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Remove the impeller by first rotating it counter clockwise until you feel the engine come to its compression stroke and stop. Using a hard plastic mallet, swiftly strike the end of one of the impeller veins hard CCW to break it free from the engine shaft and then turn it CCW by hand to remove it.
All threaded on type impellers are right hand thread and are removed by turning the impeller in a counter clockwise direction.
Changing an impeller is not a daunting task and it`s one that every boater should consider adding to their arsenal of DIY maintenance. Changing an impeller, on many engines, usually takes less than 20 minutes even if you are fairly slow. The most complicated aspect of the task is physical access to the pump.
If the impeller is not spinning at all, make sure the unit is turned off and try manually spinning it with a tool, such as a screwdriver or a pen. If you are unable to manually spin the impeller, the part will need to be replaced. A pump impeller may cease to spin after not being in use for a period of time.
Impeller Damage

As is the case for the housing of your pump, the impeller is susceptible to damage done by excessive heat during use. Dry running your pump causes friction, and this friction is strong enough to heat up the impeller, causing it to melt.

It should move freely. However, some impellers may feel like there`s a small resistance which when overcome allows the impeller to jump 180 degrees round.
At a minimum, you should replace your impeller according to your manual – for example, every 200 hours. Over time, the vanes become rigid and work less effectively, and you may see your engine overheating.
The impeller shaft rotates in ball and roller bearings and is either common to the turbine shaft or split in the center and connected by a coupling, which is usually designed for ease of detachment.
If the impeller runs backwards, the liquid is still discharged from the pump. This is due to centrifugal forces that move the fluid in the normal direction. Put simply, the flow doesn`t reverse, making reverse rotation hard to detect.
Impeller failure

Erosion is caused by the suspended particles in the fluid being pumped. Impeller failure can also result from corrosion or cavitation. Corrosion is caused by chemical reactions between the pumped fluid and the metals used in pump manufacture.

Tests prove that Globe`s Run-Dry® impellers outperform standard neoprene or rubber impellers and are guaranteed to run-dry for up to 15 minutes.
The speed and diameter of the impeller determines the head or pressure that the pump can generate. The rotational speed and height of the impeller blades determines the flow that the pump can accommodate [4, 5]. The design of the impeller diameter is critical because it affect the performance of the centrifugal pump.
Rattling Noise

A rattling noise means one of two issues: Bad bearings. Bent or Broken impeller shaft.

To check this, hold the magnet in one hand and the blades in the other hand and try to turn them in the opposite direction. Most impellers will turn slightly and then lock. If the blade keeps spinning on the magnet without ever locking, then your impeller is broken and needs to be replaced.
If the water pump impeller is not pumping enough water, the motor will overheat.
If your water pump has stopped pumping out water entirely while making this buzzing sound, there`s no cause for panic. The humming sound means the pump is working but there`s no water to move, so your pump is running dry. If your pump has lost prime, or is running dry, this is due to a loss of water.
Your pump can`t push water if it doesn`t have access to it. First, check to see if there is anything keeping water from getting to the pump, be it a large rock or debris, leaves, a clogged skimmer net or opening, a jammed skimmer flap, or just a skimmer mat that has gone too long between cleanings.
As the impeller diameter decreases, added clearance between the impeller and the fixed pump casing increases internal flow recirculation, causes head loss, and lowers pumping efficiency.
Underfiling of Discharge Vanes

Underfiling opens up the discharge area of the impeller, which increases the impeller capacity. By making the pump larger, the head also increases because the head capacity point at design is moved back on the new curve in respect to the best efficiency point (BEP).

Safe Options for Dry Pumping

If the pump is run dry for less than 45-60 seconds, the pump should not suffer damage. Anytime you are aware that the pump may have to be run dry to empty the tank, the operator must take care to ensure the pump is run dry for the absolute minimum amount of time.

Cons. Low pressure – The flexible impeller pumps cannot generate high pressure (about 60 psi). Low flow rate – Since the impeller stays in contact with the inner walls of the pump, it cannot move at very high speeds. Hence, flexible impeller pumps have low flow rates.
Impeller Washer Cons

Because of their gentle washing motion, impeller washers may not always get clothes as clean as an agitator washer. During high spin speed cycles, clothes can get twisted in the center of the wash load, throwing off the machine`s balance.

The larger the impeller, the higher the circumferential speed at the impeller output and therefore the greater the head and flow produced by the pump, and vice versa. With this being the case, impellers can be trimmed to meet the specific duty point required by the application at hand.

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Removing a slider door to patio
ANSWER : Open the slider 7/8 of the way open and lift the slider up and out of the track. you may have to get a helper as the slider is heavy. there might be little plastic clips in the top track of the door that need to be removed before lifting the slider out.

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Removing back of easton domed hockey table to resolve why goalie stuck in position. Could not even after removing all screws.
ANSWER : This is test please ignore

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Cant remove top of barnet diablo slingshot
ANSWER : Try to watch this video, it may help:

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1995 Yamaha Wave Raider 700 Deluxe shuts down during operation at 30 miles per hour as if yoy had removed the lanyard, also noticed display goes out it will turn over all day long but won” restart unless I remove the lanyard and re insert it then it will fire right up. Bad lanyard switch?
ANSWER : Forelectrical, start with the CDI kill signal. Find the Black/Yellow wire in theelectrical box that goes directly from the CDI module to the terminal board.Unplug that wire. Now the lanyard and Stop switch will NOT stop the engine. Theonly way to stop the engine is to apply full choke and starve the engine forair.Now start the engine and see if it runs properly.
If youneed to run longer, either remove the jet pump and drive shaft, or take it tothe launch ramp and test it while backed down into the water, still strapped tothe trailer.IF the engine runs properly with Black/Yellow unplugged, next test is to bypassthe LR-505 Start/Stop module. Reconnect Black/Yellow, and refer to my signaturelinks for details on bypassing the LR-505 module.
Also checkfor pistons, cylinders or engine cooling if they are working.
Hope thiswill help you. Good Luck.

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Crosman Pumpmaster 760
ANSWER : Hi I had the same problem and I fixed it by just simply pumping the gun at a faster rate. For some reason when I pumped it slowly air would leak out and no pressure would build up similar to your problem, but when I started to pump it rapidly pressure would build up. Though this little fix works I might just exchange mine because I don’t think the gun should have this problem.

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I have a Eureka Whirlwind big cup bagless. How do I remove bottom
ANSWER : I had to lay the sweeper down as if I were going to sweep under a bed then on the top of the sweeper on either side is a screw, Mine had dirt in there so I didn’t see them. Unscrew but don’t remove the screws and then lift the cover off. You can down load a manual for free at the Eureka site

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Is there a special tool or technique for removing the main bearing on the flywheel side of a horizontal shaft 80202 0594-01 74100801 Briggs and Stratton (B&S) engine? B & S bearing removal tool kits do not appear to address the situation where there is no shoulder to press the bearing out. I can mill the bushing out, but suspect there is something simpler that can be done. I also have a press and can easily install the new bushings in place (by heating the housing and cooling the bushing).
ANSWER : What do you have a bush or a bearing as they are different items
if it is a bush ,use a hacksaw blade and carefully cut a slot in the bush then use a small chisel and fold the bush inwards until it slips out
if it is a bearing you can get a bearing puller that has two arms with half balls on the ends
you drill out the cage then insert the arms in between the balls an by turning they become jammed in the race grooves allowing the bearing to be pulled from the housing and shaft

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