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They were chambered mostly for . 22 LR caliber but versions in . 32 S&W and . 38 S&W also existed.
If the gun has a serial number with no letter prefix, it was made between 1909 and 1919. If the gun has a single letter prefix, it was made between 1920 and 1929. If the gun has a two letter prefix it was made between 1930 and 1939. If the gun has an all letter serial number i was made between 1940 and 1950.
Iver Johnson was an American firearms, bicycle, and motorcycle manufacturer from 1871 to 1993.
All of our current shotguns are manufactured for us by Armed Guns in Turkey. They have been manufacturing shotguns for us for many years now, and they have always made very good quality shotguns for an affordable price. We have a full line of pump, semi-auto, over/under, and single barreled shotguns.
Hands down the most popular rimfire caliber for revolvers is 22 LR. The reason 22 LR is a popular revolver caliber is simple: 22 LR ammo is inexpensive and has little recoil.
Conclusions on the Iver Johnson 1911A1

I really love the Iver Johnson 1911A1, and was actually surprised I would like it this much due to the low price. It is a great choice for home defense, concealed carry, the trail and recreational shooting.

8 Kel-Tec KSG (John Wick)

John uses this weapon in the first film after he takes one from an enemy during a battle outside the church. The Kel-Tec KSG is a modernized pump-action shotgun designed for maximum stopping power, with more refined stability and less chaotic recoil.

The Browning Auto-5 was the first mass-produced semi-automatic shotgun. Designed by John Browning in 1898 and patented in 1900, it was produced continually for almost 100 years by several makers with production ending in 1998.
Iver Johnson and Co. first manufactured single barrel shotguns (10 and 12 gage) in Worcester, MA, but discontinued this just before the company moved to Fitchburg, 1892.
Until 1987, the LAPD retained the original files, reports, transcripts, fragments of the bullets that struck Kennedy and the four other bystanders in the kitchen pantry, the . 22 caliber Iver-Johnson handgun used by Sirhan, Kennedy`s blood-stained clothes, and other artifacts related to the assassination.
In 1887, John Moses Browning invented a shotgun design that changed the shotgun`s history forever.
John Moses Browning, sometimes referred to as the “father of modern firearms,” is born in Ogden, Utah on January 23, 1855. Many of the guns manufactured by companies whose names evoke the history of the American West—Winchester, Colt, Remington, and Savage—were actually based on John Browning`s designs.
Ammunition is measured by the bullet`s diameter, which is known as “caliber”. The caliber can be measured in both inches and millimeters (mm). Depending on where it was invented, ammunition is measured in millimeters or inches. 9mm ammunition originates in Europe, whereas the .
Caliber usually is measured as the diameter of the bore from land to opposite land and is expressed in hundredths of an inch, thousandths of an inch, or millimeters. For example, a . 270-caliber rifle bore measures 270/1000ths of an inch in diameter between the lands and has a larger bore diameter than a .
Samuel Colt (July 1814 – January 1862) is synonymous with firearm invention, making him an easy pick for the most influential gunmakers in history.
Benelli`s M4 Tactical is a unique, Auto-Regulating-Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) semi-automatic shotgun, upon which the U.S. Marine Corps depends. It comes standard with a picatinny rail and pistol-grip stock.
The KS-23 is a Soviet shotgun. Because it uses a rifled barrel, it is officially designated by the Russian military as a carbine. KS stands for Karabin Spetsialniy, “Special Carbine”.
Vin Diesel has played the character in eight of the nine Fast & Furious movies (Counting a cameo in Tokyo Drift), and in a surprising amount, he`s carried a Mossberg 590. In general, the character seems to have a thing for pump-action shotguns.
If you`re wondering what the original John Wick`s weapon of choice is, this is it – the HK P30L hammer-fired DA/SA 9mm pistol developed by the German gun manufacturing company.
John Wick uses a TTI-tuned Glock 34 Combat Master in Wick 2, and will be using an STI 2011 Combat Master for John Wick 3. Check out the video to see what makes these guns worthy of Baba Yaga.
The Origin-12 is a semi-automatic magazine-fed combat shotgun, developed by Fostech Outdoors, which has been noted for its very high rate of fire. Like the Saiga-12 and Vepr-12, the Origin-12 is primarily based on the AK action.
The Benelli M4 is the proven king of combat shotguns. This gas-operated, semi-auto shotgun was evaluated by the Marine Corps in 1999 and joined the ranks shortly after. The fast-firing design makes follow-up shots quick and effective, making it a terrifyingly effective close-quarter`s weapon.
In 1836, at the age of 22, Colt obtained a U.S. patent for the Colt revolver. The weapon contained a revolving cylinder that could hold six bullets, allowing the user to fire more times without reloading than any other firearm had before.
The M1941 Johnson Rifle is an American short-recoil operated semi-automatic rifle designed by Melvin Johnson prior to World War II.

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Help! Just bought a Remington 30 06 for my grandson that has a Bushnell Sportview U4124 4-12power scope mounted on it. I would like to sight it in at 100 yards using a 180 grain shell but I don’t have the owners manual and I don’t understand an on line explanation that I found. This is the on line message: “You’ll see two horizontal crosshairs, put the top one on the animals back then zoom in until the bottom one is on his stomach. Look at the numbers on the zoom dial there should be three lines they are D – deer, E – elk and A – antelope. The numbers are the distance to the game, you then turn the external elevation knob or turret to the matching distance and shoot dead on. No need to hold over for bullet drop. The sad part will be if you didn’t get the other turrets that would have come with it as they are calibrated to different calibers and bullet weights”
I don’t understand how to set the elevation knob to 100yards when its lowest shown number is 150. If I need other turrets how or where can I get them? Thanks, a frustrated grandfather.
ANSWER : You can contact the Remington directly who will ship you a free users manual. Here is the company’s Contact Us details:

You may also find the required answer in the official help center. It covers almost every fields. Here is the link:

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I have a 1997 Coleman 107 Hot Tub. While filling the tub it over flowed and the circuit breaker popped. Over the years I’ve done this a couple of times. I remove the side, let things dry for a day or so and everything is fine. This time, I reset the breaker and the spa went on. The pumps work fine, and the control panel shows the temp and the indicator light shows the heater is on. However, work never heats up. The local spa repair folks are crooks and they know less than I do, and I know NOTHING. Nonetheless, I’m going to try and fix the problem myself. Now, I need to know the best way to determine if the problem is the circuit board or the heater itself. I also need to know where I can get a repair maual. I’m tired of paying Goober and Gomer hundreds of dollars.
ANSWER : Check the terminals that lead into the heating element to ensure voltage is present (110 AC) if voltage is present upon start up the heating element must be replaced if no voltage is present is is most likely a control board issue. Go to this web site for contact info and possible repair manual aquisition.

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My mossberg 500 drops a live shell without chambering it after the first couple. I have removed the plug to increase the maximum shell capacity. I have kept it full loaded in my safe for several years, and the problem appears to be new. Would the magazine tube spring be weakened by storing it loaded for an extended period of time? I have purchased a new spring but do not know how to install it. It could also be a problem with the elevator I am told. Is this something I can fix myself?
ANSWER : Tom, it’s been five years on this one of yours. Do you by any chance still need it answered? Just asking because it’s a sort of long answer and I’m not quite up to typing it if no one needs the info 😉

Does ANYONE need help on a dropping shell problem with a Mossy 500?

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Mossberg 500,12 ga. shells will not feed
ANSWER : This will sound sort of stoopid but trust me, more folks do it than you would believe. First thing….push the shell all the way up into the mag tube til your thumb is up the first knuckle. If you only push the shell til you hear the first click, you’re only pushing it past the first stop. With it one stop in, a pump will drop it on the floor every time. Simple way to prove that, load three shells into the tube but only load the last one til you hear the one click. Pump it. First hits the floor, rest load perfectly. See what I mean? On ALL pump shotguns, you have to hit both stops so push the shells in up to your first thumb knuckle.

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How do I order a replacement part for a sportcraft foosball table? I cannot find a contact number for the company
ANSWER : Oooh, that’s not good! Yea, sometime is hard to find the information of brands. Check at for more info, here is the link… Complete Guide to Best Foosball Table Reviews 2016

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When I fire my mossberg 935 the shell gats stuck at a 15-20 degree angle and does not clear the breach before the next shell begins to load. The shell is not kicking out. The breach is locked back as if you are clearing the chamber/magazine.
ANSWER : Normally that would indicate a problem with the ejector and/or extractor. You will need to remove the bolt and bolt carrier and make sure the extractor is clean and operating and make sure the ejector is not broken or jammed somehow. He may need the gun exploded drawing and parts list to determine this. Some Mossberg schematics I have seen lack sufficient detail for a novice to identify some individual parts.

If you can’t get the extractor out, soke the bolt in something that is made to disolve powder. The extractor is pretty easy to take out. from what i recall no pins hold it in, its all held in under small pressure spring.

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What if the puck lands mostly in a higher numbered column but slightly on the line of the lower number before it? Can I score it as a higher value since it is mostly in that number zone?
ANSWER : Unfortunately
not, a puck needs to land entirely in a zone for it to be awarded that point
value. If it rests between two zones,
then you are awarded the lesser value in points.

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