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You can buy a
megaphone starting from about $10 and they gradually go up in price – obviously
the more you pay the better quality and sound range you will get.

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₹ 3,500 / Piece

Power Output: 25 W (Max.)

a cone-shaped device for magnifying or directing the voice, chiefly used in addressing a large audience out of doors or in calling to someone at a distance.: Compare bullhorn.
Although slightly heavier than acoustic megaphones, electric megaphones can amplify the voice to a higher level, to over 90 dB.
The megaphone increases the volume of sound by increasing the acoustic impedance seen by the vocal cords, matching the impedance of the vocal cords to the air, so that more sound power is radiated. It also serves to direct the sound waves in the direction the horn is pointing.
25 watts. Takes 8 x Size C batteries. Audible range 500m to 700m depending on operating conditions. Siren 105dB.
The megaphone, also known as a speaking-trumpet, bullhorn, blowhorn, or loudhailer, is the most portable way to amplify a voice or music. We stock a wide variety of sizes, configurations and brands including TOA, Australian Monitor, inDesign and Vexus.
Easy to use battery cartridge, requires 8 C-cell batteries that lasts up to 40 hours continuously. Net weight 2.0 lbs without batteries.
Raise your voice. Megaphone instantly transforms your iPhone or iPad into a microphone when you connect it to external speakers. With crystal-clear sound and easy setup, you can make yourself heard in minutes. And best of all, it`s free.
Both Samuel Morland and German Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher invented crude megaphones in the 17th century around 1655. Thomas Edison, nearly 200 years later in 1878, came up with the name “megaphone” when he used the horn-shaped “speaking trumpet” to help people who were hard of hearing to hear better.
A megaphone, for example, produces high-amplitude sound. Sounds with a low amplitude are referred to as soft sounds.
Most speakers will fall somewhere between 80-90 dB @ 1W/1m, while some higher-end speakers will push sensitivity numbers into the 90s.
A microphone is a device that translates sound vibrations in the air into electronic signals and scribes them to a recording medium or over a loudspeaker. Microphones enable many types of audio recording devices for purposes including communications of many kinds, as well as music vocals, speech and sound recording.
Speaker tests have shown that the latest Amazon Echo reaches 81dBa (adjusted for human hearing). Other smart speakers land in similar spots, with the Nest Audio reaching 81.3dBa, and the HomePod Mini churning out up to 70.2dBA.
Speaker is clogged with dirt

If your phone speaker volume remains low even after turning the volume to the highest, your phone speaker may be clogged. The speaker usually has a net mesh covering it, and if this becomes clogged with dirt and/or oils, it reduced the sound that comes out of the speaker.

It`s a major indicator of a speaker`s overall loudness, and one reason why a 1,000-watt speaker isn`t necessarily louder than a 500-watt one. In fact, a 500-watt speaker with a sensitivity of 98dB will actually be the same volume as a 1,000-watt speaker with a sensitivity of 95dB.
While the best measure for how loud a speaker can get is Sensitivity, I believe that any speaker rated at 300 watts RMS, fed enough power, can get quite loud. Of course, loudness is relative. Place it in a small room, and it will be ear-splitting loud.
TOO LOUD? Frequent exposure to sound over 70 decibels (dB) can cause hearing problems and hearing loss over time. The louder the sound, the quicker it can cause damage.
The accepted standard is that people should not be playing loud music (50 decibels or higher) between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Many feel that it is acceptable to push that to midnight or 1 a.m. on weekends and holidays. While these are good rules of thumb, none of these guidelines are laws.
Speaking horns increase sound volume because they match the acoustic impedance of outgoing sounds to the surrounding air [20], and hearing horns amplify sounds when waves are reflected into a progressively narrower area, thereby increasing the sound pressure that reaches the ear [21,22].
The tough, portable bullhorn preferred by military and law enforcement around the world. Extremely rugged, dependable, and durable, the Blue Ocean megaphone has been thoroughly drop tested to MIL-STD-810G military standards to ensure continual use for many years.
They are still used in many parts of France today. The cone shape works to amplify sound in two ways. First, the cone directs sound. As sound emerges from any source, it travels outward in all directions, going left, right, up, and down, as well as straight ahead.
Most cordless phones will take rechargeable AAA batteries, but it`s important that you buy rechargeable batteries that have been recommended for cordless phones. A genuine AAA cordless phone battery has a slightly longer positive terminal to connect inside the battery compartment.
Yes, here`s why and how to stop it. If you have a smartphone, it`s almost certainly listening to you to some extent. Popular virtual assistant apps like Siri work by serving up answers to your prompts, and any app with access to your microphone can listen if you give it permission.
There`s a microphone in each AirPod, so you can make phone calls and use Siri. By default, Microphone is set to Automatic, so that either of your AirPods can act as the microphone. If you`re using only one AirPod, that AirPod will be the microphone. You can also set Microphone to Always Left or Always Right.

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ANSWER : Beginner’s dry fencing setup is around $150
including cotton jacket, gloves, dry weapon and a mask. If you willing to go
pro the competitive setup cost around 800$ and includes 800N jacket, 1600N
mask, at least 2 electric weapons, body cord, socks, glove, shoes, lame (sabre
only), sensor (sabre only). The cost of joining a club vary but usually 100$
per year, some club even provide fencing kits for beginners.

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