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You have to remove the base plate to get the spring out. I advise you to buy a new magazine because this spring is worn out

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Any firearm that has been subjected to immersion in water, mud or dust should be completely disassembled and cleaned.
Wipe down the inside of the tube, the follower and the spring with a clean patch to get any remaining junk off, but don`t oil any of the magazine parts or the magazine body. You want to keep the magazine dry on the inside, because oil will just attract more junk.
Field stripping is firearms terminology for the act of disassembling a firearm to the greatest possible extent without the usage of any extra tools. A disassembly that uses such tools is called a detail strip, but this is less common than a field strip, as the latter is usually sufficient for most cases.
Clean Your Oft-Used Guns After Every Use

As a general rule, it`s a good idea to clean your gun after every trip to the shooting range. Defensive firearms that don`t get used very frequently should also be cleaned on occasion. Try to give them a deep clean and inspection about once a month.

If left to collect too long, it can cause the handgun to gum up, potentially ending in a firing failure or requiring repairs. Beyond the working order of the weapon, the collected gunk in the barrel can also decrease precision. For sport shooters, the difference may affect accuracy.
The reason that Gunsmith`s Screwdrivers are so prized is that the tips are hollow-ground, not double-wedge shaped – so that torque is applied at the bottom of the screw slot where it is strongest, not the top. This is especially important if the appearance of the screw head is important to you.
Illegal Gun Parts are a crafting material used to craft the Sandgun, the Megashark and the Flamethrower. These are sold by the Arms Dealer at night.
When using quality magazines with quality ammunition, stored and maintained properly, you can leave them loaded as long as you want to without any reservation.
Failing to lubricate your gun means it will have a harder time operating properly, and metal parts can stress and even fail. Even if the gun isn`t used, moisture from sweat and the storage environment can corrode the metal parts and form rust. These issues will impact your gun`s reliability, accuracy and longevity.
The major reason that soldiers were required to field strip cigarettes was to prevent them from just throwing lit cigarettes on the ground, potentially starting a grass fire. You have to extinguish the ember to field strip a cigarette.
The Armsel Striker, also known as the Sentinel Arms Co Striker-12, Protecta, Protecta Bulldog and SWD Street Sweeper is a 12-gauge shotgun with a revolving cylinder that was designed for riot control and combat. Armsel Striker.
Yes! No matter if it`s a pistol, rifle or machine gun, it needs to be cleaned and lubed at least every 90 days, whether it`s been fired or not. And that goes for every Army unit: Active, Reserves and National Guard.
Ensure that your gun is unloaded

Before you start cleaning, make sure that your weapon is completely unloaded. The barrel and the magazine must be empty with all the bullets removed. It`s better to check twice or even more, to avoid accidental injures while cleaning.

Buildup of powder residue and moisture can eventually cause the gun to jam, or lose accuracy, reliability and cyclic rate (rounds per minute it can fire). That`s why soldiers have to clean their rifles every so often, generally with a wet lubricant known as CLP (cleaner, lubricant and preservative).
– Even with proper storage, moisture and dust can find their way to your firearms and lead to rust formation. – Clean and lubricate your stored firearms twice a year.
Why is it necessary to disassemble firearms? – Quora. To clean them and lubricate them. All machines with lots of moving parts need lubrication.
It helps to have a gun cleaning kit sized for your firearm type; rifle, handgun, or shotgun. Always make sure your gun is completely unloaded. Remember to never point the gun at yourself or another person, even when cleaning. Grab a container that you can store small, loose parts in to prevent misplacement.
A gunsmith will check all springs, lubrication, and parts to ensure that all have plenty of life left in them. As well as provide a deep cleaning to the gun itself, since residue not only builds up on the exterior of your weapon but extended use causes grit to build up inside as well.
Some gun owners choose to clean their weapons at the beginning of a hunting season and then again at the end of the season. Other times people opt to clean their gun after every use, maybe after activities like range shooting.

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I have a Daiwa 160X reel and I was taking it apart to clean it for the first time since I bought it at garage sale a couple years back and haven’t cleaned it before. Upon taking off the “flippy part” a spring came out. I can’t figure how to get it back together. Do you know anything?
ANSWER : Hello Mike. I suspect that the spring that flew out is the bail kick lever spring, part 14 on this schematic. Just click on this link

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Problem with anti-reverse
ANSWER : If it is a multiplier reel most of the lever tension springs are the same. they can be bought from QUENTIN MILLMAN in portsmouth. they have a mail order branch and can be located on line.i have tried making my own springs but the dog leg has to be at the right buy the right one for a few pounds. regards barry.

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’03 zx600rr clutch,will not adjust
ANSWER : Alright, let’s get nasty. First of all, who makes the clutch you are putting in and what is the part number. I want to set this up myself and see where you are confused.

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How do I install a main spring in a RWS 34 spring airgun
ANSWER : You actually need special mainspring compressor to accomplish this. HOWEVER I strongly recommend you do not attempt this yourself. These springs are under a lot of pressure and can put a world of hurt on you should you screw things up. I suggest you contact Pyramid AIr to see how much they would charge you to send back.

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How to clean 16 Guage Model 37 Ithica Shotgun
ANSWER : The barrel should be all you need to clean, to do this just run a snake down the barrel and pull out the other end. Unless it is a semi-auto then you should not ever have to clean internal mechanisms.

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Little Tykes Tight Fit Pool
ANSWER : Your best bet is to go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a Thermal Tarp. This will make sure that seams and connector parts don’t become damaged in harsh weather. Drape the tarp over the top and get some decorative rocks or stones and place them all around the edges of the tarp, as to hold it down and still look nice in the fall and winter seasons.
Hope you liked to advice!

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The spring jumps out when I change the battery. Where should the spring go?
ANSWER : Spring should be on the negative pole

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