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Elisha Nelson “Eli” Manning (born January 3, 1981) is a retired American football quarterback. Manning played for the New York Giants in the National Football League (NFL) for 16 seasons.
Manning was selected by the San Diego Chargers with the number one overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft, but he did not want to play for the Chargers, so they traded him to the Giants.
In the world of pro football, the Manning brothers rule! Both first-round NFL draft picks, Super Bowl MVPs, and Super Bowl champs, these brothers are unstoppable. Peyton led the Colts to a Super Bowl Championship in `07 and watched his little brother Eli lead the Giants to a Super Bowl Victory in `08.
Whether or not Eli`s 40-yard dash was 6.2 seconds (we doubt it), that is the story Peyton is going with, and it makes for excellent viewing when the pair take shots at each other.
Eli Manning had a 118-118 record in his career.
Manning was inducted into the Louisiana High School Sports Hall of Fame back in 2021. Two years later, the former quarterback was honored yet again, this time by the Cotton Bowl. Manning was one of seven individuals inducted into the Cotton Bowl Classic Hall of Fame on Thursday at AT&T Stadium.
Eli faced his brother Peyton three times throughout their careers with much fanfare around each contest, but the younger Manning believes nothing can compare to what Jason and Travis are going through right now, becoming the first brothers to ever play each other in the big game.
Both Eli and Peyton have above average arm-strength, but Eli`s is near elite level, Peyton is not.
Never missing a game due to injury, he started 210 consecutive games from 2004 to 2017, the third-longest consecutive starts streak by an NFL quarterback. Manning ranks 10th all-time in passing yards and 10th in touchdowns.
Eli Manning standing directly behind the Lombardi Trophy, making a speech at the rally celebrating the Giants win in Super Bowl XLII. Combined, Eli and older brother Peyton have won four Super Bowls (two each).
Peyton Manning made four Super Bowl appearances. He had two with the Indianapolis Colts (2007, 2010) and two with the Denver Broncos (2014, 2016). He won two Super Bowl titles (2007 against the Chicago Bears and 2016 against the Carolina Panthers). Eli Manning played two Super Bowl games and won both of them.
What we do know is that the fastest official speed ever recorded belongs to Tyreek Hill. “Cheetah” reached 23.24 mph on a kickoff return against the Texans during his rookie season.
Vinny Testaverde has lost the most career games by a quarterback, with 134 losses.
Peyton and Archie have been quoted in different places saying that Cooper was the most talented Manning.
The Chicago Bears have the most Hall of Famers among the league`s franchises with either 37 or 30 enshrinees depending on whether players that only played a small portion of their careers with the team are counted.
As he explained on Friday, there was an emphasis on the part of Manning to walk away as a Giant. “It`s rare to have the privilege of playing an entire career with one organization,” Manning said during his retirement speech. “I`m proud to be one of the few, but even more that it was as a Giant.”
“Going through the draft process, I was just worried about the Chargers organization at the time. I felt it was the right decision and I had a little pull. I quietly tried to say `Hey, please don`t draft me, it can be our secret,` and they didn`t keep the secret part very well.”
But it began last year with Peyton and Eli. After their debut show averaged 800,000 viewers, it skyrocketed to 1.86 million in Week 2. It peaked at 1.96 million for Giants-Chiefs in Week 8 and finished the year averaging 1.6 million over 10 shows. Through three shows this year, it`s averaging 1.5 million.
It`s kept us close. We`re getting to see each other a little bit more than we had been during our careers. I live in New Jersey, he lives in Denver. It`s not like we`re just next door and can pop in on each other a whole lot,” Eli Manning said.
Nate Eaton has an absolute cannon for an arm. Of all the players in the league with at least 100 throws in 2022, he ranks first on the arm strength leaderboard with an average throw of 98.1 mph.
Nate Eaton is the player with the strongest arm in baseball, and his average throw of 98.1 mph puts him first on the arm strength leaderboard in 2022.
Brady has won seven Super Bowl championships in his career (as well as five Super Bowl MVPs), while Manning won two Super Bowl championships (and one Super Bowl MVP) in his career. Contrarily, Manning would go on to win five MVP awards in his 18-year career, while Brady would win three in his 22-year career.
In the Montana`s defense, offenses were much more conservative at the time as he only attempted over 500 passes once while Manning did so 14 times. Despite not posting the same gaudy passing numbers, Montana does hold an overall better career winning percentage having been victorious in 71% of his started games.
Although Eli and Peyton played against each other in games over the course of their NFL seasons, they`ve never battled it out for the championship title — despite both being two-time Super Bowl winners themselves.

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