10′ X 10′ Sundome Tent 9160K101

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Dip a cloth in a solution of equal parts alcohol and warm water, wringing it out thoroughly. Scrub the moldy area with the cloth. Rinse the area using a cloth dipped in warm water. Spray the mattress with a fabric disinfectant to remove any lingering odor.
Since you cannot easily wash an air mattress, the best way to treat it is to throw it into one of the heaters for bed bugs. These small portable machines will easily allow you to heat treat anything within. Heat will kill bed bugs at 120°F.
Mix one part hydrogen peroxide and three parts warm water in a bowl. Scrub off the mould. Remove the mould using the cleaning solution and a nylon brush. Place the mattress in the sun.
Create a mixture that is half vinegar and half water. Use one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water. Dip a sponge or cloth into the mixture and gently rub it over the air mattress. Rinse with water and allow the mattress to air dry.
Mix equal parts liquid laundry detergent and water. Dab the solution on the spot and let sit for at least 30 minutes. Then, rinse off by wiping with a damp rag. Towel dry with a fresh towel and let the spot sit to completely dry.
Scrub the pool with soapy water to remove any dirt or slimy residue on the pool surface. Mix a little bleach in a bucket of water and use this as a cleaning solution. Any spray bottle of bathroom or kitchen cleaner will also work. We recommend something that contains bleach or a disinfectant additive.
Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses caused by bed bugs being crushed. Dark spots (about this size: ), which are bed bug excrement and may bleed on the fabric like a marker would. Eggs and eggshells, which are tiny (about 1mm) and pale yellow skins that nymphs shed as they grow larger.
Bed Bugs will try to live as close to their food source as possible. They can often be found directly on the mattress in the tufts and folds, along the seam, and even inside the mattress. They can also be found in the box-spring, bed frame, headboard and furniture near the bed.
Using vinegar to clean off mold sounds reasonable, chemical-free, and safe… BUT… it will damage and weaken your canvas, and your bug netting! Vinegar is caustic, which by definition means able to burn or corrode organic tissue by chemical action!
You shouldn`t sleep on a mattress if it`s infected with mold. This can cause both short- and long-term health issues, so it`s important to remove the mold or replace your mattress as soon as you notice an issue.
Spot-clean any stains on the mattress by mixing a paste of baking soda, salt, and water. Rub the stain with the paste, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wipe away with a damp, clean cloth.
For dried stains, you`ll want to use vinegar to completely soak the stain, then cover the area in plastic wrap for 24-48 hours. For both types of accidents, you`ll want to follow this by spraying a solution of two parts water, one part white vinegar, and a splash of laundry detergent as a cleaning solution.
If it`s not possible (due to weather or living arrangements) to leave an air mattress outside, the next best solution is to place the airbed near a dehumidifier to dry. It is incredibly important to ensure your mattress is completely void of moisture before storing away.
Wash it with a mild detergent in cold water. Dry it on the lowest temperature available or just hang it and let it air dry. DO NOT take it to a dry cleaner or try to use a standard washer and dryer at home. You can also hand-wash your sleeping bag in the bathtub in cold water using mild detergent.
Sleeping Bag Washing Instructions

Wash warm, rinse cold on gentle cycle using ¼ mild detergent. Use a fabric softener in wash. (Do not use detergents with bleach.) Tumble dry at low temperature in oversized commercial dryer.

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Coleman lanterns as collectibles
ANSWER : Coleman Collectors Guide 1903-1954.Tucker & EbebdorfISBN 0-9651407-0-9This is an excellent reference with lots of pictures etc., it does not give the prices, however.You can check Ebay for completed prices if you need an idea of value.I have not found a book yet with accurate values on Coleman lanterns.

Set up instructions for coleman tent – Coleman 10' X 10' Sundome Tent 9160K101
ANSWER : This may be the manual for you tent:


Some other manuals for Coleman tent products are available here:


Sorry someone has not responded sooner.

I have a coleman family cabin tent
ANSWER : Check this website, have your ten info handy.

How to light coleman lantern
ANSWER : Kerosene lanterns require a little more than just lighting the mantles. Go to Coleman’s website and find the directions (for free) for KEROSENE lanterns. The generator on the lantern needs to be preheated with alcohol before it will actually light. Make sure lantern is a Kerosene lantern and not a white gas (Coleman fuel) type, there is a difference even though they look similar.

I need a owners manual for 1994 coleman pioneer cheepasake popup
ANSWER : Http://www.colemantrailers.com/download-owners-manuals

In need of manual for a coleman PM0435003 Powermate Generator…
ANSWER : Coleman/Powermate manuals are available on-line @ http://www.powermate.com/productmanuals.php

I need a new blade valve for my Coleman 827B802T porta-potty. When I pull the handle out to “flush” it, water leaks from around the steel rod. Where can I find one now that Coleman has discontinued this model? Thanks.
ANSWER : Coleman really **** big ones for not having spare parts i have the same problem.If you rap the steel rod with plumbers teflon tap it dose stop the leak just use more at the handle end.Hope this helps