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If you are going to
make a tetherball pole you should make it at least 10ft tall (roughly 3meters)
from the ground.

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The pole is often 10 feet (3.0 m) high, and can be as low as 7 feet (2.1 m) high depending upon the height of the players.
Designate an area with a 16 – 20` diameter for play. 2. Dig a hole in the center of the court area 1` deep and 18-24” in diameter. The pole base should protrude up to ½” above the surface.
REGULATION SIZED BALL: 8″ diameter regulation sized rubber ball with a pleasant touch for children and durable for adults. The tetherball stays inflated even after playing for long hours in the summer.
16 gauge galvanized steel line pole. (2) 1 ft. pieces of rebar.
Tetherball is a sport played between two individuals with the use of a stationary pole and a ball tethered to the top of the pole using a rope. Various types of balls can be tethered from the pole. In the case of tennis balls, the game is called Swingball or Totem Tennis.
Pole Height: 12 ft. Pole Material: Galvanized steel. Pole Width: 2.38 in. Telescopic Poles: No.
This is why touching the rope is considered an illegal move. Touching the tetherball pole is also illegal and will result in the immediate loss of the game for the player who touched it. A common house rule allows players to hold the rope where it meets the ball only when serving.

One player stands in each court. The server starts the game by hitting the ball out of his hand. His/her opponent may strike the ball at any time it passes him/her; they must try to hit the ball. As the ball travels, each player tries to hit it in an effort to wind the ball around the pole.

The ball moves in a circular motion due to centripetal force and the tether, which keeps the ball connected to the pole, pulling to the center. For centripetal force, the tether might be an actual object, like a chain, or it might be a force, like gravity, that acts like a tether.
A tetherball is swinging in a horizontal circle around a pole attached with a 1.2 m long massless rope. It makes an angle of 40 degrees with the pole. With what velocity is the ball moving?
Tachikara T-Rope is a tetherball attachment rope made of nylon and measures 9.84 feet.
You can hit it directly off your hand, or toss the ball and hit it. Important: The server can`t hit the ball again until the opposing player hits it back in the other direction or the ball wraps around the pole 4 times. Once the game gets going and each player is allowed to hit the ball when it reaches their side.
The two players decide who serves. The other gets to decide which side and which way they are hitting. The server starts the game by striking the ball with their hand or fist in the direction that was chosen. The server cannot hit it again during that serve until their opponent has touched the ball.
One theory is that tetherball was invented by one group of people near Russia in the ninth century. These people captured their enemies and attached them with a rope to a pole and beat them around with sticks. Nowadays, the game is played with two people on playgrounds and in gym classes.
Ball sports have been part of human history for thousands of years [1]. Nowadays, 13 of them are part of the Olympic games (badminton, basketball, beach volley, football/soccer, golf, handball, hockey, rugby, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, water polo, ice hockey).
Tetherball. While playing with this equipment, there was a high risk of the ball smashing your face or breaking your hands or fingers because of hitting the pole instead of the ball.

If you want to get silly, we endorse it for kids as young as toddler age. The rules are intuitive and a cinch to pick up in minutes, it`s super easy to play, and it can go from complex and competitive to easy and addictive depending on the players.

Encouraging friendly competition and gamesmanship, tetherball is ideal for teaching young children how to play together nicely and developing hand-eye coordination skills. Young athletes can compete by quickly hitting the suspended ball toward their opponent in an attempt to wind the ball completely around the pole.
Each player needs to hit the ball with any part of his/her hand into an opposing player`s square after it has bounced only once in their his/her square. If the ball lands on a line, or goes out of bounds before it bounces, the player who hit the ball needs to return to the waiting/cheering line for another try.
The most important strategy is mastering an extreme angle when serving. By hitting the ball sharply down, it can swing high over your opponent`s head. This is always a good tactic. It`s also important to use both hands when playing tetherball.
You cannot throw the ball at any point of the game, and it must be “bounced” or hit off of a player`s forearms or hands. Breaking any of these rules generally results in the player automatically losing the game.
Tetherball equipment consists of a long metal pole in the ground. A ball the size of a volleyball is attached to this pole by a rope called a tether.
Nine-ball (sometimes written 9-ball) is a discipline of the cue sport pool. The game`s origins are traceable to the 1920s in the United States. It is played on a rectangular billiard table with pockets at each of the four corners and in the middle of each long side.

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My basketball hoop broke and I have a pole cemented in the ground. Can you buy just the hoop/backboard itself and attach to the pole or do I have to cut the pole and start over?
ANSWER : Sorry I know nothing about basketball but it seems a crying shame to cut down the pole even if you can’t find a replacement hoop and board.

I have faced many similar things and I find remembering the wise old saying “in order to get the right answer it is important to first ask the right question”…

I suggest you ask around those who should know such things – the coach at the local schools, local teams. If you don’t get satisfaction then why not ask your local repair shop or fabricator if they can make what you need at a reasonable cost.

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How tall should the pole be in tetherball? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : If you are going to
make a tetherball pole you should make it at least 10ft tall (roughly 3meters)
from the ground.

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What are pole vaulting poles made of? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Typically these days pole
vaulting poles are made from fiber glass or carbon fibers due to the lightness
and strength of them.

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Is cheerleading a sport – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Yes, because it involves athletic ability

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Looking for poling places in Waxahachie, TX – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Google your zip code and the word “vote”

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In Pole Vaulting what does NH stand for? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : NH means No Height and is the
term given to athletes that did not manage to clear their entrance height 3
times consecutively.

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Tent I have a Colunbia Sports Dome tent that has 5 poles. I have lost the directions & not sure which poles go where. Can you help??
ANSWER : Well, you should have Three (3) longer poles and Two (2) shorter. Two (2) of the longer poles will be the basic construction poles. They will basically make an “X” across the top of the tent making the four courners of the tent. The other longer pole with also go across the top of the tent and right through the “X” made by the other two (2). This will push out the sides and make is “dome-like”.
The two (2) shorter poles will go on either side of the enterance. These will hold up the sides of the tent to give you more volume space on the inside. Not exactly nessasary but if you want more than one or two people to fit inside, you’ll need these.
Hope I helped.

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