display is not on nor the belt moving.I have put the key back in,and tryed turning it off for a few minutes.But nothing is happening,there is a small button by the on off switch,not sure if its a reset button, but it is doing nothing, please help. 🙁 x
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Please provide me with the complete model number of your treadmill so that I can assist you further.

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Reebok 10S Fit Watch calorie counter–is there a decimal point???
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Reebok acd4 manual – Reebok New York Giants Eli Manning Jersey
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