30-WIN500 Winmau Blade III Dart Board

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Id say the best place is where you have an open space to play, normally we have ours outside on the patio, but in winter we put it on the back of the hallway door, we use soft cork on the outsides of the board so when you throw miss, it lands in the cork, not the door. Have a look at this site:
Dart Board Part 1 as they have all the measurements you need with a picture as well explaining everything to the tee.

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Best Place to Hang a Dart Board

Never hang a dart board next to a door, glass, or other fragile items to reduce the risk of injury. Find an open space such as the basement, game room, or outside in the backyard. The area should be at least 5 feet wide and 11 feet long.

Outer bull inside diameter: 31.8mm. Centre bull to inside edge of treble wire: 107mm. Centre bull to outside edge double wire: 170mm. Outside edge of double wire to outside edge of double wire: 340mm.
The layout of a darts board is a circle cut into 20 equal arcs, with an inner and outer bullseye at the centre, and two rings, one halfway and one on the outer rim of the circle, representing treble and double scores respectively.
The numbering of a standard dartboard is designed in such a way as to cut down the incidence of `lucky shots` and reduce the element of chance. The numbers are placed in such a way as to encourage accuracy. That`s it. Pure and simple.
The official distance is 237cm (7 feet, 9.25 inches) from the front of your dartboard to the back of the throw line (aka Oche or toe line).
Steel-Tip Board Target Areas

The following dimensions are for a traditional steel-tip board: Inner Bull — 1/2″ diameter. Outer Bull — 1-1/4″ diameter. Double Ring — 1/4″ Wide — 4-1/4″ radius.

There are two types of dartboards: the soft plastic tip dartboard (electronic) and the dartboard for steel points (traditional).
Hold the dart with your index finger and thumb and use your middle finger to support the dart. This is a stable and balanced grip for a great throw. Keep your balanced posture to throw darts straight at the target.
The standard dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections, scoring from 1 to 20 points, by wires running from the small central circle to the outer circular wire. Circular wires within the outer wire subdivide each section into single, double and treble areas.
What is this? A dartboard cabinet is the best wall protection for dart boards. Not only can it protect your wall, but your dartboard as well. It also offers many other benefits.
Wine Cork Dartboard Backer

“Protect your wall from stray darts with this unique dartboard backer made with over 400 wine corks. Comes with a brand new 18 inch regulation dart board which is securely attached. (Cork backboard can be purchased without dart board for a reduced price.)

Black Eye/Black Hat – Hitting 3 double bullseyes in a round. Black Dog – The double bull. Bombs/Bombers – Very large or heavy darts. Break – Winning a game when your opponent threw first. Buckshot – A round when darts land all over the board.
Throwing darts is physical exertion in itself as is walking to the oche and from the oche to the dartboard to collect the darts. There is no doubt darts involves physical exertion and it also requires plenty of skills. Throwing three darts into a very narrow target to score 180 is not luck, it requires skill.
Rotate Your Dartboard

If you`re playing on your dart board a couple of hours every day, we recommend you rotate it at least once a week. It`s something so easy and quick to do – it takes less than a minute – but it`ll make a lasting impact on the overall health of your dartboard.

The official name of the PDC dartboard is “Unicorn Eclipse Pro“.
A Dart method is the collection of statements that consists of some characteristics to class object. It provides the facility to perform some operation and it can be invoked by using its name when we need in the program. Methods divide the large task into small chunks and perform the specific operation of that program.
The physics behind a dart point are that the shorter a dart point is the straighter it will fly, which is true. However – if your points are too short it will close up the surface area of the treble when you are trying to group your darts.
The closer darts land to the bulls-eye, the more accurate they are. If the darts are neither close to the bulls-eye, nor close to each other, there is neither accuracy, nor precision (SF Fig. 1.5 A). If all of the darts land very close together, but far from the bulls-eye, there is precision, but not accuracy (SF Fig.
Keep the board away from liquids

Liquids weaken the fiber components of the dartboard. Therefore, avoid cleaning your board with water or any liquid. Use a dry cloth or a blower to remove any dust that may have accumulated on the dartboard.

Dartboard cabinets protect your walls against steel tip darts that fly astray and can easily damage their surface. When you open the cabinet to start playing, you practically double your play area. Even if you miss the target, your darts won`t end up hitting the wall, which can also make them bend and become useless.
When attaching the dartboard to the wall, make sure it is flush against the wall and not leaning forward in any way. If the dartboard is leaning forward, this will make the measurements inaccurate and you will find the dartboard wobbles when you throw darts.

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I have a multifunction sports watch that i bought from Big W, (no brand name)

By accident i set the watch to 24 hour time, originally it was set to 12 hour time, how do i set it back? ive tried every button combo including the button combo i used when i accidently set it on 24 hour time, the instructions only say how to set the time and date, it doesnt say how to toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour time, is there a generic way to toggle it on sparts watches? btw, holding the mode button in does nothing on my watch, no matter how long i hold it in for

ANSWER : Hi. How may buttons do you have, 3 or 4 buttons?if you have the 4 buttons, try this:You need to go through the time and date settings again. The 24 and 12hr format select is at the end of time/date adjustment.To set the time and date:-press the top-left button then right-top button to set the seconds, press bottom-left button to set hour then press top-right button to adjust hour, press bottom-left button to set the minute then press top-right button to adjust minute. To set date, press the bottom-left button then press top-right button to adjust month, press bottom-left button then top-right button to adjust day and finally press bottom-left button to set the time format then press top-right button to select 12hour format. Press top-left button when done.Since you have a generic sports watch, it is hard to write specific instructions to set the time format. If your watch has different ways of setting the time, just remember that the 12/24hour format is usually at the end of time and date adjustment.Let me know if you have questions. Good luck.

Reebok I rower pulley wont move
ANSWER : Do you have the manual? If not, check here, they can get you virtually any Reebok manual.

It will not fire and I have put the correct ammo in the gun,and I have loaded it the correct way and it will still not fire
ANSWER : Check the end of your ammo. See if there is a dent in it. It should strike the shell hard and leave a very good indention if not,the spring or firing pin is bad….you are using new ammo right?

I have a TX500, never been used (just out of the box) and had to get an electrician to my home for this problem. It will start rolling but quits in a few seconds. The electrician believes that it is a problem in the sensor that rides at the belt. There is only one sensor in the pulley; he thinks that perhaps there should be two as there is a hole placement opposite the one that is in there. When the belt quits, it goes to a number 3 on the board which he thinks is the sensor as well. If he is correct, where do we get another magnet to place there? If he is not correct, please offer help. We did not get a owners manual in the box and surely could use one; where can we get one? Please help…thankyou
ANSWER : Hello,I believe the best thing to do at this point is to look for a way to get the manual of the device, this will give a full guide and better understanding on how to fix this problem.Check maualnguide.com to search for the manual of the device, the link provides almost all manuals to all device.Take care.

What is height and throwing distance? – Regent Oxford Bristle Dart Board w/Cabinet
ANSWER : You will find it here.


Weight Plate falling off
ANSWER : Thank you! I found the reset button and now it works again.

What is the correct AC adaptor for this model ?
ANSWER : Been looking all over for mine and found no help online. Just found the adapter in a box so heres my info:Output: 9.0V 0.5AOn the connector itself, outside is positive, inside is negative.Model Number of adapter is SCF0900050A1BAHope this helps somebody in the future… Or at least I find this page again next time I misplace the adapter