Bag Boy Ocb 15 Organizer Cart Bag

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Remove the two Phillips head screws on both sides of the bracket that hold the wheel. The wheel will slide out of the bracket. It might require two people to do this, one holding the wheel and one holding the long part of the assembly and pulling the wheel off of the bracket.
BagBoy is located in Richmond, Virginia, United States .
A perfect example is Bag Boy`s three-wheeled Nitron. Air pressure created by a nitrogen canister inside pushes the cart open with the front wheels popping into the playing position in about three seconds. The cart folds down almost as quickly into storage or ready-for-travel mode.
US. : a boy or young man hired to place shoppers` purchases (such as groceries) in bags. Smith grew up with the company starting as a bag boy in high school.
Most tour bags are fashioned from leather. These are the ones you will see most professionals using, partly because of their size, weather resistance, and overall quality. However, they do tend to be the heaviest and ordinarily require the assistance of a golf cart.
Top-Lok works by lifting the golf bag above the cart attachment and sliding the bag down into place, over the cart bracket.

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Protruding tube the air was not let out of the tube during a hot time last year and the tube developed an acorn look, protruding in the center, can we ger a new tube? If so where and how much?
ANSWER : Never really got into river rafting sounds like fun though. Anyways if you seach on the internet you can find sevylor merchandise. You can just about purchase anything on the internet anymore. Here is the website, you can click on this link and go straight to it. If you dont want to purchase it online you can use the websites dealer locator and find a store in your area. Good luck hope you have fun.

On 2006 EZGO electric golf cart, 36 volt. Cart intermittently goes very very slow. Sometimes, after backing up then will go normal 19 MPH. Turn it off and the goes slow again. facts – batteries tested and show 6 volts each and full set tests at 36v. Cart never had this problem until ran out of power and was towed about 1000 yards. I was told by by the person towing the cart that he put the control switch from Run to Tow. Any ideas what the problem could be?
ANSWER : He may not have known to put it in tow mode and doesn’t want to get blamed for damage to transmission towing it in wrong gear.

Can’t find a replacement tube for wheel on instep bike trailer
ANSWER : Http://

Where can I find a rim for a Murray Mr Kilowatt off road go cart electric start Carlisle AT 18×11-8 tire size?
ANSWER : Try Fleet Farm. They have a big selection of rims and tires.

I need instructions on how the century punching bag stand goes together
all i can find is the picture
ANSWER : What size bolts does the stand take

Assembly instructions – Century Heavy Bag Stand Speed Bag Platform
ANSWER : Http://

Taylor made driver repair
ANSWER : You should take it to the closest golf shop like a PGA superstore or Edwin Watts. If you live somewhere that doesnt have those resources then I would go to the local golf course next to you and ask the club pro where he would have his clubs repaired locally. Who knows, they may also do it right there at the course. It will run you a little money to replace the broken shaft, but the work and new grip will be less than $20.00. Good Luck, You may ask the person you were riding with if they pulled a prank on you with the bag falling off, Ive seen it happen. lol.