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My razor scooter e100 does not run. I can hear the relay click, but motor does not spin. I test the motor separateley, I know it is still good.
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The E100 is a Kick Start scooter, the Rear Wheel has to be Spun for it to start. This scooter will not start from a motionless position.

Could be the battery.
Put the Scooter on a block so the rear tire is raised. Remove the standing plate to reveal the battery compartment.
Charge the Unit completely

1. Using a multimeter measure the voltage across the batteries. If the voltage is below 20 volts batteries are dead – Replace batteries.
2. Now for a running test. Turn the throttle and spin the rear tire to preform a kick start. Still measuring the voltage. If the voltage is Below 20 volts or if the voltage drops quickly batteries are dead – Replace batteries.
3. If the voltage is remaining around 24 volts for a long period – then you could have connector problems, clean and tighten all connectors.
I use a fiberglass electronic cleaning brush, as contact cleaners leave residue that interfere with electrical connections.

The control module is simple and can be replaced with only a 24 volt relay without the kick start feature or Brake. If you want the brake then you can use two 24 volt relays still no Kick Start.

For those of you who know electrical, below is circuits I developed to replace the controller. This diagram will also give you a better understanding on the Razor circuit.

NOTE : This is not a schematic diagram of the Razor E100 Control Module. I designed this circuit. for my Great Nephew’s Scooter.

1. The Brake is a normally closed switch that opens when you squeeze the Brake handle.
2. The throttle is two normally open switches that close when you turn the throttle.
3. The Kick Start circuit is described in the Diagram below.
4. The resistors values may need to be tweaked for best performance.

Google Link to what could be the Electrical Diagrams for E-100

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If a shaver doesn`t work at all, make sure power is on at the outlet, check the battery and recharge it if it is low, and check the electrical cord. If necessary, test the motor and switches (see the Appliance Controls Fix-It Guide). If an electric shaver operates sluggishly, clean and lubricate the heads.
Your favorite Batteries Plus Bulbs location is now a full-service, authorized Razor Scooter Repair & Service Center. That means our in-store experts are certified in Razor scooter & ride-on repairs using genuine Razor replacement parts.
If the button is not clearly marked, look for a small circular depression or a tiny hole that may be covered by a rubber plug. Pressing and holding the button for a few seconds will reset the scooter`s electronics and may help resolve some issues, such as a stuck motor or a malfunctioning throttle.
Low resistance is the most common cause of failure in electric motors. It is also often the most difficult to overcome. Under conditions such as overheating, corrosion or physical damage, degradation of the insulation of the internal windings of the motor may occur.
A depleted battery is your most likely offender when your scooter won`t move. Make sure that the charging port is working and that the battery is being charged. If the battery is fine, the charging port might be malfunctioning. You can try tightening the charging port`s connections if they seem loose.
This can be a result of a defective battery, improper charging, extremely cold temperature, or a slowly degrading battery capacity. Take note that a dead battery is different from a low battery. A dead battery suddenly does not turn on anymore, while a low battery has a few energy charges left.
TheE100ElectricGlowScooter reaches a 10-mph speed. This scooter is still fast and just as fun. This model is appropriate for ages 8 and up. It allows scooter riders to reach new levels of speed while leaving a little room for advancement.
2 12V batteries required.
Theoretically, an electric motor can be repaired indefinitely, but practically there is a limit. That limit exists when the price to repair exceeds the price of new or a non-quality vendor has repaired it so many times that you no longer have faith it will run as intended.
Overheating, poor lubrication, and excessive drag are just some of the problems that might cause one of these tiny bearings breaks. Bearing problems can be caused by various factors, the most prevalent of which are motor imbalance, extreme load management, and poor fitting.
There is usually a visible red button located on the wiring side of the motor—usually, though not always, located opposite of the motor shaft. On motors equipped this way, you must press this button to reset and restart the motor.
Check for loose connection(s) underneath the deck plate. If there are loose connection(s), reconnect them. If there are NO loose connection(s), replace reset button/power switch.
It might be that the wiring has come loose, or is simply of the wrong gauge. You might also have broken or frayed wiring. All of these issues could prevent the motor from starting up. Make sure you carefully inspect all of the wiring in the starting circuit of the motor.

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Hi i have a razor e100 today at a yard sale and brought it home and plugged it in and the green light turned on and i plgged it in to the scooter and the light tuned green so i pulled the plug out of the scooter and i turned the scooter on and walked with it and held down the throttle a few times and it did not work. what do i do???
ANSWER : There are a few components to check when diagnosing electric scooter issues. 1. Batteries2. Wiring3. Controller4. Throttle Assembly5. FusesOnce you inspect all of these for damage, you can test your motor and batteries, by bypassing the controller, and directly hooking the batteries to the motor. If the motor spins very fast, then you have good batteries, and a good motor. The controller will need to be replaced. If your motor spins slowly, you could require new batteries or Controller, or battery, depending on the results. You can find replacement parts and service locator here.

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Need a wiring schematic for a rascal scooter – Razor E100 Electric Scooters Red

they have wiring diagrams and information on how to wire chinese import engines and for more info contact

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How do you take off the governor on a 36volt, 500watt, Razor-eco-smart scooter?
ANSWER : Change the motor or the pulley

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How to fix flat tire. – Razor E100 Electric Scooters Red
ANSWER : Hi:I have a rascal 3 wheel chair and the tire is flat on back, how do they come apart for repair, thanks.Leroy

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My brand new MPG scooter front wheel wont spill after one ride
ANSWER : What do you mean SPILL? It empties do you mean you have a LEAK of AIR?Replace the Tube

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My facebook no email – Razor E100 Electric Scooters Red
ANSWER : If your gonna write something that can’t be answered atleast accept me so i get paid for my time unless you can explain in detail what your problem is

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Could anyone tell me what is causing my daughters scooter to blow fuses
ANSWER : Replace the fuse with a bulb of the same voltage rating
like 12v bulb
it will take the spikes but it might allow her to over load it too an motor git warm then the thermalfuse might kick in .
worn out motors an batteries do this stuff

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